Valentin Stanishevsky and his course - check and reviews -

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Valentin Stanishevsky launched a training course on making money on sales through the popular OLX bulletin board. It is stated that you can learn to sell up to 100 products daily.

Different specialists constantly appear on the Internet, who assure that they can teach how to earn big money on the Internet. In fact, these are ordinary information courses in which there are no key earning points, but only publicly available information that can be easily found on the Internet.

In this case, you can get publicly available information on this type of earnings. The fact is that after completing the course, you can count on a maximum of 1-2 sales per day, of some inexpensive product. Therefore, we will consider the project in detail and tell the whole truth about this course of study.

Similar project names:

  • Serious sales through OLX in 2021.

Website address:

Contacts: +38(095)8231997

Project overview

According to legend, the webinar is hosted by Valentin Stanishevsky. The site states that Valentin is a successful entrepreneur, co-owner of a jewelry factory, more than 6 years in sales at CFM, has trained many people and helped them start making money on the Internet. Valentin constantly hosts free webinars where he talks about selling through CFM.

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Valentin Stanishevsky and his course - check and reviews -

At the end of each webinar, there is an opportunity to purchase a CFS sales training course. Valentin has created his own step-by-step tutorial that even a beginner can understand. It is stated that after completing the training, you can achieve up to 100 active orders per day. So build your own sales business.

Design check

The site contains the legal data of FOP Stanishevsky Valentin Yuryevich. Valentin is real registered as an entrepreneur, only 1 type of activity is indicated - restaurants and food delivery services.

Okay, there is already more or less real data. What about the course itself? This training course is based on the dropshipping system. A person advertises the seller's product and receives a part of the purchase amount. Suppose the seller indicated a price of 100 rubles, you sold for 200, which means the profit was 100 rubles. At the moment, this is a very attractive scheme of cooperation with shops, wholesalers and so on, since you do not need to personally buy goods for resale.

But the problem is that message boards like CFM have begun to ban dropshipping (block sites). Therefore, for such activities, you need your own online store or website.

Valentin Stanishevsky and his course - check and reviews -

Also, there is already enough information on the Internet to understand the scheme of selling through dropshipping. Therefore, such courses are very morally outdated. This course is suitable only for beginners who are too lazy to look for information on the Internet, which can be found absolutely free.

Naturally, there are no real guarantees that after completing the course you will be able to achieve real results. The main objective of the course is to show a way to earn money, and not to bring the student to real indicators of success. Therefore, such courses raise serious doubts about the reliability.

Real reviews on the Internet

There are very few real reviews on the Internet. There are both positive and negative ones. Mostly positive reviews are written only by beginners who have never heard of dropshipping in their lives.

More experienced users write that this is a waste of time, since all the information from the course can be found in the public domain.


The course of Valentin Stanishevsky is suitable only for beginners who are too lazy to look for information on the Internet. Experienced users will only lose their money, as the course contains general information about this method of earning. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy this course of study.

Can I buy the course of Valentin Stanishevsky?

Valentin Stanishevsky and his course - check and reviews -

Valery Mishin

Expert of the project - does his job with high quality and loves it! Written a huge number of reviews and revelations.
Now almost all ad boards block sites that sell dropshipping products. Therefore, such training courses are already morally and technically outdated. Why then sell such a product? After all, you can rework it to fit the new rules and create a really good course of study.

Reliability rating Guarantees 3 Trust 2 Reliability 4 Total 3 Highly dubious course of study.

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