Golden Ratio - SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Golden Ratio offers to invest in a new cryptocurrency called "WEC". The owners claim that the use of blockchain technology opens up broad prospects for the development of a new digital currency: a steady increase in its value is already observed, the planned placement of tokens on major exchanges will attract the interest of experts. Let's check how real the opportunities to earn are.

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golden ratio. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Golden Ratio reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site analysis

The website looks attractive. The design uses a modern style. The colors - orange and blue - symbolize that the company is reliable and open. Great emphasis in the elements of the site is made on the golden ratio. The creators constantly draw a parallel with this proportion. This is clearly done in order to emphasize that the best is definitely waiting for you here.

Banners immediately appear on the main page with information about how much you can earn here. At the same time, the phrases are so general and pathetic that you don’t fully understand how much money you will receive in the end. Next comes the classic “About us” with the “Learn more” button, and below the address and links to social networks, which for some reason lead to the main page.

The site consists of 6 sections:

  • home;
  • about Us;
  • marketing;
  • FAQ (frequently asked questions);
  • news;
  • support (links to telegram chats in English and Russian).

Despite the good design, the site is not informative: there is little text and a lot of pathos phrases, for example, “everything is majestic within the laws of nature.” There is no deep meaning in such sayings, and statements about a profit of 39 787% remain words.

By the way, in the “About Us” section there is a statistic that says that 78,335 users are registered on the site, and they have -379846.45225433 on their wallets. It is not clear in what currency, but the minus is very confusing at first.

In general, the guys obviously worked hard, so the specialized service estimated the cost of the site at 6 thousand rubles.

Golden Ratio reviews scam
Website cost estimation

Expertise of legal information, Golden Ratio licenses

There is no contact information on the site other than the company's legal location and links to support chats. Curiously, the address listed contains a real estate developer, a gym, a web design studio, but no mention of an investment firm.

Golden Ratio reviews scam
Google Maps

In addition, there is no registration certificate and license that would confirm the reliability and credibility, including the Central Bank of Russia. It issues a work permit in Russia and the CIS.

Golden Ratio reviews scam
CBR data

Particular attention should be paid to the rules of cooperation. The creators write in plain text that they have the right to make changes to the Rules. Also, if the company considers that the client is committing actions that threaten the image and security, then it will simply block the account with all financial resources. I wonder if Golden Ratio employees do it because of their mood? After all, no section on the site contains specific examples of actions that can lead to a ban.

Golden Ratio reviews scam Golden Ratio reviews scam It is worth looking into the privacy rules, in which the company completely disclaims responsibility for information leakage, and also collects data about your browser, geolocation, and operating system. This will allow you to learn almost everything about the client, so that it is easier to manage it.

Golden Ratio reviews scam

And finally - the age of the domain. Taking into account the Whois service verification, our friends were born in 2019.

Golden Ratio reviews scam
Domain Age

But in fact, the full-fledged Golden Ratio project appeared only after the last update in March 2021. Until that moment, according to the web archive, there was some hint of a web page here.

Golden Ratio reviews scam
Web archive

This information calls into question the beautiful numbers of tens of thousands of registered users of Golden Ratio, as well as the fact that the company has proven its worth over time. Any self-respecting investor will not contact an office that has been on the market for less than a year.

Features of the work of Golden Ratio. Tools and conditions for traders

The creators promise that regardless of the duration of cooperation and the volume of investments, everyone will receive a good material benefit. The company developed the Golden Ratio Spiral Marketing Plan based on a mathematical model known as the Fibonacci sequence. This sequence of numbers became the basis of a new algorithm - the Fibonacci matrix, which ensures the reliability and stability of the WEC cryptocurrency.

There are cells in the Fibonacci matrix, buying them, the matrix is filled according to the sequence: 3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89-144-233. Each next user who bought a cell makes a profit for you. When the matrix is filled, a new one appears and everything starts all over again. The advantage, according to the authors, is in the proportional distribution of funds, and accruals are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Real customer reviews Golden Ratio

Although there are relatively few reviews about the Golden Ratio office. What we managed to find only confirms our words and the information received during the verification.

Golden Ratio reviews scam
Golden Ratio Reviews
Golden Ratio reviews scam
Golden Ratio Reviews

Leave a comment under this article if you also got into the Golden Ratio network. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Golden Ratio User Fraud Scheme

If you get a grasp of all the available information, we can conclude that this is an ordinary financial pyramid.

First, you can't just register. In order to do this, you need to receive a referral link from the inviting person (refereraa).

Secondly, when buying cells, you get into a single queue, which can only advance by buying new cells, or inviting new participants. Thirdly, it is almost impossible to withdraw funds, most likely, they will offer to purchase new cells or create their own ephemeral Guild.

On the website, we have already considered such “investment projects”.


Golden Ratio is a classic financial pyramid from which you will definitely never see money. The main goal is to attract as many users as possible by offering them pleasant bonuses. You will not be able to withdraw funds, because either you will endlessly wait for your turn to level up in order to earn more, or you will spend funds on buying new cells.

Moreover, the site lacks contact information, a certificate of registration and a license from the regulator, and the privacy policy causes great concern for their data.

If you have become a victim of Golden Ratio or other dishonest brokers, but do not know what to do to return the funds, leave your e-mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send step by step instructions.

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