Unistosic company reviews unistosic.com

Unistosic company reviews unistosic.com

Unistosic - a Cypriot project offers Russian-speaking users to get rich without risks.

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Experience and skills in working with the markets will not be useful. Developers are ready to take sudden force majeure under their own control.

General information
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office website: https://unistosic.com/
telephone: 35722433419

Hype legend

The official website of the HYIP is well-designed. The main page displays information reflecting the essence of the creation of the project. The developers assure that the company is popular in Europe. The current number of active users is 120 thousand people.

The broker provides services in 30+ countries of the world. Today's offer is the best for Russian-speaking traders. Guarantees the achievement of quick profits for everyone without exception.

Developers are convinced about the work strictly legal standards. Fraud and theft of money from user accounts have not been noticed so far. The office trades with high liquidity. He uses a wide range of financial instruments in his work.

Counseling is available 24 hours a day via email. The trading platform is high-speed, innovative, guarantees fast transactions. Permissive documentation is open to everyone, posted on the main page of the official website.

Unistosic company reviews unistosic.com

Technical part of the Unistosic project

To use tariff plans and benefits, the office offers to go through official registration.

The company offers the following options:
beginner - initial investment amount - 150 bucks, transactions are executed instantly
trader - to use the offers, you need to replenish a deposit of 1000 bucks, the tariff is designed for middle-level traders and professionals, the benefits are above average
investor - the tariff provides the best benefits, to use the participants need to replenish the account for 10000+ bucks

The set of financial instruments is represented by popular and exclusive cryptocurrencies, raw materials, stocks, precious metals, etc. The methods for withdrawing money and replenishing an account are simple and do not cause difficulties. There are bonus offers.

Unistosic company reviews unistosic.com

Signs of a hype scam

The project visually looks fraudulent. Offers do not guarantee legal security.

Suspicious moments resembling signs of a scam in the project are as follows:
conducts illegal activities, works without documents, does not seek cardinal monetary costs
the list of financial instruments is not true
technical support at a professional level is not provided, e-mail does not solve existing problems
the company operates under a foreign license, is not going to obtain permits for legal activities in our country
tariff plans copied from similar HYIPs
the company has been operating for no more than a year, increases its own age to attract newcomers from social networks
the user agreement has dubious clauses, thanks to which the company has unlimited rights, the participants have to put up with injustice and divorce
the anonymity of the developers raises doubts about the level of professionalism

The project is distrustful. In terms of the number of signs, it resembles a divorce, entails great risks.

Unistosic company reviews unistosic.com

Reviews about Unistosic

In fact, the number of real reviews is much less than the declared ones. Newcomers were not interested in the hype offer. The problems are related to misunderstanding of tariff plans and lack of interaction with the admin. Available reviews prove fraud. Users complain about the lack of profit and high costs.


Unistosic is an illegal intermediary office that does not comply with the requirements of the legislation of our country. Experts recommend refusing to cooperate, hype is very risky, entails huge financial losses.

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