TRONVELLA - SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

The easiest way to make money on the TRON cryptocurrency is offered by the TRONVELLA miracle platform, which has developed its own system for earning coins by completing various tasks. Let's see what kind of animal we have in front of us and whether it is worth spending our time and money on it.

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TRONVELLA. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

TRONVELLA reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

The TRONVELLA site is, at the very least, a one-page layout, the developers of which did not even bother to create a favicon for it. In each block, the silhouettes of the people behind this project are literally visible, rubbing their hands in anticipation of a large profit at the expense of others.

The main and only page of the company is represented by the following blocks:

  • a header with a USP and a call to register or log in (there is also a counter of days before the start of token sales);
  • an ad block that hosts all sorts of "lucrative offers" from advertisers with the same level of reliability as the heroes of today's review;
  • company benefits;
  • another similar block with the disclosure of the uniqueness of the offer;
  • team;
  • answers to frequently asked questions;
  • contacts;
  • block with a subscription to the newsletter and social networks.

An independent service estimated the efforts of developers at a record 2 rubles. But we think that this is too much for such slag, which comes across quite rarely even in our reviews on

TRONVELLA reviews scam
Site rating

Expertise of legal information, TRONVELLA licenses

Along with the crooked and primitive site, the low quality of the project is evidenced by the content. Our heroes didn't even bother to find random registration addresses and fake license numbers. In a word, we had to collect all possible information that is somehow connected with the official data on TRONVELLA on our own.

So, it is not possible to check exactly where the monitored office is based. Because our friends only give mail, a feedback form and a subscribe button to the Telegram channel.

TRONVELLA reviews scam

Although, no. The site also has a couple of links to social networks. However, even there, as we see, everything is rotten.

TRONVELLA reviews scam TRONVELLA reviews scam

Naturally, no one will give an anonymous scammer a license to operate in the field of finance. We tested TRONVELLA on the basis of the Russian Central Bank, without which it is certainly impossible to conduct legal activities on the territory of the Russian Federation and the CIS. But we got quite predictable results.

We were also amused by the fact that our ordinary compatriots from Instagram are hiding under the overseas names of the team members of the outstanding company TRONVELLA.

TRONVELLA reviews scam

TRONVELLA reviews scam TRONVELLA reviews scam

Well, and for dessert - the age of the project. It does not exceed a couple of months for our surveyed. And this once again confirms that it is worth bypassing this project and waiting for better times until it succumbs or (which we, of course, do not believe in) proves its worth and integrity with time and positive reviews.

Features of TRONVELLA. Tools and conditions for traders

Legend has it that TRONVELLA has developed a platform that helps people earn free cryptocurrency. The project has the following advantages:

  • decentralization, the ability for investors from any country to buy and sell their tokens (moreover, the site indicates that sales will open in the near future - a very vague prospect, in our opinion);
  • making decisions based on collective opinion;
  • bonuses for registration and referred users;
  • fundamental sincerity (yes, that's exactly what it says).

To start earning on the project, you need to register an account. First you need to make a wallet on the TRX blockchain. Moreover, the company encourages to register as soon as possible. After all, the cream will be removed, as usual, the very first.

What makes this project unique, according to the founders:

  • availability of a qualified team of experts - marketers, programmers, etc. (By the way, you have already seen the expertise of their "employees");
  • intention to cooperate with various crypto projects;
  • many plans for the future, including work on creating our own independent exchange.

In fact, all this is nothing more than beautiful promises. The TRONVELLA project, which has all the signs of a financial pyramid, will collapse before it launches something really worthwhile. This is also indicated by the reviews of customers who have already had the good fortune to cooperate with the company being monitored.

Real customer reviews TRONVELLA

The TRONVELLA office has not yet managed to acquire a large number of ill-wishers. But even what we found in RuNet is already enough to doubt the goodness of their intentions.

TRONVELLA reviews scam

TRONVELLA reviews scam

If you lost money in the TRONVELLA project, share your opinion under this article. Perhaps it is you and your comment that will help someone not to lose their hard-earned money.

TRONVELLA User Fraud Scheme

A typical scam - a primitive divorce scheme. Here everything is as usual. They start with beautiful success stories, stories about how everything is simple, safe, automatic. But in order to try all the functions of the platform and start earning for real, you need to invest money. And as soon as your savings get into the account of these swindlers, the attitude towards you changes radically. All sorts of failures begin, “causal technicalities”, or even a complete ignore or block. In general, you will not see your own, much less earned money there.


On the TRONVELLA website, we found the following red flags, indicating that we are facing a scammer:

  • primitive site with low cost;
  • using other people's photos as a team photo;
  • "dead" social networks;
  • lack of licenses, contact details;
  • short period of presence in the market;
  • the presence of negative reviews.

This list goes on and on. But this is already enough to close the tab of the TRONVELLA project and never return there again.

If you are hooked by TRONVELLA scammers or other similar firms and don't know how to get your lost money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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