Trustplus is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Today we will not talk about a fraudulent broker, which in our time is a dime a dozen. And about those who come to the defense of the injured party, guaranteeing the return of lost investments using the chargeback method. Such services are offered, for example, by Trustplus, whose activities we will discuss as part of our review.

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trustplus. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Trustplus reviews scam
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Site analysis

The Trustplus resource is built on the Tilda platform, where even a schoolboy can create websites.

All this is painfully reminiscent of dozens of fake broker sites that we reviewed on, with the only difference being that our today's heroes of the day declare their readiness to protect your interests.

An independent site valuation service estimated the efforts of developers at a record amount.

Trustplus reviews scam

The site is a single page with a claim to a multi-page portal. However, the main information can be read on the main page:

  • a header with contacts, a unique selling proposition and a target action button "start a refund";
  • the benefits of cooperation;
  • about the chief legal adviser and the general director of the office;
  • money back probability calculator;
  • achievements;
  • team presentation;
  • eminent partners;
  • feedback form.

The menu includes all the same + a huge database of articles that describe how brokers cheat, how to recognize scammers and other information on near-trader topics.

In each block of the main page, it is proposed to leave a request or start a refund. As if these people want to help you quickly. In fact, the real reason is different. What exactly, you will understand by the end of the next chapter.

Expertise of legal information, Trustplus licenses

Let's start with the main thing - information about the registration of a legal entity, or at least an individual entrepreneur, which should be in the public domain. However, apart from the phone number and e-mail, we did not find anything of the kind either on the main page, or in contacts, or in the "about the company" section.

The fact that the office "guarantees the result" is also confusing. That is, by paying for the services of this company, you can be sure that your money will return to you again.

Trustplus reviews scam

However, such statements are intended for those who are so desperate that they have lost all common sense or simply do not understand what a chargeback is.

Chargeback is a set of actions that involve the return of the payment amount to the sender in case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of its obligations by the counterparty.

In other words, if you paid for the service, but it was not provided, you can apply to your bank for a refund. However, this is only the beginning of the journey. The actual outcome of the case depends on several factors.

  1. evidence base. You must have evidence that the broker has not fulfilled its obligations under the contract. However, even the most inveterate scammers write a warning on their websites about the risks of losing all their money. Also, scammers know how to draw up contracts with such conditions under which the responsibility for the money falls on the traders themselves. Starting trading with such organizations, you yourself agree to the proposed conditions. Therefore, it will be almost impossible to prove the dishonesty of the office.
  2. The court's decision. Now you can't even catch a fish without a trial. It is possible to engage in the return of debts on exchanges only by decision of the judicial authority. Without it, the bank may refuse you a chargeback.
  3. Most successful chargebacks are more of an accident than a pattern. Even after you provide all the evidence, there will be no automatic return of the lost money. Your bank will contact the recipient's bank, which will contact your scammer. And if he provides evidence of fulfilled obligations or challenges the decision of the court (and the courts are most often not on the side of the victim, who was supposed to check which pile she jumps into), then the chargeback will be denied. A positive result is usually achieved if evidence of fulfilled obligations is not provided due to an oversight. At the same time, judicial practice shows that even after you receive a refund, the broker can challenge it by filing a lawsuit against your bank or against you for illegal enrichment.

That is why, conscientious companies will not guarantee the result. This is one of the most important criteria for checking lawyers for honesty. After all, the outcome of the case depends on many factors and circumstances, many of which appear only in the process.

Also, the deadlines for applying for a chargeback vary within 120 days, if there are no good reasons for extending this period. Our heroes in their calculator indicate the maximum period of 540 days. And this is more than 1.5 years. Not a single bank operates under such conditions.

Trustplus reviews scam

Another point is the experience of the office. On the "about the company" page, you can read information that Trustplus has already helped more than 10 thousand customers to return their hard-earned money in the amount of more than 3.5 billion rubles. However, the domain age check service (the very first screen in the article) shows us that the office was created at the end of September 2021.

Trustplus reviews scam

It is physically impossible to process such a number of applications. After all, documents submitted to the bank and other authorities are considered for at least several days, or even a month.

And for dessert, our favorite dish is a search by photo. Although our friends carefully protected the images on their site from copying, no one canceled screenshots and Yandex search. Through simple manipulations, we found that the photo of the chief legal adviser, general director and managing partner of the office, Andrey Kulikov, is stock.

Trustplus reviews scam Trustplus reviews scam Trustplus reviews scam Trustplus reviews scam

We found it on dating sites, and in fake reviews of such "law firms" and even in an ad for the delivery of charcoal.

The second photo of the General Counsel shows Felix Yevtushenkov, heir to a major businessman and chairman of the board of directors of MTS, with a fortune of $ 75 million.

Trustplus reviews scam

We will not have fun with photos of the rest of the participants in this sharaga, because since the tip of this iceberg is fake, then the rest of the parts will be rotten.

Features of the work of Trustplus. Tools and conditions for traders

The company offers comprehensive solutions for the return of money from fraudulent brokers. In exchange for paying for their services, you get:

  • full support of the process, negotiating with banks, drafting requests and technical documents;
  • document control;
  • complete confidentiality;
  • Full money back guarantee because these guys only take on the work they can do.

The General Counsel and General Director of the office has 12 years of experience in banking and anti-fraud, including 5 years of work in the Claims Department of Alfa-Bank.

Trustplus has received many awards from various fields for quality work and high results.

The company cooperates with such eminent brands as Sberbank, Rosbank, Tinkoff and others. But at the same time, he takes the minimum possible percentage for his services, in the amount of 3-5% from the amount returned.

The only pity is that all this information (perhaps except for the percentages) is a complete fake, like the photos of their team, the achievement counter and other enticements.

Real testimonials from Trustplus customers

We were unable to find any real references to Trustplus activities. This once again proves that all the information about high achievements and successful success is a fantasy for naive users.

If you have become victims of Trustplus scams, leave comments below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Trustplus User Scam Scheme

There are more and more companies like this every day. Something tells us that soon there will be as many of them as scam projects. It's like a virus and an antivirus. The more one, the more others. After all, demand creates supply.

The terms of cooperation with such virtues usually involve the payment of a certain percentage of the returned funds or an advance payment. Both of these carry risks. Usually, these guys write contracts, where the services are any consultations, making recommendations, calculating the probability of a return if all the tips are followed. And this is billed as a percentage of the refund amount. And, a lot.

Driven to despair, people often read contracts inattentively, ignore the fine print, and give their last to those who profit from other people's troubles. The low financial and legal literacy of citizens also has an effect. After all, otherwise, they would not have fallen for the tricks of scammers and would not have ended up in such a deplorable situation.

Perhaps the Trustplus divorce scheme will be slightly different from the one given by us. But the result will be 100% predictable. There can be no talk of any chargeback here.


On the Trustplus website, we found the following signs of fraud:

  • the use of fake photographs;
  • lack of official registration of a legal entity;
  • use of information that misleads users (for example, about the guarantee of results, the scheme of cooperation);
  • lack of mentions of the company in the network, a short period of presence in the market.

No matter how bitter the fate of the victim of fraud by unscrupulous brokers, there will always be those who, like vultures, flock to profit from someone else's grief. A person has not yet recovered from the previous shock and does not know how to pay off his debts, when suddenly there are those who are ready to deprive him of his last money.

Therefore, here is our advice to you - do not look for those who will help you return money for money. This is absurd and meaningless. Moreover, on our site you can get the same for free, for which others will require large sums.

If you have become a victim of Trustplus or black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a working, illustrated plan of action to take.

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