Vitalfxoption Investments is a scam from all sides

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Carefully! Vitalfxoption Investments is suspected of fraud!

Vitalfxoption Investments brokerage company offers to work without leaving home, getting numerous opportunities and good profit. Having considered this office, we can say that there is currency trading here, access to digital coins is provided, a profitable referral program, in short, everything that attracts the attention of beginners most of all.

Yes, the office tells stories about its success and impeccable service to people that are focused specifically on naive beginners, respectively, it is these people who suffer from the brazen deception of Vitalfxoption Investments, which simply throws them into investments. Checking this project completely and completely proves that negative reviews about it are justified, therefore, it is not worth registering an account on this project, because investments here will not bring profit.

Information about the work of the broker - briefly about the offers

Having become better acquainted with the office, which pretended to be a reputable broker, in the course of a detailed review of Vitalfoption Investments, we managed to find out the data on the work and offers of sharaga as follows:

Vitalfxoption Investments is a scam from all sides

  • customers will be able to receive 10% referral bonus;
  • traders can trade actively or receive additional income from investments;
  • the company always puts the interests of clients in the first place, allowing them to receive much more benefits than other brokers are ready to give;
  • the broker provides full transparency of contributions, offers to work with Forex, binary options, cryptocurrency, real estate, escrow service, issues personal loans;
  • to start cooperation with the company, the user needs to select the appropriate package, add funds, waiting for the receipt of profit;
  • withdrawal of funds from Vitalfxoption Investments takes no more than 5 working days, is carried out through the same channel that the finances were deposited;

Vitalfxoption Investments is a scam from all sides

  • in total, 9 currency plans were presented on the site to the attention of users, the starting amount of replenishment is $ 500, and for cryptocurrency tariffs 1 Bitcoin;
  • the level of profitability of tariffs is up to 80%, the company guarantees the client a return of the deposit along with profit at the end of the investment period;
  • the company has already received 28 awards, has many satisfied customers.

The broker says that he started his work back in 2012, but reviews of Vitalfxoption Investments not so long ago began to appear on the network space, which indicates that the office embellishes its position among competitors. Yes, this office painted its history beautifully and believably, but it has nothing to do with reality, and this project has already been blacklisted.

Why cooperation with the Vitalfxoption Investments broker will lead to a complete loss of funds

In order to fully confirm that Vitalfxoption Investments, a scam that is not going to pay users the earned funds, had to conduct a detailed check of the office, which allowed to confirm this. After reviewing all the data about the company and carefully checking this information, we managed to find the following, not entirely pleasant facts:

  • the office talks about working since 2012, numerous awards, a large number of clients, but there are no documents confirming this, and the company’s website was launched only in 2021;

Vitalfxoption Investments is a scam from all sides

  • users are offered unrealistically high profitability without explaining where it should come from (this is the level of cheap hype, and not a broker with many years of experience that actually pays profit);
  • the address data on the site is only for show, links to social networks are added, but they do not work, which once again proves the desire of the young scammer to create the illusion of a successful, productive activity;
  • the office did not show copies of the registration certificate, there are no data on licenses on its website, since the fraudsters did not present permits;
  • there is no useful information about the trading terminal and liquidity providers on the broker's website;
  • the office was not honored to publish the User Agreement and the Privacy Policy on the site;

Vitalfxoption Investments is a scam from all sides

  • the broker is already blacklisted by rating sites and receives a lot of negative feedback from the client audience.

Considering all the facts mentioned above, it can be said that it is dangerous to get involved with another fraudulent project, because here they only earn on the trust of ordinary people, not intending to pay them.

Information about the black broker website and its main parameters

Having considered this office completely and carefully, we can only conclude that it is not worth starting cooperation with it. As for the data on the resource where the dishonest stock trader works, a review of the official website of Vitalfxoption Investments allowed us to find out such important information:

Vitalfxoption Investments is a scam from all sides

  • the address of a young scammer on the Internet -;
  • data on the date of registration of the site and its launch - the resource began its operation on November 28, 2021;
  • information about the owner of the brokerage site - information about the owner of the intermediary office is not available;
  • contacts presented by the broker for feedback - on the office website you can find links to social networks (do not work), there is also an office address (fake), contact phone number +1 1 (272) 213-5660, company email [email protected ]

The set of contacts on this site is the same as on other fraudulent resources, but there is no sense in this data, since they are not going to conduct real communication with customers here.

Reviews of real users about Vitalfxoption Investments broker

Having found and read real reviews about Vitalfxoption Investments and cooperation with the office on the network, you can fully understand that they are not going to pay users here, but they will be happy to throw them at large financial investments.

Vitalfxoption Investments is a scam from all sides

This office is not a reputable broker, it was created by a fraudulent group solely for deception, so you should run away from here, not trusting the beautiful tales of impudent swindlers.

List of sources used

In the process of writing today's review, information was used from the official website of the broker in question, additional data was obtained from the sites vklader com, finotzyvy com, otzyvfinance com, revocon ru, nic ru.

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