FuysLTD is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

Unique trading tools, safety of investments and professional support are the working conditions offered by the new guest of our FuysLTD review. But do not rush to part with your money. What is hidden behind a beautiful sign? Let's try to figure it out.

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FuysLTD. General information

Broker's main website:


Whois score:

FuysLTD reviews scammers
FuysLTD Whois

Site analysis

The FuysLTD website has an interesting yet simple design. All blocks and sections are quite standard and are easily riveted in constructors. Let's immediately check the cost of a web resource using the SeoLic service. Not comforting figures are obtained.

FuysLTD reviews scammers
FuysLTD site evaluation

The platform positions itself as an international trading platform, therefore it supports work in 7 different languages, including Russian. Site navigation is carried out using the top menu bar, which consists of the following sections:

  • markets;
  • trading conditions;
  • about company;
  • contacts.

Considering the functionality of the site, we understand that this is already the fourth broker that we have to meet, with the same device for all blocks and a similar success story. The scammers have already become insolent and lazy to the edge. Write off sites from each other, slightly changing the pictures and content.

It does not make sense to examine in great detail the web resource of this office. You will still not be able to find useful information. Yes, it's good that the company cooperates with more than 30 thousand traders, turns over hundreds of millions every day, and is supported by the world's most famous regulators. But where is the confirmation of all this? Where are the documents, where is the information on the net? Or do we have to give our money to an organization unknown to us until now, in exchange for an honest word?

Expertise of legal information, FuysLTD licenses

On their website, FuysLTD says that they have been working in the financial market for 4 years. During this time, about 35,000 users have registered on the platform, and the daily capital turnover has reached $112 million. But why, with such scope and work already in the international arena, neither in Russian-speaking nor in foreign sources is there any mention of this platform? This question disappears immediately after checking the site for Whois (screen at the beginning of the article). The domain really appeared in 2018, but all this time it has been inactive. Our friends settled on it on 07/30/2021. So all these stories about stunning success are just fiction.

For feedback, the broker leaves a classic set: mail, location and international number. In fact, it will not be possible to contact him directly, since the number is not valid, and it takes a very long time to wait for an answer by mail. After checking the address of the company, we found out that it is fake. There is no such location in any maps.

FuysLTD reviews scammers
FuysLTD Google Maps Data

FuysLTD assure their clients of the absolute security and safety of their deposits due to reliable control by reputable partners. According to the organization, its activities are controlled by such well-known regulators as:

  • Cysec;
  • ASIC;
  • IFSC;
  • VFSC;
  • FSC Mauritius;
  • Morgan Stanley;
  • UBS;

At the same time, our office does not provide a single scanned copy of a license or other document confirming their words. Let's check the registries of at least the most popular regulators.

International Financial Services Commission:

FuysLTD reviews scammers
FuysLTD licenses

Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission:

FuysLTD reviews scammers
FuysLTD licenses

Financial market regulator of Mauritius, a number of European countries and island states:

FuysLTD reviews scammers
FuysLTD licenses

None of the organizations represented have ever partnered with FuysLTD. From all this, a quite simple conclusion suggests itself: all the information presented on the website of this broker is a hoax.

Features of FuysLTD. Tools and conditions for traders

FuysLTD offers to earn on price differences in various market segments: currencies, metals, stocks, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies. Traders are offered the most successful working strategies, assistance from professional analysts, more than 200 trading instruments. The company, talking about its advantages, highlights the following reasons to cooperate with it:

  • minimum margin requirements;
  • brand awareness around the world;
  • own IT developments;
  • strict control over the execution of all trading operations;
  • security of customer funds;
  • constant addition of new tools;
  • professional support team.

As a standard for most of these brokers, FuysLTD offers its clients 3 types of trading accounts. The more you are willing to invest, the more benefits you can get.

  1. start trade. Minimum deposit: $150. Leverage: 1:100. Instant execution.
  2. Trade Invest. Entrance capital: 1000$. The conditions of the previous tariff, plus, trading in crypto-currencies and metals, deposit insurance.
  3. TradePRO. Minimum deposit: 10000$. All the "buns" of previous tariff plans. Additionally - deposit protection and round-the-clock support from a personal manager.

It is not clear why the site has a calculator for calculating profits in all the proposed industries. We were never able to figure out why, unlike other tools, it was separated and simply not placed in the working profile.

Real customer reviews FuysLTD

As we managed to find out, FuysLTD appeared on the network about three months ago. But even in such a short period, these comrades managed to acquire a large number of negative reviews and be the heroes of revealing reviews. Many reputable platforms have already managed to include these fellows in the blacklists of brokers. If you doubt our words or consider our opinion biased, Google is there to help. There are more than enough negative reviews online.

FuysLTD reviews scammers
FuysLTD Reviews

If you fell for FuysLTD's tricks and lost your money, share your story at the end of the article. Your comment may help many other people avoid the same fate.

FuysLTD User Fraud Scheme

Fraudsters on various low-quality services collect the contact details of users. Then, through phone calls, they are offered to make good money. They bring the client to their site and by various manipulations force him to make the first payment.

As a rule, the first deposit helps them to get a better hold. Each telephone conversation helps to create a more detailed psychological portrait of how literate a person is in financial matters and how much more money can be pulled out of him.

Communication with the client is often maintained via Skype or any other online platform. Fraudsters offer a profitable investment: they will take 20% from the profit, and the investor will receive 80%. Of course, their transactions are successful, and they offer to withdraw funds to the user's card or electronic wallet. At the same time, they say that before making a transfer, you need to replenish the balance by a certain amount, so as not to arouse suspicion among some services.

The “trader”, besotted with easy money, does everything as he is told. After a short period of time, the client not only does not notice the transfer, but also sees that the funds that were deposited on the card or wallet are also gone. Fraudsters use communication services to monitor the computers of naive users and simply steal their data. This is not the only scheme FuysLTD uses, but one of the most popular.


Summing up our review, so that no one has any doubts, I would like to once again go through all the points indicating the fraudulent activities of FuysLTD:

  • copied web resource;
  • false information on the site;
  • non-existent registration address;
  • lack of licenses;
  • negative feedback.

FuysLTD is a 100% scam. The scam project was created in order to take your money under the guise of promises of high returns on investment. When you invest a large amount, you will be drained, your account will be blocked, your withdrawal request will be rejected - they will find a thousand reasons not to return your funds. This is an anonymous garbage dump that has no registration, no license, no conscience.

If you have been scammed by FuysLTD or any other black broker and are ready to fight to get your hard-earned money back, leave your contact details at the beginning of the review. We will send you a step-by-step illustrated plan by email.

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