Global Trade Capital is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

The Global Trade Capital project came to our review. The company positions itself as an investment platform with many years of experience and millions of clients around the world. The international broker offers to invest in its platform at a good percentage and receive a stable passive income. Well, in modern realities, no one can be trusted, so today we will analyze in detail the activities of this company and reveal the true intentions of these comrades.

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Global Trade Capital. General information

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Global Trade Capital reviews scam
Global Trade Capital verification by Trustorg

Site analysis

The Global Trade Capital website is nothing like the web resource of a successful broker with many years of experience and a huge following. The information on all pages is the same. The design is maximally template and simple. Rectilinear blocks are cut crooked in some places and overlap each other. Lots of empty spaces. The main page, which, as it were, is the face of the company, is replete with flashy banners without a semantic load. There is nothing surprising in the fact that such a low-quality site was priced at only 11 rubles by a special service.

Global Trade Capital reviews scam
Global Trade Capital website valuation

The web resource is practically not ranked in search engines. Even by the name of the platform, it is not so easy to find it. The site is made exclusively in English. Although the broker calls itself international, there is no adaptation for users from other countries.

The information component of the site also leaves much to be desired. Of the 6 pages, only 3 have more or less useful information. The creators of the resource directed all their efforts not to inform their customers about the company's activities, ways of earning, to confirm their success stories, but only to praise themselves. Customers are only blurred with numerous benefits, without giving clear answers to important questions.

Expertise of legal information, Global Trade Capital licenses

Global Trade Capital boldly declares that they conduct financial activities in more than 190 countries. During its work, the company managed to acquire 16 million traders and 410 thousand partners around the world. These are too big numbers even for very successful investment platforms. Well, once to deceive, so do it on a grand scale - our friends decided. But why is there practically no mention of such a large organization on the Internet? It's very simple, Global Trade Capital appeared on the market only 3 months ago. Relevant information can be found by checking their Whois website.

Global Trade Capital reviews scam
Global Trade Capital domain age

Let's move on. In the contact details section, we can see the classic picture: legal address, technical support mail and an incomprehensible number. It is not possible to reach the specified phone number, it is either blocked or never existed. Emailing such organizations is also a bad idea, no one will answer anyway, but scammers will get your data. The location has a funny story too. There is a warehouse at the indicated address, which is probably used for agricultural needs.

Global Trade Capital reviews scam
Global Trade Capital google map data

Global Trade Capital claims that their organization is registered in the UK. They even provide us with a registration number. We are trying to check it in the public registers of the United Kingdom. And we see that under the indicated number there is another company that has nothing to do with our hero.

Global Trade Capital reviews scam
Global Trade Capital registration data

Also, on the broker's website, information slips that it conducts its activities in accordance with the requirements of CySEC. That is, Global Trade Capital is hinting at cooperation with the Cypriot regulator. However, there is not a single mention of the monitored company in its registers.

Global Trade Capital reviews scam
Global Trade Capital licenses

Features of the work of Global Trade Capital. Tools and conditions for traders

On its web resource, this project places fairly simple and primitive facts about its activities, which can be attributed to any project of this kind. Global Trade Capital specializes in bitcoin investments, Forex trading, stock investments and binary options. All operations are carried out in MT4 and MT5 web terminals. The receipt of income in cooperation with the project occurs according to the following simple scheme.

  1. The broker provides its own expert, who analyzes the market and trades for you.
  2. At the end of your trading cycle, profits according to the tariff plan are automatically transferred directly to your registered bitcoin wallet.

In order to provide the best possible customer service, Global trade capital organizes seminars and special events, providing educational materials, advanced trading technologies and the latest strategies in the Forex market.

Among the advantages of the company are a variety of trading instruments, instant order fulfillment, free contests with real cash prizes, and exclusive bonus programs.

All users are offered 4 investment plans to choose from. The minimum input capital is between $100 and $10,000. Profit is credited to the balance every 24 hours. Income varies within 4-7% from the deposit per day.

Global Trade Capital reviews scam

Real customer reviews of Global Trade Capital

There is practically no information about Global Trade Capital on the Internet. The revealing reviews are just beginning to appear. We were able to find only one real review. Either scammers clean up unwanted information about themselves, or domestic traders have not yet suffered much from the activities of the hero of our review. Probably, the lack of adaptation to the Russian language has a strong effect.

Global Trade Capital reviews scam
Global Trade Capital Reviews

If you have become a victim or found signs of fraud in the activities of Global Trade Capital, please tell us about it in the comments below this article. Any information can save someone else from losing money.

Global Trade Capital User Fraud Scheme

Global Trade Capital is not far from HYDER and other scammers. The crooks have created a primitive site for themselves and use it to catch naive investors. The search for potential victims is carried out in various ways. The most popular of them are advertising and social networks. Advertising is configured in such a way that it is displayed to interested users. In social networks, experienced scammers who work for a percentage are engaged in searching for customers. They offer disinterested help, say that they themselves have risen from the bottom, in short, professionally hang noodles on their ears.

Interested users are transferred to the site. It doesn’t matter if the client doesn’t know English, it’s even better, the scammers will “help” and tell you everything. After the first deposit, all "helpers" disappear. Perhaps the numbers in the balance will change towards profit, but when it comes to withdrawing funds, everything will immediately fall into place. The application may simply not be processed, they may request payment of a commission or begin to require some other documents. As a result, it will not even work out to return your money, there can be no talk of making money at all.


There’s nothing to think about here, we have another scam project in front of us, which, as soon as it deceives a sufficient number of users, will quickly collapse, in order to later open under a different name. All signs of a scam on the face:

  • low quality website
  • false information about their activities;
  • fake legal address;
  • lack of normal contact;
  • lack of official registration;
  • lack of licenses to conduct financial activities;
  • the presence of negative reviews and ratings.

We recommend avoiding cooperation with this company and not falling for the rainbow noodles that these crooks hang on you.

If you have been scammed by Global Trade Capital or any other black organization, we can help you get your lost money back. Fill out a special form at the beginning of the article and we will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to be taken using the specified contact information.

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