Veyron-Inc is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Broker Veyron-Inc promises to make a professional trader with a stable income out of each of its clients. To do this, a platform with many years of experience, huge capital and a large number of followers offers innovative trading tools and winning strategies. However, all these high-profile statements do not fit well with the real course of affairs. Let's try to figure out whether it makes sense to invest your money in the platform.

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Veyron Inc. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Veyron-Inc Reviews

Site analysis

Veyron-Inc approached the creation of their site, to put it mildly, mediocre. The web resource, which is primitive and of the same type for many similar offices, is made according to a simple template. You can rivet and make such a site work in the first available constructor. The efforts of the creators of the project were estimated at only 1 ruble.

Veyron-Inc Reviews

It is also worth noting that this service is practically not ranked in any search engines. Finding these guys without a link to their project is not easy. The website of the office consists of several sections:

  • markets;
  • trading conditions;
  • about company;
  • contacts.

All tabs are in the top menu. Some of them are divided into subsections. The broker calls its platform international, so the site supports work in several languages. All pages are filled with information. Everywhere there are a lot of bright pictures, stories about the success and advantages of the company. But the content of this information is very low. No specific data. And if you conduct a detailed check of the performance of the tools and all the advantages of the broker, then all the information on the site will turn out to be nothing more than a children's fairy tale. But more on that later.

Expertise of legal information, Veyron-Inc licenses

We will start roasting our broker by checking contact details. In the relevant section, we can see that the broker took the trouble to leave only an email, the location of his office and an international number. We were not able to contact anyone on the specified phone number, and, according to the reviews on the network, we will never be able to. After checking the location, another fun fact surfaced. A burger joint is registered at the specified address. Perhaps this is due to the fact that Veyron-Inc also “feeds” its customers with unrealistic promises.

Veyron-Inc Reviews

The company on its website says that it has been operating in the global market for 4 years now. At the same time, the earliest references that we could hardly find about this office date back to July 2021. Having also broken through the organization's domain through Whois (the screen at the beginning of the article), we found out that it was registered in 2013. However, for a long time it was simply inactive, after which it was launched, when do you think? Correct - 07/31/2021.

The broker does not provide any legal information. The footer of the web resource says that the work of Veyron-Inc is controlled by authoritative supervisory authorities: the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, the International Financial Services Commission, the Financial Services Commission of the Republic of Mauritius. Several other regulators are mentioned, but there is not a single scanned copy of a license or certificate on the site. Well, let's check the registries of each regulatory platform in order.

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission:

Veyron-Inc Reviews

International Financial Services Commission:

Veyron-Inc Reviews

Mauritius Financial Services Commission:

Veyron-Inc Reviews

Since the company supports work with Russian-speaking users, it must be registered with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Otherwise, its activities will be considered illegal.

Veyron-Inc Reviews

As expected, none of the regulators mentioned had heard of Veyron-Inc. That is, the information that these guys provide is lies and deceit.

Features of Veyron-Inc. Tools and conditions for traders

According to the information posted on the Veyron-Inc website, the platform provides traders with the following tools and conditions:

  • the ability to trade such popular assets as currencies, metals, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies.
  • qualified support from the company's specialists 24/7;
  • the ability to take a loan at a low interest rate for trading;
  • more than 200 working tools and useful programs that will help users achieve the desired results faster;
  • minimum commissions;
  • fast processing of all financial transactions;
  • a wide range of payment systems;
  • news feed with all the latest information about events in the world market.

Also, all customers are offered a choice of 3 tariff plans.

  1. Novice investor. Minimum deposit: $150. Leverage: 1:100. Instant execution.
  2. Experienced trader. Entrance capital: 1000$. The conditions of the previous tariff, plus, trading in crypto-currencies and metals, deposit insurance.
  3. Professional player. Minimum deposit: 10000$. All the goodies of previous tariff plans. Additionally - deposit protection and round-the-clock support from a personal manager.

Agree - just heavenly conditions in order to nail down money. But most of these provisions are soapy and empty guarantees that are designed for gullible or inexperienced "Pinocchio" - the target audience of such organizations.

Real customer testimonials Veyron-Inc

Surprisingly, there is practically no mention of such a large trading platform as Veyron-Inc, which has been operating on the market for more than 4 years. So the fact that the service has only existed for 3 months is more than real. These friends are not yet in a hurry to buy positive mentions about themselves. Apparently there are enough naive clients already. The negative reviews are just starting to show up. There are a couple of revealing reviews that date back to August and September of this year. After a good search, we were able to find a couple of real comments about the activities of Veyron-Inc.

Veyron-Inc Reviews

If you were scammed by Veyron-Inc scammers, don’t be silent, leave your feedback at the end of the article. It is possible that it is your comment that will save someone from losing their hard-earned money.

Veyron-Inc user fraud scheme

Like a large number of other scammers, which are now a dime a dozen, Veyron-Inc scam their customers for large sums. The cheaters, through social media monitoring, phone calls, advertisements, etc., are looking for those who want to make easy money or who are interested in trading. Remember, you should never believe in the earnings that are imposed in such ways.

After the right people are found, they are systematically processed, persuading them to deposit at least a minimum contribution into the account. To do this, scammers talk about their non-existent merits, offer free training, provide a personal "analyst". The first deposit gives the scammers the opportunity to hook on to the client and gradually, through direct communication, find out how much money can still be squeezed out of it.

All trading operations that take place on the site are fictitious. Users are simply blinded by small successful transactions. As soon as a trader who has entered into excitement decides to play big, his account quickly rolls down to zero. These comrades can work in a different way. For example, instead of resetting the account, they will start extorting more money, for all sorts of insurance and commissions, without which you cannot withdraw your earnings.


If someone still doubts that Veyron-Inc is a classic scam project, let's once again go over all the points that prove the broker's fraudulent activities:

  • too young for a platform with 35,000 customers and a daily turnover of $250 million;
  • lack of legal evidence of a valid license or certificate;
  • false contact details, by which it is simply impossible to contact the organization;
  • fictitious registration address;
  • negative reviews and reviews.

Since such scammers defraud users of quite large amounts, we advise you to be extremely careful when choosing a platform for financial activities. As for the hero of our review, Veyron-Inc is a primitive scam. We categorically do not recommend contacting this service.

If you have lost your money due to the fraudulent activities of Veyron-Inc or other black brokers, do not despair. There is still a chance to get your money back. Leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. And we will send you a step by step action plan.

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