SgxReit is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

In 90% cases, brokers currently operating on the market are fraudulent projects. Their reliability can be traced exclusively in words. As soon as it comes to practice, all the guarantees and promises of such platforms suddenly evaporate. If you look closely, recognizing such offices is not so difficult. In our reviews, we try to impartially evaluate brokers and protect potential victims from deception. And today we will consider a new trading company, which appeared relatively recently. Meet the next guest of our program - SgxReit.

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SgxReit. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

SgxReit Reviews
SgxReit Whois

Site analysis

No matter how much you want to keep a neutral position, I immediately want to note that the official website of the broker SgxReit is a cheap and low-quality one-page website. It is riveted according to the same pattern. You can make such a web resource in any constructor, spending a minimum of time and money.

Primitive and uninteresting design is just the tip of the iceberg. Most sections of the site are not clickable and are a simple inscription superimposed on the picture. Perhaps the organization did not have time to put its site in order, since the platform began working relatively recently. But then why launch an unfinished project into the network and at the same time start collecting money from users? Most likely, the creators simply decided not to bother.

We return to the device of the site. The top panel - it is also the main menu, consists of the following sections:

  • trading;
  • resources;
  • Group;
  • contacts;
  • language panel;
  • client portal;
  • Beginning of work.

Of all the tabs, only the last 2 are translated to other pages. And it is not at all surprising that they send the user to the registration section. All information on the website is in English. There is a language switching icon, but it does not work either.

Just below the menu bar is a big inviting slogan and a “Start Trading” button that functions fine and just like the others sends to the registration section. Scrolling further down the page, we see a ticker that shows the latest changes in the various currencies on the exchange. However, if you linger a little and look closely, you can see that the same values just change in a circle. There is no point in going further down the page. All that can be seen there is the loud, unconfirmed merits of the company and the button to go to the registration window.

SgxReit Reviews

Expertise of legal information, SgxReit licenses

In describing their advantages, the organizers state that their project has been operating for more than 10 years. Having punched their address through Whois (screenshot at the beginning of the article), we find out that it was registered on 04/05/2021 - only six months ago. Therefore, the rest of the facts cannot be trusted either. Even if the broker provided the truthful information, any more or less experienced trader knows that it is impossible to deal with an organization that is less than a year old.

After carefully checking every corner of the site, we could not find at least some information about the legal regulation of the activities of this company. Absolutely all the necessary and important documents that make up the legal basis of the service are missing.

Everything, even the client agreement and privacy policy, which, it would seem, would not be difficult to register on your own, the broker decided to skip. Apparently, once again considering this point is not particularly important. What kind of licenses and international awards can we talk about?

These comrades didn't even bother to fill in contact details. The tab in which they should be does not work. However, if you are not too lazy and scroll down the site all the way down, you can find their email, which no one answers, and an incomprehensible number. Number code +44 - UK. To once again make sure that SgxReit is not listed anywhere and conducts all operations, as they say, “from the bulldozer”, we made it through the UK trade registers. As expected, no one had ever heard of such a company.

SgxReit Reviews
SgxReit state registry data

Features of the work of the company SgxReit. Tools and conditions for traders

SgxReit offers to invest in the most popular assets in the world: stocks, options, futures, currencies, bonds and funds. Users will have access to market data 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. To attract new clients, the broker talks about the various benefits of working with him:

  • instant withdrawal of funds;
  • a wide range of available payment systems;
  • a team of professionals speaking different languages;
  • technical support 24/7;
  • numerous awards from world famous trading experts;
  • 400 thousand customers worldwide;
  • 180 thousand completed operations daily.

SgxReit Reviews

The company also focuses on 10 years of experience. Although, as we managed to find out, this project started only six months ago. In short, all the advantages and information described on the site are empty words that are not confirmed in practice.

Real customer reviews SgxReit

This office is relatively new. In addition, it is not ranked by search engines. Even finding a scam site is not so easy. There is no information on the network about these comrades, from the word, in general. There are no positive or negative reviews either. The only mention of SgxReit that we were lucky to come across was a short but fully revealing comment under one of the blacklists of brokers.

SgxReit Reviews
SgxReit Reviews

If you are unfortunate enough to become a victim of SgxReit scams, help others avoid a similar fate. Share your story in the comments below this article.

SgxReit user fraud scheme

A more primitive divorce scheme is probably not to be found. Fraudsters lure customers to their site using all possible methods. They call people from databases merged into the Internet, make spam mailings, buy ads on various sites, and write on social networks. Further, the calculation is made on inexperienced and, to some extent, naive "Pinocchio" who want to "raise the dough" without doing anything. Loud slogans and promises lead them through the registration window, just like they drive cattle to slaughter. After clients replenish their account, they are shown "cartoons" - balance changes, some kind of growth, etc. But all this is nothing more than a fake and a hoax. All attempts to withdraw money fail. The promised round-the-clock technical support at best will not answer, or maybe just ban.


It's hard to believe that scammers like SgxReit find clients and manage to swindle money out of them. You don't need to be a professional to immediately understand that this is a primitive scam project that will disappear as quickly as it appeared. All signs of fraud on the face:

  • negative reviews;
  • the same type, half-dead site;
  • any information about licenses and registration is missing;
  • false information for customers.

The conclusion from all this is very simple. Shut down the SgxReit site as soon as possible and never visit it again. Do not fall for the tricks of such scams and always think with your head before investing money somewhere.

If you fell for the SgxReit bait, Sabatel Capital or other black brokers, and burn with the desire to return the lost funds - fill out a special form at the beginning of the article. We will send detailed step-by-step instructions with an action plan to the email address you provided.

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