American Traders is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

In one famous movie, the main character said: "Keep your money in a savings bank, if, of course, you have them." However, many understand that such a contribution will not bring much income. The best offer is no more than 10% per annum. You can get a normal profit only if you invest a substantial amount, which not everyone has. So the desire to receive a stable passive income leads investors to various investment projects. However, in most cases, such companies turn out to be ordinary scams. Today we will talk about one of these platforms, which is called American Traders.

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american traders. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

American Traders reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site analysis

The American Traders website at first glance is made quite well. An interesting combination of colors immediately attracts the user's attention. However, all this was done only for one thing - to blur the eyes of customers and make them quickly invest their money in the platform.

The site, which positions itself as international, operates only in 2 languages: Russian and English. Navigation through the web resource is carried out using the top menu bar, which is represented by the following sections:

  • home;
  • about Us;
  • for investors;
  • FAQ;
  • news;
  • contacts.

By tradition, the home page begins with an active call to action. Then you can see a summary of the organization's trading offers and a simple benefit calculator. Below are the basic information about the company and the benefits of cooperation with it. At the very bottom there are answers to common questions from users and the latest news, in which no article is presented.

The remaining sections of the site simply reveal the blocks presented on the main page in more detail. However, it is worth noting that all the information on the web resource is aimed at praising the platform as much as possible and making customers trust it. There is simply no practical evidence of the "successful" activity of the broker, just as there is no clear data on the date of the company's creation, real ways of earning money, and confirmation of the withdrawal of funds.

Why did checking the site of such a promising and professional organization show that its cost is only 8 rubles? It's simple, there is not a single mention of our "large" and "famous" investment platform on the network. Her resource is not ranked by the Google search engine, and in Yandex, only a few tabs are allocated for her. So all these success stories come into question.

American Traders reviews scam
Website cost estimation

Expertise of legal information, American Traders licenses

When talking about their company, American Traders state that they are officially registered in the UK. I would like to immediately note that this territory is often used to register various fraudulent projects, as it provides many benefits and the simplest conditions for registering a business. It is not for nothing that half of the companies of domestic oligarchs are listed in the United Kingdom.

American Traders provide a scanned copy and a license number. Going to the official government portal of the UK, we see that a financial organization is indeed listed under this number. True, it is not known why, their names are different. Perhaps ATC is short for American Traders Companies. But this fact already raises a lot of doubts. Most likely, scammers use someone else's name and registration for their own selfish purposes.

American Traders reviews scam
Registration data

As mentioned earlier, the platform, which positions itself as an international one, works in just two languages. Taking into account the fact that there is an adaptation for Russian clients, our friends must be registered with the Central Bank. Otherwise, their activities will be considered illegal on the territory of the Russian Federation. In the event of fraudulent activities, local law enforcement agencies will not be able to influence the situation in any way. And it is very difficult to solve this problem through international instances. Having checked the registers of the Central Bank, we see that he has never heard of the hero of today's review.

American Traders reviews scam
CBR data

An analysis of the American Traders Whois site showed that it was created only a month ago. Since such sites operate only on the Internet, they simply cannot start their activities without a web resource. Therefore, the corresponding question arises, how these comrades were able to reach the international level and start trading on the largest exchanges in just a month of work.

American Traders reviews scam
Domain Age

The organization offers a set of contact details, standard for many similar offices, which you can read about on It will take a very long time to wait for an answer to your questions by mail, besides, this way you will give your data to scammers. Same story with the feedback form. There are no phone numbers. Also, communication with customers is maintained through the telegram channel, but for two days, no one responded to our request. The specified address exists. However, it is worth noting that several other trading projects have been registered for it, which have a dubious reputation.

Features of the work of American Traders. Tools and conditions for traders

American Traders trades on the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world: Binance, Coinbase, Huoby, FTX, Bitfinex, Kucoin and many others. A team of experienced traders earns on your deposit a little more than what they offer you according to investment plans. The company keeps everything that is earned from above, the rest of the profit goes to the investor.

You can start earning income with just 500$. To do this, the platform offers 3 tariff plans.

American Traders reviews scam

American Traders has an affiliate program, thanks to which you can make a profit even without having your own deposit. In addition, you can earn not only from partners invited by you, but also referrals of the second and third levels. There are 3 stages in total: 7%-4%-2%.

The organization does not require you to upload any personal data. All you need is the numbers of wallets to which funds will be withdrawn. Interest on deposits is calculated in accordance with the terms of the investment offer. The countdown starts from the moment you place a deposit in the system. You will receive your first payment within 24 hours.

For the maximum convenience of investors, the company works with the following electronic payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Tether, USDT trc20. All payments occur within 24 hours from the moment of registration of the application for withdrawal. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.5$ or the equivalent of this amount in any other cryptocurrency. There are no restrictions on the maximum withdrawal amount, as well as on the number of transactions per day.

Real customer reviews of American Traders

We have already found out that the American Traders project was launched just a month ago. Therefore, in the absence of any information about the company, both in Russian and in English, there is nothing surprising. We've only been able to find one real review, and that doesn't put the platform in the best light. We are sure that after some time there will be much more of them.

American Traders reviews scam

If you have been scammed by American Traders or have any useful information about the illegal activities of scammers, please leave a comment below this article. Any information will allow others not to fall into the hands of the scammers and quickly cover up the scam.

Scheme of cheating American Traders users

American Traders deceive users according to the classic scheme. Fraudsters look for victims through advertising and social networks. Under the pretext of a stable passive income, our friend slips his website to clients. Here, traders are convinced of the reliability of the platform using various psychological techniques. After the first deposit, users are brainwashed so that they do not withdraw money for as long as possible. After all, the sooner a person realizes that he was deceived, the faster the rest will find out about the scam. It goes without saying that the client of the company will not be able to withdraw not only his income, but also the deposit. The circle is closed.


Since the American Traders project started relatively recently, we were not able to collect much information about its activities. But the available data is enough to argue that we have another scam in front of us. The activity of the broker raises too many questions for which there are no answers. We strongly advise against contacting this organization. Otherwise, you may lose your money forever.

If you have been scammed by American Traders or other black brokers, we can help you get your lost funds back. Leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. Step by step instructions with a plan of action will be sent to you as soon as possible.

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