Super Capital is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Multicurrency trading in the Forex market is gaining more and more popularity for investment. The hero of our today's review guarantees the best conditions for obtaining high income in this industry. Super Capital traders have developed a unique trading strategy that provides uninterrupted profits and stable payouts to investors. This isn't the first time we've heard stories like this. Let's figure out how our guest is actually doing.

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super capital. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Super Capital reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site analysis

Immediately I want to note the simply terrible quality of the Super Capital website. Web resources with a similar design and interface were popular in the early 2000s. Such a platform would be more suitable for a social pharmacy than for an investment project. When trying to find any information about the hero of our review, it turned out that his platform is not ranked by the Google search engine, and only a few tabs are allocated to him in Yandex. Not surprisingly, the cost of such a site was only 3 rubles.

Super Capital reviews scam
Website cost estimation

The platform operates exclusively in English. The site consists of the following pages:

  • home;
  • about us4
  • conditions;
  • AQ;
  • rating;
  • login;
  • connection.

All pages have the same design. The upper part, which is represented by live statistics, the authorization field and the ribbon with investment plans, does not change. Only the text below is changed. Because of this, it is not always clear whether you have moved to a new section or not.

The information component of a web resource has not gone far from the visual one. All the information presented to clients is so general that it will suit any similar project. No practical information about the activities of the organization is provided.

Expertise of legal information, Super Capital licenses

The Whois check showed that the Super Capital website has been around for a little over 3 months. The creators of the project do not hide this fact, indicating the corresponding start date in their "live" statistics. There you can also see that over 9 thousand users are registered on the platform, the total deposit of which is almost 800 thousand dollars, and the total withdrawal is more than half a million dollars. For a three-month-old company, information about which does not slip anywhere on the network, these are not real numbers. This is a blatant lie to attract users. Also, talking about their activities, Super Capital mention that their traders have been developing their "win-win" strategies for 10 years. Again, no match.

Super Capital reviews scam
Domain Age

Our friend does not provide data related to the legal regulation of his activities. All we can see is the address of the organization, which indicates that it must be registered in the UK. Trying to check the registration by company name, we found out that there are several projects with this name. But the address of none of them matched the one presented on the Super Capital website.

Super Capital reviews scam
Registration data

In the contact information section, users are provided with a feedback form and e-mail of the technical support service. This is a standard set for many scams, you can read more about them on our website

Particularly noteworthy is the page with the terms of cooperation with Super Capital. By the provisions prescribed in this section, the company literally declares that it does not bear any responsibility to its customers. It can block your accounts at any time, change the terms of cooperation. Thus, our comrade warns you in plain text that if you are thrown for money, only you will be to blame! Below is a translation of several clauses of the agreement.

Super Capital reviews scam

Features of Super Capital. Tools and conditions for traders

Super Capital are engaged in multi-currency trading in the Forex market. For all financial transactions, the organization has its own software. The project team has rich experience in this industry and uses its own win-win strategy to ensure stable income. Among its other advantages, the organization highlights:

  • powerful protection against DDoS attacks;
  • the best conditions for investment;
  • instant payouts;
  • online support 24/7.

Clients are offered 6 investment plans to choose from:

  • 130% after 10 minutes;
  • 150% after 3 hours;
  • 180% after 6 hours;
  • 220% after 9 hours;
  • 270% after 12 hours;
  • 330% after 15 hours.

The user determines the size of the deposit himself. Funds at the end of the term should be credited to the account balance, after which they can immediately be withdrawn to your real account. Methods of depositing and withdrawing money are not specified. There is information that the platform supports PerfectMoney and Payeer payment systems and BitCoin, Ethereum currencies.

Also on the main page there is a mention of a simple referral system. According to it, for each new referred user, you can receive 5.5% from his income.

Regarding tariff plans, we immediately tell you that these are unrealistic indicators. Getting such a huge income in such a short time is impossible either on the Internet or in real life. No investment project could afford this.

Real customer reviews of Super Capital

Although the Super Capital project has been operating for more than 3 months, there is practically no information about it on the Internet. Various reviews begin to appear that do not put our friend in the best light. With reviews from real customers, things are no better. We managed to find only one comment, which criticizes the activities of the company presented in the review in the sharpest form, thereby confirming our words.

Super Capital reviews scam
Super Capital Reviews

If you find signs of fraud in the activities of Super Capital or have encountered them personally, tell us about it in the comments below this article. Any information can save other people from losing money.

Scheme of cheating users of Super Capital

Super Capital is an ordinary scam project, of which there are a lot on the Internet now. So the divorce scheme of this comrade is not particularly original.

It is impossible to get to such a site by chance. Customers are brought here by various kinds of advertising. These can be spam mailings, mentions on thematic forums, messages on social networks. Often such projects buy advertising from Internet bloggers.

Users interested in high incomes, having seen very profitable investment plans, immediately decide to make a deposit. Few people check the company's legal information or read the user agreement.

Immediately after replenishment, the money is transferred to offshore accounts of scammers. The client can draw an increase in balance, but these will be simple pictures that have nothing to do with reality. When trying to withdraw their earnings, the user will face various problems. He will be brainwashed for as long as possible, if only he does not guess that he was deceived. According to the promises of Super Capital, there will be big incomes, but only for the creators of the platform.


Super Capital is a classic scam that quickly gets its hands on clients' money and then quickly disappears with them. All signs of the fraudulent activities of these comrades can be seen with the naked eye:

  • outdated, template site;
  • false information about activities;
  • fake address;
  • lack of licenses and official registration;
  • the presence of negative reviews;
  • disclaiming responsibility for misconduct.

We don't think it's worth saying anything more about these scammers. Remember, before trusting any office with your money, study it in detail. You are solely responsible for your finances.

If you have been scammed by Super Capital or another black broker, don't despair. There is still a chance to get your money back. Leave your email at the beginning of the article. We will send you step-by-step instructions with an illustrated action plan.

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