Welvura - real game reviews and verification

Welvura is a project that offers all interested users to earn money on the game. Moreover, the creators of the project promise us an instant withdrawal of funds. And even if you are a beginner, in any case, you can stay in the black. Is it really worth trusting such projects or is it just another dummy? In fact, not a single economic game or online casino will work in the red. The main task of the administrator is to breed as many gambling users as possible. Let's understand and consider the project in more detail.

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Welvura - project description

The project offers users to try their luck in gambling. There are 9 games on this platform. But at the same time, only three of them are Mines, Dice and Jackpot. These games are quite popular among users. In order to start cooperating with the project, you need to log in through the official website. This can only be done through the social network Vkontakte or Telegram. This is the main downside. After all, now the platform developers will know your personal data.

Welvura - real game reviews and verification

The minimum replenishment amount is only 100 rubles. In addition, the project offers a fairly generous affiliate program. Namely, 10 percent of the profit from referrals. And this already smacks of a financial pyramid. Because you yourself will have to invite your friends and acquaintances to the project. The Welvura project has a group on the Vkontakte solo network and its own Telegram channel. The platform itself was created quite recently. This can be easily understood from the reviews that appeared only in March of this year.

Is it possible to cooperate with Welvura?

In the near future, this project may have many clones. This is due to the fact that such projects do not live on the network for a long time. In a short period of time, they very quickly gain negative reviews and close. Completely fraudulent, we cannot call the project. He still pays some money. But the question is completely different. Can this project be called legal and legal and perceive this platform as a serious income on an ongoing basis?

Of course no. This is a gambling project that is designed specifically for players. Taking into account the fact that gamblers cannot stop on time, you can lose really substantial amounts. For example, several tens of thousands of rubles. The next thing you need to understand is that not a single casino works for itself in the red. Therefore, you are unlikely to win more than you contributed here.

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Welvura - real game reviews and verification

There are a large number of people on the net who will actively invite you to the welvura3.win site. Such users even show screenshots of payments. In fact, these are referrals who receive their percentage from advertising. This platform cannot give 100 percent guarantees. Therefore, it is better not to work with her.

Welvura reviews

There are a lot of reviews about the project. Especially in various social networks. Many users are trying to position the platform as a great way to make money with a real withdrawal of funds. These reviews cannot be trusted and should be taken only as an advertisement for the project. Yes, the creators of the platform still pay money. But how long this will last is not known.

Payments can stop at any time at the discretion of the admin. Such illegal schemes for earning money should be avoided. On the Internet there are really many ways to earn money in a legal way.


Welvura is a regular gambling platform. but it is worth considering the fact that only the developers of the platform can remain here to win. It is designed only for gambling people who find it very difficult to stop. We recommend that you do not get involved with such projects. Always before you cooperate with the project, study the real reviews on the Internet. Warn your family and friends.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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