Sabatel Capital is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

No matter how we explain here that brokers need to be checked before giving away their money. And no matter how well-informed traders are, the financial markets are filled with illegal companies that consistently profit from other people's investments. Today we will consider a broker with the ambitious name Sabatel Capital and justify the reasons why it makes no sense to invest in this office.

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Sabatel Capital. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Sabatel Capital Reviews
Sabatel Capital Whois

Site analysis

The site of the broker Sabatel Capital is perhaps the most raw of all that we have considered to this day. One gets the impression that it was made by a drunk developer or a rogue broker on the way to the subway.

Before us is a non-adaptive, crooked template completely copied from free stocks in the wildest colors and with absolutely non-informational content, which does not even have a favicon.

When looking at this obscurantism, the only question arises - what was the owner of this unfortunate resource counting on? Perhaps he is hoping for charitable contributions from the virtues, who will donate their money to him for a new developer? But no. The office ambitiously declares itself as a guide to a completely “new world of trade”.

The site header contains a menu that includes the following sections:

  • Benefits;
  • contacts;
  • educational materials;
  • tools;
  • documents and trade conditions.

We don’t know what screen width this template is designed for, but on our screen, the login button “runs over” the last item. Next to it is the same one - with the inscription "open an account".

Under the menu bar is a picture with the notorious call to “open a new world of trading” and the “start trading” button.

Under the heading, the running line broadcasts the current prices for the cryptocurrency. Below it are four reasons why you should connect your life in the financial market with the Sabatel Capital broker.

Next, the trading platform is invariably crookedly described, on which the underlying asset is cryptocurrency. The service provider does not give any specific details about the tool, only giving a couple of benefits.

This is followed by a call to learn more about the variety of cryptocurrencies, under which there is an animation with a talking female mouth and the caption “Fast online support”.

Below is a grid with icons and asset names that can be traded with Sabatel Capital. Scrolling further, we run into irrelevant information about what a liquidity provider should be.

At the end of this squalor is another text block, in which a sentence is spread over three paragraphs that the site publishes economic news and educational books.

At the same time, going to the section with educational materials, we see two whole articles about what CFDs are and how to trade them. And under the block with articles, the huge red “open an account” button gapes again like a lacerated wound.

In the footer of the homepage, below the equally awe-inspiring red "get started now" button, is a risk warning and contact information. We will dwell on it in detail in the next section.

Expertise of legal information, licenses Sabatel Capital

According to broker Sabatel Capital, their legal entity is registered in the UK at 88 Wardour St, London W1F 0TH United Kingdom. Recently, we do not even go to Google maps to understand that the address information on the broker's website is fake. Usually, it is enough to enter the address in the search bar and see that a dozen of the same scammers “live” through the same contacts.

But today we still looked for the address and saw that it was a Mexican restaurant and a stall.

Sabatel Capital Reviews
Sabatel Capital google maps

The broker does not provide any other contact details, either on the main page or in the "Contact Us" section.

The only way to communicate with representatives of the trading platform is to leave a request in the feedback form. But, it seems to us that after you deposit your money, no one will call you back.

The same story applies to any permits for activities in the field of investment. The broker modestly kept silent about the presence of licenses from regulators, including from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, which gives the right to work with traders from the Russian Federation and the CIS countries.

Sabatel Capital Reviews
Sabatel Capital CBRF

Checking the bases of the main regulators also did not give any results.

Sabatel Capital Reviews
Sabatel Capital regulator data

The fact that, judging by the data of the Whois resource, the office was opened in the summer of 2021 is also a control in the head. And every self-respecting trader knows that dealing with brokers who are less than a year old is a huge risk.

Features of the work of Sabatel Capital. Tools and conditions for traders

For its clients, Sabatel Capital offers simple working conditions on the trading terminal, which is designed taking into account the wishes of traders. In the "benefits" section, there is information that the platform has been awarded. However, when you click on the active link, where, in theory, those same awards should be presented, you will be taken to the registration page.

Trading with the Sabatel Capital terminal, as the broker assures, you get the following benefits:

  • artificial intelligence assistance;
  • 4000 world indexes;
  • best trading features, including 70+ technical indicators, thousands of charts, etc.;
  • huge leverage 1:200;
  • qualified assistance of professionals;
  • education;
  • negative balance protection, etc.

All this, of course, is wonderful. But we did not find any arguments other than beautiful words “licked” from the websites of licensed brokers.

But there are some curious comments about the activities of Sabatel Capital, which are already "walking" on the Internet.

Real customer reviews of Sabatel Capital

We couldn't find as many reviews about Sabatel Capital as, for example, we managed to collect for last review. However, what we found suggests only one conclusion. And for those who have already invested in this project, the verdict will be disappointing.

Sabatel Capital Reviews

Sabatel Capital Reviews
Sabatel Capital Reviews

If you have become victims of Sabatel Capital scams, leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Sbatel Capital User Fraud Scheme

The brokerage office Sabatel Capital, which emerged like a ghost from the vastness of the network, has neither an address, nor a phone number, nor licenses. This means that the scheme of divorce is obvious here. Again twisted quotes, zeroing and blocking accounts. Traditional transactions that go into the same black hole where this pseudo-broker came from, a sea of disappointment, lost time, nerves and, of course, money.

Such intermediaries stupidly appropriate your investments. Because there really is no investment company. There is only a voice on the phone or e-mail correspondence, as well as a dummy trading platform.

Some “particularly lucky” traders, after a lost deposit, are offered to restore their account for an additional fee, and thus carry out a new cycle of scam with the loss of even more money.


On the website of the broker Sabatel Capital, we found the following signs of fraudulent organizations:

  • inaccurate/incomplete contact details;
  • lack of state registration;
  • lack of licenses from regulators and liquidity providers;
  • standard, non-adaptive, non-informative site;
  • large leverage;
  • negative feedback.

By all indications (although it was possible to immediately close the site by looking only at its design), Sabatel Capital broker is a swindler and investing in such enterprises is a sure way to losses.

If you have become a victim of Sabatel Capital or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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