All information about American Traders

Investing is a very good solution for getting a stable income, but only on the condition that you trust your money to a reliable company.

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Today, under our guns, there was a dubious American Traders scam, which has already managed to thunder on the net like a scam. And we will try to find out whether it is worth believing the promises of this company.

Site Overview

The official website has a quite standard structure, here you can find information about the types of investment accounts, about the company, contact details, as well as answers to the most popular questions.

The company, without much modesty, calls itself professionals and promises professional income. And everything seems to be decent at first sight, if you do not analyze the resource in detail.

But in fact, we have before us a cheap cheap template, which was created in haste. If you want to know anything about a team of professionals, then you will be disappointed. American Traders scammers are not in a hurry to spread about themselves, it is only known that this is a team of experienced craftsmen.

In the section of the site about the company, all information is provided in general terms, scammers do not say specifically when their company was created, and who is in charge of the project. Checking the domain for age showed that the page was created in October of this year, so the company has been working on the market for only a month and it is impossible to call it experienced.

All information about American Traders

According to many resources, the website of American Traders crooks is estimated at several tens of rubles, which once again indicates fraud.

Overview of official approvals and licenses

The office assures that it is registered in the UK and even provides a certificate of registration in this country as confirmation. This document indicates that the company operates in the field of fund management, not investments. The registration certificate was issued in July 2021, and the company itself appeared in October, which again raises many questions.

In addition, in order to provide financial services, the office necessarily needs a license from the FCA - the official regulator of the UK, which they do not have.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, the office must have permission from the Central Bank, which of course is also not available.

All information about American Traders

Thus, we are faced with obvious swindlers who do not have any official documents at all confirming the legitimacy of their activities.

Overview of investment proposals

American Traders scammers have developed 3 profit plans for their investors: START, STANDART, PROFI. The minimum deposit starts from $500, while you can allegedly receive 1.1% of net income daily.

All information about American Traders

On the Standard deposit, you can get 312% after 120 days, but the deposit starts from $10,000. The Pro account promises each investor 360% profits in 90 days, but a minimum of $20,000 must be deposited into the account.

Evaluating the offers, we see a very attractive prospect that no bank or honest company will offer you, but such crooks are ready to promise any amount, if only you would believe them.

Another confirmation that American Traders is a scam is their generous affiliate program 2%, 4% and 7%. By inviting new victims to this scam, each referral will be able to receive a generous reward to their account, and it is not even necessary to open a deposit with them.

All information about American Traders

American Traders scammers promise instant withdrawal of funds and protection of investors' money on special servers, but in fact, it is impossible to withdraw a penny from here.

Reviews about American Traders

Given the fact that scammers have appeared quite recently on the market, they have already managed to breed a considerable number of naive investors, which is confirmed by reviews of American Traders.

All information about American Traders

The crooks work according to a simple template scheme, initially they call a potential victim, telling them that they are a well-known global investment company that serves thousands of people around the world.

Promising a stable and high income, managers encourage a potential victim to open an account with them, guaranteeing high profits in words. The minimum investment is $ 500, after which the client can see in his personal account how income is accrued. But as soon as you want to withdraw money, scammers will do everything to prevent this from happening, up to blocking your account.

Our review of the site dispelled all doubts about the decency of this investment company. The crooks of American Traders operate in the market without licenses and are not regulated by anyone, they cannot guarantee their promised income in any way and, judging by the reviews, they simply rob their investors. If you do not want to join the ranks of ruined victims, we recommend that you stay away from this office.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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