Rex Finance is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Rex Finance is an investment advisor serving institutional and private clients worldwide. The platform offers users to invest their money at a high percentage and earn income without doing anything. Let's try to figure out how much you can trust such statements.

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Rex Finance. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Rex Finance reviews scam
Rex Finance Trust on the web

Site analysis

The site of a successful and well-known organization like Rex Finance is surprisingly simple and template-based. All information is placed in straight-line blocks with somewhat cropped pictures. Pages take a long time to load. There are also mentions on the net that the web resource of our comrades is a clone of a whole group of scam projects that have already closed. Some similar investment scams still exist (for example, Bittrader) It is not surprising that an independent service estimated the efforts of the creators of this platform at only 69 rubles.

Rex Finance reviews scam
Rex Finance website valuation

The original site is in English. However, the site is adapted to almost all languages of the world. Here I would like to note the very low quality of the translation. Our hero connected a regular Google translator to his resource. As a result, many phrases lose their meaning, and words do not agree on cases.

Information about the activities of Rex Finance is so watery and vague that you won’t immediately understand what this office does and how it earns. At the same time, the company, at every opportunity, tries to praise itself and put it in the best light. Any more or less experienced investor would have a lot of suspicions about such a resource. But the platform of these comrades is designed mainly for newcomers to the industry and financially illiterate people.

Expertise of legal information, Rex Finance licenses

Rex Finance says they have helped millions of people around the world achieve their personal financial goals in over 6 years. Interesting story, but how true is it? As expected, our friends do not pass the honesty test. The Whois service showed that the company's website was created at the beginning of this year and has existed for a little more than 10 months. Therefore, stories about six years of experience, tales of success and reliability, in general, all the information provided to us is fiction and deceit.

Rex Finance reviews scam
Rex Finance Domain age

To communicate with itself, the organization leaves a legal address, e-mail and international format number. This is a classic set for most fraudulent offices. The phone number is not active, it will not work to get through to anywhere. We also do not recommend writing to the mail, because then you risk receiving a lot of spam with “profitable” offers. After checking the location of the office on Google maps, we found out that there is a small restaurant at the indicated address.

Rex Finance reviews scam
Rex Finance Google Maps Data

The Rex Finance website has a "Check Registration" section. In it, the organization provides a certificate of registration with the state financial regulator of Australia ASIC. Only for some reason the license indicates a completely different company name REX INVESTMENT HOLDINGS PTY LTD. This trick is designed only for the most inattentive and naive clients. A company with that name really exists, but it has nothing in common except for the REX prefix with the hero of our review.

Features of the work of the company Rex Finance. Tools and conditions for traders

To gain access to all the services of the company, users need to go through a quick and simple registration. Rex Finance offers an extensive list of useful information, training materials, news, and numerous additional options. The organization also promises the security of personal data and customer funds. After replenishing the account, all users also get access to the following tools:

  • market analysis;
  • Management of risks;
  • creation of a personal strategy;
  • audit and assurance;
  • turnover advice.

The minimum deposit starts at $3,000. This is a huge amount. It is difficult to give that kind of money to a site that provides painfully vague information about itself. But once the project works, there are enough customers. The invested money can be invested in one of the five proposed tariff plans. The input capital varies from $100 to $150,000. Investment terms are indicated only in the most expensive plan. Yield jumps sharply from 2-3% to 15-20%. It should be understood that these are simply unrealistic numbers even for the most successful companies. If this were true, they would go bankrupt in no time.

Rex Finance reviews scam

There is no fee for payment transactions, the base currency is US dollars. There is no detailed information on the accrual algorithm on the site, investors can use any of the existing payment systems. Rex Finance also offers a profitable affiliate program that allows you to receive fixed 5% from referral investments.

Real customer reviews Rex Finance

Rex Finance has been operating on the market for a long time compared to many other similar sites. There is a lot of information about the company on the Internet. You can find positive paid reviews written to attract customers. Many revelations have been created, which, like us, reveal the true intentions of scammers.

On its website, the organization has created a whole section in which customer reviews are collected. Not surprisingly, they are all extremely laudatory. If you take a closer look, it immediately becomes clear that all messages are created according to the same template and are probably written by one person. Trusting them is pointless.

Rex Finance reviews scam

To see the ratings of real users, it is enough to search a little. For almost a year of work, Rex Finance managed to throw hundreds of people for money. There is more than enough evidence of their fraudulent activities.

Rex Finance reviews scam
Rex Finance Reviews
Rex Finance reviews scam
Rex Finance Reviews

If you have lost your money due to the misconduct of Rex Finance, please tell us about it in the comments at the end of the article. Honest reviews will confirm our words and help other people not fall for the slippery tricks of scammers.

Rex Finance User Fraud Scheme

Rex Finance appears to be a major investment platform. Scammers offer users to invest their money in the company and receive passive income, the amount of which depends on the tariff plan. The longer you are willing to entrust your funds to these crooks, the more favorable conditions they will provide. Indeed, in this case, you will sit and wait calmly, without leaving negative reviews and without frightening other victims. What fool would turn down the opportunity to make money doing nothing?

Scammers find their investors through advertising, social networks, thematic forums, paid reviews and reviews. Clients, under the pretext of sincere help, are told about a good source of passive income. Interested users slip our friend's site. After viewing the resource, their doubts disappear, and they decide to invest their money. Whatever amount is invested, no matter whether it is charity, pension savings, children's account, the result is always the same - the money ends up in the pockets of scammers.


In the course of a detailed analysis, we were able to detect the following signs of fraud in Rex Finance:

  • curve, template site;
  • false information;
  • non-existent address;
  • using someone else's certificate of registration;
  • lack of normal contact;
  • the presence of negative reviews.

By investing in Rex Finance, you will give it to scammers. There can be no question of any beneficial cooperation, the promised financial independence cannot be achieved with these swindlers. Do not look for problems on your head, bypass such charlatans.

If you have become a victim of Rex Finance or other black brokers and want to get your hard-earned money back, leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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