Allianz Global Investors is a SCAM. Real reviews. Examination

We have already touched upon the topic of fraud by pseudo Forex companies more than once. In today's review, we will look at another cynical divorce attempt from scammers from Allianz Global Investors. We will analyze in detail the activities of the “scam broker” and tell you how not to fall for the tricks of such offices.

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Allianz Global Investors. General analysis

Broker's main website:

Trustorg rating:

Allianz Global Investors reviews scam
Trust in the network

Site Overview

It is very easy to recognize fraudulent projects by their web resources. They are rarely unique and thoughtful. Allianz Global Investors did not please us either. Their site was valued at only 4 rubles. Why so little, you ask, but everything is simple:

  • template design;
  • uninteresting, primitive design;
  • hackneyed, low-quality pictures;
  • low level of information content;
  • lack of adaptation to search engines.
Allianz Global Investors reviews scam
Website cost estimation

The site operates exclusively in Russian. The platform interface also looks very familiar to us. We have already met about ten scam projects with identical menu blocks and site layout. You can see information about them on our resource

Verification of legal data and official documentation Allianz Global Investors

We will begin our exposure with the age of the organization. Allianz Global Investors in the "About us" section claims that they have been working since 2012, that is, almost from the very beginning of the Forex market. For 8 years of work, almost no information has accumulated about our friend on the network. Their platform is not even always ranked by the search engine.

In fact, everything is very simple: stories about many years of experience are a hoax and a simple trick designed to inspire trust among users. The real age of the hero under review is a little over a month (at the time of writing). The Allianz Global Investors website was created on 10/17/2021. We received the relevant information using the Whois service. Perhaps our friends existed long before the creation of their web resource, but how can a Forex company function without a website?

Allianz Global Investors reviews scam
Domain Age

The broker's contact details are represented by the administration's e-mail, the legal location of the organization, the Russian phone number and the ability to leave an online application. Attempts to get in touch on the specified number did not end with success, it is likely that it is blocked or never existed. As their address, Allianz Global Investors indicated the location of a business center that rents out premises. Since we were not provided with more detailed information, for example, the office number, it is not possible to verify the legitimacy of this data. It is a common practice among scammers to provide addresses that cannot be verified.

Allianz Global Investors reviews scam

We did not find any information about official registration or licenses to conduct financial activities on the Allianz Global Investors website. Perhaps the creators of the project simply forgot to place the relevant data on their resource. It doesn't matter, we ourselves can check them according to the registers of the Central Bank, without whose permission they simply do not have the right to provide their services on the territory of the Russian Federation. Who would doubt that this "sharashka office" is not regulated by anyone.

Allianz Global Investors reviews scam
CBR data

Also on the Allianz Global Investors website there is a standard set of documentation: refund rules, AML policy, terms and conditions of cooperation, privacy policy. But for some reason, they are all written by hand in ordinary Google documents. This is the first case in our practice of such disdain for official documentation. But even this fades into the background if you start to carefully read the provisions presented. What is worth only one terms of cooperation, in which the company explicitly declares that it does not bear any responsibility for the safety of the client's money. Funds can disappear at any time due to "force majeure" circumstances, and no one will return them.

Allianz Global Investors reviews scam

Offers and conditions of work with Allianz Global Investors.

Allianz Global Investors provides brokerage services in the Forex market. Among its key advantages, the company highlights:

  • high standards of secure trading conditions and the best tools for each type of account;
  • the continuity of the platform and the privacy of customers through the use of strict security protocols;
  • helping traders gain new knowledge and skills necessary for efficient and responsible trading;
  • investment funds are insured and held in segregated bank accounts that cannot be used to pay company expenses.

As for working tools, methods of depositing and withdrawing funds, types of trading accounts, etc., our friend is silent about all these points. To get some useful financial information, the user must leave a request or register. This is also one of the tricks of scammers, with the help of which they collect personal data of customers in order to further influence them or sell information.

Allianz Global Investors reviews scam

Real customer reviews Allianz Global Investors

There is practically no information about the hero of today's review on the Internet on extraneous sources. Fresh reviews and first comments are just beginning to appear. Yes, and they expose our mutual friend not from the best side. Due to such a young age, Allianz Global Investors has not yet managed to deceive many traders, so there are very few reviews about the presented office. But they clearly convey the essence of the functioning of the project.

Allianz Global Investors reviews scam
Allianz Global Investors reviews

If you have personally experienced the fraudulent manipulations of scammers from Allianz Global Investors, share your experience in the comments at the end of the review. Any information will help to quickly cover the "scam" and save other people from losing money.

How Allianz Global Investors cheat their clients

Getting on the platform of such fraudulent offices is not so easy by chance, since they are not widely known. Therefore, the search for clients is conducted in various social networks and thematic forums. Scammers do not disdain cold calls or spam mailings using stolen or purchased contact information. The victim is lured to the site with various promises and then offered to make the first deposit. This is where the main action of the comedy begins.

Analyzing the legal information of Allianz Global Investors, it was no coincidence that we dwelled in more detail on the terms and conditions of cooperation. The crooks state in the user agreement that they are not responsible for the stability of the platform (untimely execution of orders, bugs and errors). They blame it on third parties. In fact, they will specifically adjust software failures in order to make transactions that are unprofitable for the client.

It is not uncommon for charlatans to simply shut down their platform. Until it works, scammers gain access to the user's account and transfer all funds from his balance to their offshore accounts. It is impossible to prove the illegality of the performance and the fact of the theft of money. You will be thrown off the provisions of the user agreement and will be told that you should have read more carefully, with which you agree. And this is just one of the many tricks that the "swindlers" use.


Allianz Global Investors is an ordinary "scam", a money scam. Before us is another pseudo-brokerage "garbage heap" that has nothing to do with financial markets. These friends have no official registration, no licenses, no legal address. All the information they provide on their crooked website is a blatant lie. Investing in the project does not make the slightest sense, you will simply be deceived by experienced scammers.

If you have lost your money due to the activities of Allianz Global Investors or any other black office, we are ready to assist in the return of funds. Fill out a special form at the beginning of the review and a detailed action plan will be sent to the specified contacts.

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