Vortex FX FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Vortex FX FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

The company that we will talk about today, namely Vortex FX, is a fairly standard brokerage service, at first glance, and offers a number of quite promising services that, in combination, allow clients to receive the profit they need. The presented office fills up its clients with such promises and offers every day, but since it is far from thought out and its fraudulent algorithm of actions has many flaws, its target audience is mostly naive and gullible, still completely green traders who cannot yet recognize suspicious hints of fraud, so they continue to invest in this non-broker service. In the presented article, we will consider provisions that will just show and tell about what the Vortex FX project really is.       

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Vortex FX Contacts

  • Phone number: +49 89 3888885210
  • Email address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Company head office location: Industrial park IVG Business Park, Friedenstraße, 81671 München, Germany

Website review vortex-fx.com

The way and in what form this site presented itself only makes you once again convinced that the office Vortex FX scam and scam, who did not even try to create a really useful site that would be filled with all the necessary information about the intricacies of the work of this project, as well as all the rules for cooperation with it. Instead, this scammer presented a one-page cheap site, with a huge amount of water, cheap promises and guarantees, a minimum amount of useful data, as well as a design that is extremely inappropriate for the status of a successful and high-quality trading platform.           
Vortex FX Broker Conditions

  • access to the most professional and efficient trading tools, of which there are more than 2,000;
  • fully automated trading platform with a simple and intuitive interface;
  • the company provides clients with the opportunity to work with such assets as stocks, indices, futures, bonds, currency pairs, as well as commodities;
  • minimum commissions;
  • tight spreads;
  • the withdrawal of the profit of clients after the application sent by them occurs within a week;
  • clients will be supported around the clock by the best employees of the company from the field of trading and financial analytics;
  • you can open a trading account both in dollars and in a number of other currencies;
  • both mobile and computer versions of the trading platform are available to users;
  • due to the segregation of client funds, traders can not be afraid of unexpected hacks or hacker attacks;
  • to register, you will need to go through several simple steps that will take only 5 minutes;
  • availability of an affiliate program;
  • an affordable opportunity to open several live accounts in your name;
  • to get acquainted with the office, the project offers users to start with a demo account without using real investments.

As you can see, this service presents its users with only the most generalized facts that cannot provide any additional, specific information and only talk about the most basic and basic functions that, in principle, any broker has.

Vortex FX FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money


Exposing Vortex FX

Trying to prove its quality and reliability, the presented project only worsens the position of its service, causing a lot of questions about its actions, as well as doubts about the real quality and reliability of its project. Not the most positive intentions and goals of this service are able to prove Vortex FX reviews, of which there are quite a lot and all of them are of an exclusively negative nature, since this project simply does not give a reason to comment on its work in any satisfactory way. In the responses left, users mention to a greater extent the incompetence of the staff, their unpreparedness for the real trading process, as well as extremely unprofitable tips that did not benefit traders under any circumstances. Also, remembering the transparency and alleged reliability of the company, it is worth pointing out that it does not have any documentary provisions or any other hints that it has undergone the necessary verification procedures that would prove the absence of any fraudulent goals and selfish plans. This project did not leave even the most banal, such as a client agreement or a privacy policy, which only once again makes it clear that the Vortex FX office is not even close to such a concept as professionalism and legality, which is proved by the previously mentioned provisions.      


How to withdraw money from Vortex FX

An additional bonus that finally achieves the reputation of this site is the fact that the project Vortex FX does not withdraw money, impudently robbing their clients at any opportunity, as the ex-users of the site themselves say, providing a number of their rather unprofitable trading reports.                                                       

Drawing a parallel, between the scammers and their methods of work from various reviews on the be-top.org website and the hero of our today's article, there is absolutely no unique element that would justify the actions of this site, since they are all identical and lead to deliberately unprofitable results that and companies are needed in order to accuse users of inattention and find the reason for the zero balance on their trading account.          

Possibility withdraw money with "Vortex-FX" not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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