Fintegral is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

The ticket to the world of trading is given to us by the broker Fintegral, which offers to trade gold, oil, stocks and other assets on 3000+ popular markets, as well as collect a profitable investment portfolio on unprecedented conditions. Let's analyze the activities of this office together and make a conclusion about where we actually get on the proposed ticket.

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Fintegral. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Fintegral reviews scam
Domain Age

Site analysis

When we went to the Fintegral website, a message from Roskomnadzor awaited us.

Fintegral reviews scam

We became interested in what is hidden behind this message, and we went further.

The Fintegral site is a one-page site with content spread across the main page and several other sections. The main essence of their activities is outlined in several blocks of the home screen. Everything else is duplicated in different places on the site. This was done on purpose to create the effect of a serious resource. However, you can't fool us. And we analyzed this creation on an independent service, having received a completely predictable verdict.

Fintegral reviews scam
Site rating

On the main page of the resource, we see the following blocks:

  • menu (company, trading conditions, market overview, analytics, bonuses, login / registration / language selection buttons);
  • a header with the main commercial offer and another button to go to the registration section;
  • Benefits;
  • another similar block with the reasons why you need to trade with Fintegral and a completely inappropriate visual for the content;
  • presentation of widgets and trading platform;
  • overview of trading accounts;
  • and one more block with benefits;
  • instructions for starting trading;
  • logos of payment systems through which you can deposit / withdraw money.

In the "footer" of the main page, a message about the risks is published, as well as the address at which the heroes of today's review are allegedly registered. But on this, Stirlitz, we will ask you to stop.

Expertise of legal information, Fintegral licenses

So, in the footer of the main page, as well as in the contacts section, Fintegral gives the address where their office is supposedly located.

Fintegral reviews scam

In fact, a dozen of similar offices have an identical “registration”, including those that appeared in previous reviews on It was very easy to find out. It was enough to drive the address into the search bar.

Fintegral reviews scam Fintegral reviews scam Fintegral reviews scam Fintegral reviews scam Fintegral reviews scam

In fact, there is a bank at the indicated address. At the same time, Google gave only a partial match.

Fintegral reviews scam
Google Maps

It was enough for us to find out that the office was registered (although it is likely not) in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a favorite country where crooks and crooks of all stripes live. There are two reasons for this. Firstly, on its website, the official regulator of the republic gives a warning that it does not license any brokers, and this is often a reason to inform its clients that the broker has the right to work without a license (which, of course, is complete nonsense).

And secondly, the government of the republic makes only one requirement for registered entities - not to nightmare the local population with their "services". Those. foreign companies registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines do not have the right to work with citizens of the republic. For the rest, go for a walk, I don’t want to.

Returning to the topic of licenses, we note that even if we believe that investment and trading companies registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines can operate without the control of regulators, this will not work with Russian clients. There is a clear prescription in the legislation of the Russian Federation - if someone wants to work with Russian-speaking clients in the field of finance, he must get approval for this from the Central Bank. Our friends have no such right.

Fintegral reviews scam
Registers of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation

Aroused our sincere indignation and an agreement with the terms of trade, where it is written in black and white that the company reserves the right to change any terms of trade, block and write off your or earned money. Moreover, you yourself are responsible for all this.

Fintegral reviews scam

Well, the last thing we would draw your attention to is the age of the project. Although we did not find a direct indication of the company's experience in the market on the Fintegral website, nevertheless, from under every teapot it screams about its experience and your safety next to it. In fact, the project appeared at the end of the summer of 2021, and began to fully function no earlier than at the end of October of the same year (see the very first screen). Therefore, there is no question of any security, experience, popularity and other successful success.

Features of the work of the company Fintegral. Tools and conditions for traders

For its customers, Fintegral has prepared a whole kaleidoscope of all kinds of goodies:

  • global access to assets from one account;
  • minimum spreads;
  • the latest technologies and toolkits;
  • fast transactions;
  • a wide range of analytical tools, including a set of widgets;
  • reliable, functional terminal;
  • expert support;
  • variety of trading accounts;
  • bonuses;
  • education;
  • protection, etc.

The office offers four service packages for clients to choose from, the cost of which is based on the principle - how much you give, so much you receive.

Fintegral reviews scam
Account types

To get started, you need to go through a standard registration, then select a deposit account, replenish your balance and the ticket to the world of successful trading is yours.

These guys have not forgotten about the affiliate program either. Obviously, in order to provide yourself with a stable increase in new “pinocchio” and a large number of laudatory reviews and reviews from various referrals. At the same time, the company does not give the volume of bonuses and the conditions for receiving them.

And it seems to us that it will not be possible to hide the truth. After all, some of the real reviews of deceived Fintegral customers have already been leaked to the network.

Real customer reviews Fintegral

Although the Fintegral office appeared relatively recently, it has already managed to accumulate negative online. Here are some of the real reviews about the activities of the scam in question.

Fintegral reviews scam Fintegral reviews scam

Fintegral reviews scam
Fintegral Reviews

If you lost money in the Fintegral project, leave a review under this article. Your feedback can save someone from losing money.

Fintegral user deception scheme

Based on the feedback, as well as the information we received as a result of the analysis, we can derive an approximate scheme for the divorce of Fintegral clients.

  1. When you just got acquainted with the company and have not yet invested real money there, you will be told about untold riches and strongly recommended to start trading with real money.
  2. As soon as you bring your hard-earned money to the site, the situation will change. They will start showing you losing trades, demanding commissions and other costs (and what? You were warned in the client agreement). In fact, your money is long gone. They were transferred to offshore accounts of scammers immediately after you made a deposit.
  3. Having swindled his victim a little more for money, her account is blocked for any violations of the rules and other nonsense.

At the same time, neither you nor law enforcement agencies will be able to find these crooks. After all, apart from e-mail and a fake address, they did not provide you with anything.


On the website of the Fintegral project, we found the following signs of financial "kitchen":

  • lack of licenses, registration, adequate contact details;
  • using a non-existent address where other scam projects are “registered”;
  • fraudulent contract;
  • the presence of negative reviews;
  • short presence on the market;
  • cheap, uninformative, low-quality resource.

If you still have any doubts about the fact that Fintegral is a scam, write your concerns in the comments. We do not doubt what is obvious. Fintegral is a typical scammer who cheats ordinary people for money.

If you were deceived by Fintegral or other similar offices, but you want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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