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Quite a few companies, about which a number of have been written, offer their services in the area related to cryptocurrency assets, since this area causes the most excitement among naive and gullible clients. In today's article, we will talk about a scam company called Varengold Bank, which offers its users a list of available cryptocurrency transactions that can bring customers a pretty good profit. This project positions itself not as a brokerage service, but rather as a bank, which allows it to present its platform with more status and gain more trust from customers.       

Contacts of Varengold Bank

  • E-mail address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • As possible options for contacting the company, there is also both a feedback form and a built-in online chat, in which the manager will meet the clients and direct them to the necessary specialist, depending on the problem and question. Varengold Bank


Site review varengoldcrypto.comThe existing site is full of stock photos, commonplace and learned phrases, generalized data, as well as empty tabs and empty text fields. These provisions already make it possible to understand what kind of office is in front of you, as well as draw conclusions regarding its quality and professionalism. As for the information content, everything is pretty obvious here, the office did not provide any specific data, thanks to which one could fully get acquainted with all the intricacies of cooperation with this service.    

Broker conditions Varengold Bank

  • convenient and most promising tools for working with existing assets;
  • high-quality and multifunctional trading platform;
  • fully automated investment and withdrawal process;
  • round-the-clock user support by the best employees of the office, including experienced analysts and specialists in the field of digital assets;
  • the most simplified registration procedure;
  • improved procedure for protecting clients' investments;
  • in addition to cooperation in terms of investment, the company also invites users to join its staff and replenish the ranks of qualified and experienced workers;
  • the presence of pleasant bonuses for beginners;
  • a huge number of partners that will create a convenient and professional field for the activities of all users of the company.

Exposure of Varengold Bank

This service presents to its customers quite a lot of its achievements and awards in order to increase its influence in their eyes, but in reality, this site, according to the domain name, has not been functioning for so long, which means that neither experience, nor even more so, is near Varengold Bank cannot boast of any important achievements. It is also important to point out Varengold Bank reviews, which clearly mention a number of rather significant shortcomings of this project, which do not allow customers to fully carry out their activities and receive any profit. As for any documents confirming the legality of Varengold Bank, it’s not worth talking about them, because they simply don’t exist, the office has not provided a single paper that could even partially confirm the reliability of this bank and the transparency of its activities. Varengold Bank



How to withdraw money from Varengold Bank

Varengold Bank does not withdraw money and absolutely does not care about improving the financial situation of its users, which simply cannot but affect its reputation, as well as the further decision of investors to cooperate with this project.                  

ResultsIt is pretty stupid, given all the provisions we have previously mentioned, to refute the fact that the company Varengold Bank scammer and scammer, whose activities are not useful and effective for users and can only bring negative results, as well as drive customers into debt, which will not be easy to get out of. 



Possibility withdraw money with Varengold Bank not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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