Does Emulan INC withdraw money? Customer reviews attached

Does Emulan INC withdraw money? Customer reviews attached

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds


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  • Does it withdraw money?
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Emulan INC - positions itself as the best platform for trading and trading. Which can suit not only experienced traders, but also beginners. The company has been operating since 2019. Today, it has about 17,000 active traders. In fact, we have a lying broker. It was created only to breed people for decent money. This character is looking for gullible people who do not understand trading at all.

Website address:

Contact details are pretty standard. Phone number and email address. But by phone number, it will not be possible to get through. And admins will rarely answer by mail. And only those questions that are of interest to them in the first place.

Trading conditions of Emulan INC

What trading conditions does the broker provide? There are three tariff plans for customers to choose from. Initial — lower deposit threshold $150, leverage 1:100; Amateur - lower deposit threshold $1000, leverage 1:500; Experienced — the lower deposit threshold is $10000, the leverage is 1:500. Such a minimum threshold is set specifically. So that as many people as possible can invest their money. But let's say right away that the admins will attack a larger amount right away. Of course, you can tell them that you don't have that amount. Admins may offer you to apply for a bank loan. Here you can trade metals, cryptocurrencies, stocks and other assets.

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Does Emulan INC withdraw money? Customer reviews attached

Does it withdraw money?

On the official website of Emulan, there is no information about how to deposit money and options on how to withdraw it from your trading account. We found the Return Policy document. Where it says that customers can withdraw their money to bank cards. Each withdrawal will be verified within 30 business days. Why does it take so long to ask? And where is at least one real guarantee that the fake broker will work all this time? Users write that it is impossible to withdraw money from here in principle!

Does Emulan INC withdraw money? Customer reviews attached

Emulan customer reviews

Despite the fact that we are dealing with a young project, there are quite a few reviews about it. On the website, they are trying to convince us that the broker started its activity in 2019. But this is a lie. The domain was registered only this year. Couldn't the company have been working all this time without a website? The main complaint of users is the lack of money. Some people took a risk and invested their money. They never started real trading.

Anna writes that all trading in her personal account was a banal imitation of trading activities. When the girl wanted to withdraw money, the admins began to reject any attempts. A few days later, the account was blocked. Users refer the project to an ordinary brokerage kitchen.

Does Emulan INC withdraw money? Customer reviews attached


Emulan is another bogus broker that has no real access to trading. The whole trading process is a complete imitation. The broker allegedly offers excellent trading conditions for its clients, but at the same time does not have a normal legal basis. We checked the legal data for authenticity and they do not belong to the office. Key information, which is necessary, is not here. The reviews we found were negative. None of the clients could withdraw money. Which indicates that the broker is stealing money. Be very careful and try to pass by.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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  1. I can not return the money from this company, Emulan INC, who faced them and was able to return.

  2. Emulan INC does not return my money to anyone who has encountered it.

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