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Trading currency indices, bullion and commodities, together with the hero of our today's Dutch Rate review, will bring you huge profits and successful success. This is exactly what the broker claims about working with its Heartbeat platform, which is trusted by millions of users around the world. And while Dutch Rate's newly minted clients are trying to find that very pulse, we will conduct a detailed analysis of legal data and reviews about the broker. And in the end, we will conclude whether he has a heart at all, or we have another ruthless scammer in front of us.

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Dutch Rate. General information

Broker's main website:


Trustorg rating:

Dutch Rate reviews scam
Dutch Rate Trust

Site analysis

The site of the Dutch Rate broker is nothing more than a primitive resource laid out on the knee, at the entrance to which a very terrifying picture catches the eye. What's this? A donut hole or something worse? Perhaps this is what traders will get as a result of cooperation with the heroes of today's review?

The site menu includes the following sections:

  • market overview (currencies, consumer goods, crypto, etc.);
  • asset analysis;
  • investments - an overview of products and platforms for work;
  • duplicating the content of the previous section with an overview of the MT5 platforms and "Heartbeat";
  • about the company + contacts.

Next to the menu column, where, in addition to the sections, there is a login / registration button, there is a header with the slogan of the office and that very dumb picture. Below you can see the Dutch Rate broker award badge. The icon is clickable. If you click on it, you will be redirected to a section of an unknown, very crooked and full of annoying ads site, which talks about the Forex Brokers Awards 2021, in which our comrades became the winners as the most reliable Fintech Project. All this looks extremely intrusive and looks more like a teleshop than a solid bonus.

Dutch Rate reviews scam
Dutch Rate awards

But back to the site of our broker.

Under the header is a block with brief information about investment products. If you wish, each of them can be studied in more detail by clicking on the "learn more" button.

Next is a review of the markets, repeating one of the sections of the menu. In total, the office offers more than 4,000 different assets for investment.

Next is a presentation of the Heartbeat technology, which involves copying successful trading strategies of experienced traders using a special platform.

Below are news and market analysis, followed by logos of famous resources and companies.

The menu is duplicated in the footer. There are also several official documents and a warning about the risks. Also in the "basement" you can find links to social networks. We will dwell on this and some other essential points in more detail in the next chapter.

Due diligence, Dutch Rate licenses

So, the Dutch Rate office positions itself as a reliable service provider and even, unlike HOTFINANCE CONSULT and others like them, maintains their pages on social networks. At the same time, the date of registration of both (Facebook, Twitter) is May 2021.

Dutch Rate reviews scam
Dutch Rate social networks
Dutch Rate reviews scam
Dutch Rate social networks

And they don’t have too many subscribers for a “successful company”.

As for contact details, the office claims to be “registered” in the UAE. However, Google does not know the specified address.

Dutch Rate reviews scam
Dutch Rate Google Maps

The absence of a legal address of registration is an important red flag that you need to pay attention to. No address - no where, in which case, to send claims and lawsuits. Even despite the fact that the office gives a phone number that is registered in the UAE, it is unlikely that it will be possible to get through to the right place. Moreover, the domain on which the office's website is located is in the European Union (see the first screen). And the EU itself has recently blacklisted the UAE as an offshore zone where beneficiaries are hidden and tax information is withheld.

These comrades do not have any licenses. We did not find any mention of this either on the main or on other pages of the site, which, in fact, duplicate the same information.

The same story with permission from the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Dutch Rate reviews scam
Dutch Rate CBRF

But we explain in each of our reviews that if you contact a company that does not have this document, you voluntarily waive the protection of your rights in case of illegal actions of the counterparty.

And the last thing is the age of the broker. Based on Whois data, the domain was registered in September 2020.

Dutch Rate reviews scam
Dutch Rate Whois

However, the “movement” here began only in April 2021. A month before the appearance of accounts in the social networks of the office. It is this time that is the real "date of birth" of the company. So, there can be no talk of any trust here.

Dutch Rate reviews scam
Dutch Rate web archive

A self-respecting trader will not contact a broker that has been on the market for less than a year. After all, this is fraught with a complete loss of invested funds.

Peculiarities of work of the company Dutch Rate. Tools and conditions for traders

Dutch Rate offers a wide range of working methods. These are MT-5 platforms and Heartbeat technology, which involves the use of advanced trading experience and successful cases. Also, traders are offered several investment packages to choose from in a variety of markets (currencies, resources, consumer goods, cryptocurrencies, indices, etc.).

In the "Analytics" section, you can study in detail the news about certain assets, make forecasts, and invest your funds profitably.

The company positions itself as an experienced player in the financial market, which operates according to high values:

  • customer focused, exceptional service and results;
  • fast execution of orders;
  • cooperation with famous companies, etc.

However, at its core, all information about the benefits of working with the Dutch Rate is noodles for naive beginners who have not been deceived by anyone yet, and who do not know how to soberly assess their capabilities. And also check what the company they trust with their money offers them. Our idea is confirmed by the real reviews we found (carefully, there will be profanity below).

Real Dutch Rate customer reviews

We could not find a large number of reviews about the work of the Dutch Rate office. But even the small part that we have shown in the screenshot below shows that it is better to stay away from these comrades.

Dutch Rate reviews scam
Dutch Rate Reviews

If you have been scammed by Dutch Rate scammers, share your story below this article. Perhaps it is your comment that will save someone from losing money.

Dutch Rate user fraud scheme

Although the Dutch Rate office is trying with all its might to show the uniqueness of its offer, an assessment of official information showed that we have an ordinary offshore company that has neither registration, nor licenses, nor confirmation of its good faith.

This means that their divorce scheme will not differ much from the fraudulent algorithm that has been proven over the years.

Scammers seek out their potential clients on thematic sites (trading forums, groups on social networks, job search sites) and offer simple earnings without leaving home, with incredible profit. As soon as the client registers on the site, using manipulations, he is pushed to make a deposit. After that, the scammers make “upsells”, spinning the victim on ever larger investments, offering to “play big”.

When a client tries to withdraw allegedly earned, or at least his own money, he sees exactly what is shown in the header on the broker's main page. Scammers may require insurance in the amount of the withdrawn amount, or pay for non-existent services/commissions. But, whether the victim is able to deposit this money or not, they will eventually be drained. The account will be blocked for "violation of the rules of work", or even completely disappear along with the project. And after that, remember them as you knew. You will not see your own, or, moreover, earned money.


We found the following signs of fraudulent organizations on the Dutch Rate website:

  • false information about the registration address;
  • lack of licenses from regulators, including the Central Bank of the Russian Federation;
  • short period of existence of the company;
  • the presence of information that misleads users;
  • negative feedback.

All of this, individually or collectively, should be a reason not to cooperate with the Dutch Rate crooks. We tried to give as many arguments as possible to protect you from rash steps and loss of money. But the decision, of course, is yours.

If you have been deceived by Dutch Rate or other black brokers, do not rush to despair. We can help you get your investment back. Just fill out the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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