Trade bot reviews and project overview

Trade bot reviews and project overview

Trade bot is a telegram channel for losing money from scammers on their platform dedicated to trading.

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Trade bot reviews telegram

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Technical part:

Trade bot is a telegram platform presented by a channel that contains a lot of useful information for traders. Subscribers receive a breakdown of the latest news, market data analysis, quotes and other things that any investor needs so much.

Trade bot reviews and project overview

The project has an excellent staff of employees who are financial analysts, programmers, experienced traders, which allows you to create the best schemes for trading. The activity of the channel is legal, everything happens within the framework of the law.

Employees have documents confirming their qualifications, which allows them to conduct their analytical and trading activities. The project is working to ensure that subscribers can receive only up-to-date information. For all subscribers, high-quality technical support is available, with the help of which many issues are resolved instantly.

If some issue is more global, then it takes time. In any case, the project works in such a way that all participants are satisfied.

The organizers have created programs that help make earnings permanent, automated, a special robot works, which can be installed during the settings.

You just need to auto-connect copy trades, which will really help others increase their income. Every day the channel publishes the news that there are a certain number of free seats, so it is very necessary to hurry.

Trade bot reviews and project overview

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Verified earnings Our Telegram channel Each subscriber who is interested in stable earnings connects a bot, which ensures a high level of income - 2% from each transaction amount. And this is a very impressive figure, although it does not seem quite serious at first glance.


Trade bot is no different from a fraudulent project. Absolutely the same content with other similar channels. Exactly the same history of creation, when several experienced traders decided to unite, created their own program, which really had a positive impact on income.

And they decided that they needed to help other traders. A rather strange good deed, considering that they themselves could make great money without connecting the bot.

Scammers have come up with such legends to promote their black brokers. Some conditional black broker Trade realized that it was necessary to advertise it, so he created a channel in the telegram, which just perfectly attracts the attention of other traders.

Trade bot reviews and project overview

Scammers offer to register on the sites of their other offspring, and then take the money. There is no clear description of trading accounts so that you can understand what is offered, how much to deposit, what conditions are for each. It is clear that it is impossible to get off with 100 dollars, you will have to spend at least 500. But the appetites of scammers do not stop there.

The project does not have a license, it operates outside the law, it does not even try to get permission from the regulators, it is simply created and will work until it dies due to a large number of complaints. Also, the organizers of the project cannot provide permission for their work.

Feedback about the project:

Trade bot constantly gets bad reviews about their work. Project clients cannot contact the organizers, they also cannot receive money, they write that auto copying does not work, there is no income. They lose the invested amounts, the organizers refuse to bear responsibility.


Trade bot is a typical telegram channel from scammers.

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