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The review is dedicated to INPC. It positions itself as a global broker and provides its clients with online trading services for foreign currencies, precious metals, and stock market indices. The creators of the project promise to provide traders with secure trading solutions, but is it true? Let's see if they can be trusted.

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INPC. General information

Broker's main website:

Platform site:

Whois score:

INPC reviews scam
Domain Age

Resource Analysis

The INPC website is primitive. The design is reminiscent of hundreds of projects that we have repeatedly mentioned on The page loading speed leaves much to be desired, the text blocks have gone astray in places. Used primitive pictures and icons. The specialized service agrees with us in its assessment.

INPC reviews scam
Site rating

The resource consists of the following sections:

  • Homepage;
  • warning;
  • platform (choice of mobile version and for PC);
  • trade variety;
  • assistance to clients;
  • about Us.

It is difficult to navigate the site, because the user does not always get exactly to the section that he clicks on. Usability is low, in the main line one text overlaps another.

Let's see what they have with official information of legal significance.

Expertise of legal information, INPC licenses

Trust in INPC drops after checking the domain. The first screenshot at the beginning of the review shows that the web resource began to function only in 2021.

In the information about itself on the site, the pseudo-broker indicates that he is entering the Asian market, and they even have a regional office in the Asia-Pacific region. Only here it is not possible to find the address, no matter how hard you try. Of the contact details, the company left only an email and a fax. The phone number is registered in Australia.

INPC reviews scam
Phone check

But the scammers indicated the license of the regulator - the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). But neither the document number indicated by INPC on their web resource, nor the name of the broker itself on the official website of ASIC was found to confirm data. This means that scammers are trying to deceive all of us.

INPC reviews scam

INPC reviews scam

There is also no license issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. You should not contact an office that does not have the right to work with clients from Russia.

INPC reviews scam
CBR data

You can form an opinion about INPC if you carefully read all the information on the site. On the main page, the creators of the project accompany the blocks with scatterings of promises. They guarantee the safety of funds, the best conditions for trading and even IT protection. But let's move to the section where the terms of cooperation are usually prescribed. On this resource, it is referred to differently - disclaimer. Very eloquent. So, the conditions that all users must understand and accept:

  • all information provided is not intended to be a recommendation or encouragement to purchase, nor is its accuracy guaranteed;
  • there is uncertainty in the relationship of any investment, so the user is fully responsible for all risks;
  • data transmission may be subject to interference, interruptions, delays or errors, and INPC is not responsible for the accuracy or timeliness of data and transactions;
  • there is no guarantee that the resource will not be interrupted or delayed.

All information is provided on the site in English, but with the help of Google translator you can understand what the point is.

INPC reviews scam

Let's go back to the scammer's promises on other web pages. According to the assurances of the scammers, they carefully select dozens of products so that traders can trade on the market easily and without worries. But why, then, in the conditions, information is repeated several times that the accuracy of the data presented is not guaranteed.

There is also concern about the lack of guarantees for the operation of the site. Contradiction on contradiction. On the Internet about such a cool company, according to their own stories, there is no data. Which is very strange, especially considering the entry into the Asian market, which we mentioned earlier.

Features of the work of the company INPC

The pseudo-broker describes the advantages of the work repeatedly, without hesitating to allocate several blocks on the main page for this. The main ones are:

  • the lowest spread;
  • flexible trading leverage (from 1:1 to 1:500);
  • keeping money isolated from trusted financial institutions;
  • encryption technology provided by the bank to ensure the security of funds;
  • The world's leading US IT security provider guarantees the security of customer information accounts and risk compensation up to $1.75 million.

There is no talk about the process of withdrawing funds.

Real testimonials from INPC clients

Fraudulent office INPC positions itself as a reliable and trusted broker. But we have not found any evidence to support such claims.

If you fell for the promises of INPC scammers, write comments under this review. Your review can stop other people and keep them from losing money.

How INPCs work

Since there are no reviews from real clients in Runet, we cannot describe the exact divorce scheme. But given the data that we studied thanks to the company's website, we can say that the customer processing algorithm looks like this:

  • using social networks or forums, scammers find their victims, then powder their brains with promises of successful success;
  • users are asked to register, describing the benefits of cooperation;
  • money is being pumped out of inexperienced traders.

The victim may be asked to make a deposit repeatedly. Allegedly in order to get as much profit as possible. But the client, of course, will not receive either his own money or earnings from trading on the market. It is simply beautifully merged. And they won’t even make excuses, because the conditions are spelled out - INPC is not to blame if something happens to your money. Because investments are always risks.


After reviewing the INPC website, we found the following signs of fraudulent activity:

  • cheap and inconvenient web resource;
  • a domain that is not even a year old;
  • fictitious license of the regulator and lack of documents confirming the right to work with Russian citizens;
  • promises that do not match the terms of the agreement;
  • lack of company details and contact details for communication;
  • a lot of unfounded promises, nothing backed up;
  • lack of information about the broker in RuNet.

We do not recommend contacting this broker as it is clear that this is a scam.

If you fell for the tricks of INPC or other pseudo-brokers and want to get your money back, enter your mail in the form at the beginning of the review. On it we will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of actions to be taken.

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