Cashflow is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Super conditions for "attracting" earnings, financial independence and regular cash rewards are promised to everyone in Cashflow - the Collective Self-Sufficiency Fund, as they call themselves. You can receive money twice a month - the conditions are ideal. Only it is difficult to find intelligible information about how exactly they earn money here. Let's find out what Cashflow is.

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cash flow. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Cashflow reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site analysis

The Cashflow website is as simple as three pennies. Here you will find neither a story about the company, nor a list of partners or founders, nor answers to frequently asked questions. That is why the specialized service estimated the site at 2 rubles. But even that is a lot.

Cashflow reviews scam
Website cost estimation

What can be done on a site with antediluvian functionality? Register or go to the Telegram channel, where you will be greeted with a welcome message promising generous rewards. But even after scrolling through the entire channel, you are unlikely to understand how exactly you can earn money at Cashflow.

Only after going through the tedious registration procedure, giving your data to the scammer, you will get access to your personal account. There you will see crumbs of information about the essence of the operation of this system. It turns out that first you need to make a cash contribution, or rather, a voluntary donation.

After registration, the functionality of the site becomes not too “rich”. The main page, which is also a personal account, allows you to manage money, as well as go to several other pages:

  • how to create cash flow and manage it effectively;
  • remuneration for the development of the project;
  • project rules.

Separately, there is a "Messages" tab and a button that allows you to log out of your account.

Expertise of official information, Cashflow licenses, contact details

Cashflow executives did not bother to post any legal information about themselves on the site. No contact details, no address, no current news anywhere. We have repeatedly exposed such suspicious sites on

After registration, you have the opportunity to contact company representatives through a special form. You can also write an email to the auditor or call him on the phone. But given that the phone number belongs to a resident of Germany, it is unlikely that anyone will do this.

Cashflow reviews scam

It is not surprising that fraudsters who carefully hide their data were not issued a license by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Cashflow reviews scam
CBR data

Documents from other registrars for conducting financial activities of Cashflow are not provided. This is quite natural for such a company.

In the "Project Rules" section, the user must agree to a number of obligations. There is also a clause on the acceptance of any changes made by the management of the Fund. For the negative in the direction of the Fund, they can deprive the funds.

Cashflow reviews scam

And the icing on the cake is the age of the project. According to Whois verification, the domain was purchased in November 2020.

Cashflow reviews scam
Domain Age

However, based on the information contained in the web archive, for a long time this domain hosted only a semblance of the project that we are considering today as part of our review.

Cashflow reviews scam
Web archive

Therefore, there is every reason to believe that the project began to fully function only after the last update date - in October 2021. But there is an unspoken rule between traders and investors that prescribes not to contact offices that have been on the market for less than a year and have not yet proven their conscientiousness and consistency with time and good responses.

Features of the Cashflow company. Tools and conditions for traders

To become a Beneficiary of the Fund, you need to choose one of the three types of flows - Starting, Active or Passive. Then the flow needs to be launched by investing money. To increase the amount of earnings, you should use the eCurrency cryptocurrency by purchasing it from other Project Beneficiaries. This also raises some suspicions. For example, that we have a primitive financial pyramid.

For inviting other participants to the project, there is a special referral bonus, % of which depends on which stream you have chosen.

Cashflow reviews scam

Such a system is not designed to make Beneficiaries earn more. This helps the company to attract more members to enrich themselves at their expense.

What Cashflow Customers Are Saying

No wonder the company is not trusted on specialized sites. Reviews about Cashflow are mostly negative, many managed to lose money thanks to this scammer.

Cashflow reviews scam Cashflow reviews scam

Cashflow reviews scam
Cashflow Reviews

If you have been a victim of Cashflow scams, share your story in the comments below this article. After all, it can help others avoid senseless monetary losses.

How Cashflow cashes in on its users

Cashflow is a pyramid scheme. Getting money is based on a simple principle - the more you pour in and the more people you bring along, the more likely you are to get at least something. Everyone who is led by sweet words about cash flow only replenishes the wallets of the company's management. And they themselves receive a minuscule amount, if at all they manage to earn something. The bankruptcy of such a system is inevitable.


We managed to find the following signs of fraud on the Cashflow website:

  • uninformative, cheap and clumsy website
  • lack of data about the company, licenses, contact information;
  • a charitable contribution, without which you will not become a Beneficiary;
  • many negative reviews.

The list of suspicious moments can be continued for a long time. For example, what is the opportunity for the Fund to accept any changes related to its work, prescribed in the rules, worth. We do not recommend pouring money into such a suspicious project.

If you believed in the promises of Cashflow or similar brokers, lost your money, and now you dream of getting it back, but don’t know how, write your mail to the form at the beginning of the article. We will email you a step-by-step, illustrated action plan that will help you solve your problem.

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