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Take off your wig, we recognize you! Some scammers, having picked up other people's money, leave somewhere in Bali and sit there sipping cocktails until the end of their days. Others, having picked up more negative reviews than money, stubbornly come up with new names for themselves and return to the market for another portion of pinocchio. So does the hero of today's HOTFINANCE-CONSULT review. At the first glance at his resource, we immediately remembered that we had already seen a similar office right here. But we still have hope that, perhaps, the one who stands on the other side of these clone sites has finally come to his senses. Let's check it out in this review.

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HOTFINANCE CONSULT. General information

Broker's main website: and

Whois score:


Site analysis

In addition to the fact that the HOTFINANCE-CONSULT website template has a standard design and content, it is also an exact clone of the heroes of our previous review. Those. it is obvious that at one fine moment the predecessors simply disappeared from the Internet with the money of their clients in order to be reborn under a new name and continue to breed people. And the fantasy in the direction of naming among the creators of the project is not very developed.


The main page of the site of the new version of the HOTFINANCE-CONSULT scam project has the same blocks:

  • a ticker with price changes for the main assets that can be traded on the HOTFINANCE-CONSULT platform;
  • menu including account overview, presentation of MT4 platforms, market overview, about the company + registration/login and language selection buttons;
  • a header with a screenshot of the mobile version of the platform and a call to trade with a winning edge;
  • overview of world markets;
  • presentation of trading tools;
  • platform statistics;
  • “fork” of accounts;
  • platform download buttons for PC or smartphone;
  • instructions for getting started with the online registration application form.

The footer duplicates the main menu. In the same place, the office gives a risk warning and a legal clause to relieve itself of all responsibility for your assets.

What can I say - a typical scam broker with a primitive site, of which there are millions. Let's see what this time we are offered as official information.

Expertise of legal information, licenses HOTFINANCE-CONSULT

The HOTFINANCE-CONSULT office does not provide any contact information either on the main page or in the corresponding section of the site. You can contact them only by mail or via the feedback form. But this is categorically not recommended, because we all know what happens to our contact details when they get into the database of scammers. They are used for SPAM mailings or sold to the same scammers. Or both.

At the same time, you will not receive an intelligible answer in the event of a real problem (and it will arise, do not hesitate).


In the "About us" section, the firm presents itself as a well-known Forex CFD provider that offers solutions for traders of any level using advanced technologies and favorable conditions. In the same place, the broker voices the benefits of cooperation. But at the same time, he does not say a word about licenses, achievements, and even work experience. The page about the company does not give absolutely no information other than general phrases.

The office is trying in every possible way to inspire confidence in itself, positioning itself as an experienced player in the financial market. However, checking the age of the domain (the very first screen in the article) showed that the project appeared in October 2021. Therefore, there can be no talk of any experience, solvency, security and trust.

Features of the work of the company HOTFINANCE-CONSULT. Tools and conditions for traders

For its clients, the office offers a lot of pleasant "splashes":

  • 24/7 real-time support;
  • quick responses to requests for sales or assistance;
  • the ability to trade multiple assets and accounts;
  • high quality of order execution, liquidity from tier I suppliers.

These comrades also have their own affiliate program. For promises of high profit, you can work as a “referee”. The scheme assumes unlimited levels of the affiliate network. You receive marketing materials and personal support. But how much the office is ready to pay for attracting new “Pinocchio” to their scam and whether it pays at all - this is not mentioned anywhere. But in this way, the broker will provide itself with positive reviews and reviews on YouTube.

There are three steps to get started.

  1. Create an account.
  2. Choice of deposit package.
  3. Depositing funds into an account.

There are 4 types of accounts to choose from, with a face value of 250 to 50,000 dollars. For this money, you get a range of services in the form of leverage from 1:100 to 1:400, training, support from experts, discounts, news, etc. The higher the amount of your investment, the more benefits you will receive. But, in fact, given the results of checking the official information that we managed to fish out in a puddle of water spilled on the pages of the HOTFINANCE-CONSULT website, everything that the broker says about successful success and wild profit is a blatant lie.

It is also important that the company provides all official documents only in English. Although an organization that has the ability to choose the Russian language for displaying pages on its website must adapt its papers to Russian-speaking clients. However, for some reason, the broker did not bother with this. They also do not have a license from the Central Bank, which gives them the right to work with traders from the Russian Federation and the CIS.


Although, however, these comrades generally do not have a single document confirming the regulation of their activities.

Real customer reviews HOTFINANCE-CONSULT

Considering the fact that the office is still quite “green”, it did not have time to follow the Internet and get feedback on its work.


Therefore, if you have experience with these guys, you have fallen victim to the HOTFINANCE-CONSULT scam - share your story below this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

HOTFINANCE-CONSULT user fraud scheme

The HOTFINANCE-CONSULT project is a clone of the recently collapsed Hotf1nance, which we wrote about earlier. And also, given that the content of their resource in terms of official information is equally meager and primitive, then their divorce scheme will be similar:

  • spam calls and mailings, communication through personal messages in social networks, search for victims on thematic forums, dating sites, job search resources, in ads;
  • luring a user to register on a scammer's site (usually they tell you success stories, about acquaintances who have been earning for a long time and similar fables);
  • creating the illusion of efficient and easy trading on a demo account or a real account in order to lure even more money;
  • recommendations of losing trades, advice to deposit a large amount in order to play seriously, the requirement to pay a commission / insurance for withdrawal of funds, the amount of which is usually equal to the amount withdrawn;
  • account blocking for “violation of the rules of work”, complete disregard for all customer requests.

In fact, this method is not new. And, despite the fact that every “lohobroker” puffs up to present his scam under a new wrapper, the result of cooperation with such offices is the same - loss of money, nerves, time.


On the HOTFINANCE-CONSULT website, we found the following signs of fraudulent activity:

  • lack of a legal address, adequate contact details;
  • no documents in Russian, licenses of regulators, official registration;
  • short time on the market, lack of reviews;
  • publishing misleading information;
  • a non-unique site that has an absolute copy in the form of an earlier fraudulent project.

Whether or not to contact such a "promising" organization is up to everyone. But we strongly do not recommend investing our own, and, moreover, borrowed money in such projects.

If you have become a victim of HOTFINANCE-CONSULT, Milro Inc. or other black brokers, and want to return your hard-earned money - leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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