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Crypto Assets is the perfect place for anyone who wants to trade crypto without the hassle. To get started, you just need to fund your trading account from your Ethereum wallet. Advanced algorithms and a unique trading mechanism literally do everything for you. But is it really so? We analyze in a detailed review.

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Crypto Assets. General information

Broker's main website:

Whois score:

Crypto Assets Reviews
Crypto Asset Whois

Site analysis

The Crypto Assets site is a very ugly one-page site, where the main screensaver with the company logo is a “crooked” animation with low resolution and showing pixels.

In addition, a landing page instead of a full-fledged website is in itself a beacon indicating the unreliability of its owner. But let's scroll to the end.

Under the splash screen are two buttons - login and registration. What follows is an explanation of what the office actually does.

In the penultimate block, the advantages of working with a broker are stated.

At the end there is a block with logos of partners, who, by the way, have not heard of any Crypto Assets even in their deepest dreams.

All this is located clumsily, inconveniently, without any adaptability to different screen sizes and configurations. From which it can be understood that the customer of this site was not at all worried about the comfort of his customers or the desire to impress.

Expertise of legal information, Crypto Assets licenses

Let's start with the presence of the Crypto Assets broker on the market. After checking the domain using the Whois service (first screen), we found out that the company has existed since the summer of 2021. But we are already experienced and have long known that new brokers can quickly disappear from the radar along with your money.

In addition, the cryptocurrency market is quite wild and difficult to regulate. Therefore, it is extremely important to focus on the reputation of the broker and check its legal information, which, by the way, Crypto Assets simply does not have. They do not give an address, no phone numbers, or even a feedback form. If you follow the logic of this unfortunate broker, you just have to give him your money and wait for a profit (you would have said right away, why smear a bunch of water across the pages?).

Naturally, a company without registration does not and cannot have any licenses. This is also confirmed by the base of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Crypto Assets Reviews
Crypto Assets CBRF data

Let's go further. Since the site of the Crypto Assets office is a one-page site, we decided to see what is hidden behind the "Register" button.

We have been redirected to the section where there is a warning that trading on the exchange is high risk and 79% investors will lose all their capital.

In the same place, in the second paragraph, for some reason, a completely foreign name of the Crypto Solutions company appears. Having “break through” this name in the search, we saw that Crypto Solutions is an exact copy of our current “passenger”. And his reputation is far from ideal.

Crypto Solutions Reviews

The scammer Crypto Assets was in such a hurry to fill his pockets with other people's money that he did not even have time to change his “surnames”.

Further more! In the same place, in the second paragraph, information is given that working on the platform of this broker is not trading on a real exchange. That is, for your money, you get the opportunity to play with contracts for differences in value. And you conclude these contracts against the broker itself. Only one thing follows from this - if you make a profit, then the broker incurs losses. But it is unlikely that the broker will want to trade at a loss, even if you call it Crypto Assets, even Crypto Solutions.

In the same place, the office gives an argument as to why it does not have a license. Because there really is no trading on a real exchange. But even if it were, the registration of a broker in countries where cryptocurrency exchange trading is not licensed or prohibited does not cancel such moments:

  • the impossibility of converting cryptocurrencies into fiat currencies (for example, in Russia);
  • restriction of exchange operations in countries where this type of activity must be licensed;
  • if a broker operates without a license in the country where it is still possible, when the legislation changes, it can simply collapse, being blacklisted by the State Register, followed by the arrest of all accounts and assets, including client ones.

And finally, such a “bun” as zero commissions for deposit processing, the promised Crypto Assets are a complete lie. After all, commissions are the broker's income, which allows him to live happily ever after.

Features of the work of Crypto Assets. Tools and conditions for traders

The company loudly positions itself as a provider of fully transparent services for capital growth through cryptocurrency trading. On a platform specially developed with the help of “space” technologies, you can not only buy, but also sell cryptocurrency with a profitable margin.

The firm offers the following benefits to its clients:

  • full safety of investments;
  • protection against hacker attacks;
  • data encryption;
  • continuous monitoring of cybersecurity;
  • zero commissions;
  • round the clock support.

However, as the information obtained after the legal analysis of the office showed us, all these “goodies” are nothing more than a set of tricks to attract hamsters.

Real customer reviews of Crypto Assets

Unfortunately we didn't find any reviews about Crypto Assets. But there are enough comments about the work of the Crypto Solutions clone project, which, of course, has already collapsed and appeared under a different name.

Crypto Assets Reviews
Crypto Assets Reviews

If you have been the victim of a scam Crypto Assets or other brokers (for example, TRONTRADEthat we talked about last time) - leave comments under this article. Perhaps it is your review that will save someone from losing money.

Scheme of cheating users of Crypto Assets

Since we found out that it is absolutely not profitable for the broker to keep traders in profit, it is not difficult to expose the fraud scheme. Given the fact that the profit of a trader trading against a broker is at the same time a loss of the latter, we understand that the office will in every possible way interfere with your earnings. Animation, twisting indicators and other tricks of a fraudulent terminal can be used. Well, or a completely brutal method - blocking the account and completely ignoring it from the support side.

At the same time, you will not be able to complain anywhere and find offenders - too. After all, you yourself understood what you were signing up for.


Summing up, we will inform you that we did not find any signs of fraud on the Crypto Assets website. Because the site is simply not visible behind them (if this garbage resource can be called that). It is here that all the fattest red beacons that can only be found at fraudulent offices are collected:

  • lack of registration, licenses of regulators;
  • lack of a legal address and other official contact details;
  • the presence of an identical project that has already been caught in fraud;
  • false information about earning opportunities on the platform;
  • disclaimer of customer investment.

There is only one conclusion here: Crypto Assets, aka Crypto Solutions, is a typical kitchen where brokers profit from traders. Do you want to lose your money? Feel free to transfer them to the broker, which we reviewed today from all sides.

We often see comments and negative reviews of people deceived by scam brokers. Therefore, we decided to cooperate and develop an instruction that makes it possible to return the lost money. To receive it - leave your mail in the form at the beginning of the article. We will send you a step-by-step, illustrated plan of action to take.

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