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Finding a high-quality and reliable platform, especially now, when the level of fraud is quite high, which has been repeatedly confirmed on the website, is another task, especially if you are counting on a positive and profitable outcome. The company that we will talk about in this review is one of those sites that are trying at any cost to attract the attention of naive and gullible customers, despite the fact that in reality they are the most common scammers and scammers who think only about their own benefit. . We are talking about a project called TheProfitDesk, which appeared on the market not so long ago, but has already managed to attract a lot of attention and earn not the most pleasant reviews about its activities.      

Company contacts TheProfitDesk

  • E-mail address: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Office Head Office Location: Agios Iasonas Avenue, 64 9248 Limassol
  • International Company Number: +(3572) 651-0979  
Overview of and trade.theprofitdesk.coThis site belongs to a number of fairly popular scammers, namely one-day offices that use the same templates and do not spend much time on their design, as they try, until it becomes clear what their nature is, to drain as much money as possible into their offshore accounts . Such projects take on a mass character, not quality, which is why their appearance, that content, is quite superficial and does not reveal all the details of their activities. This also includes the site TheProfitDesk, because it absolutely fits the description of the presented resources.      

Broker conditions TheProfitDesk

The site of the office presents the following opportunities available to users and trading functions that will open to them in the course of their activities:

  • availability of round-the-clock support by experienced and professional representatives of this service;
  • access to fairly popular and profitable markets: stocks, currency pairs, indices, futures, commodities, raw materials, and more;
  • a huge number of available payment systems;
  • three types of trading accounts: beginner, amateur, professional;
  • the minimum deposit to start trading is 150$;
  • leverage from 1:100;
  • lightning-fast execution of trading operations;
  • a negative balance protection program is available;
  • the trading account also includes the ability to insure your deposit;
  • for clients, as additional tools, are available: a profitability calculator, as well as an economic calendar;
  • for not yet the most experienced users, a trading glossary is available, which contains all the necessary and most important terms regarding trading.

All the points presented rather superficially describe the essence of the activity and all the subtleties of TheProfitDesk, which is why it does not bring much benefit to traders. TheProfitDesk


Exposure of TheProfitDesk

According to the provisions already presented, it is not difficult to guess that the presented platform is the most common scam that acts solely for its own purposes. This can be confirmed by a number of other quite indicative provisions.

Firstly, these are reviews about TheProfitDesk, which quite clearly show the real picture that is happening on the platform, without any fairy tales and soapy promises of the office. Many users, providing their trading results, prove that this project is not effective and not profitable, because what they got in the end is absolutely not comparable with the amount of time and money spent.

Secondly, it is also worth paying attention to the documentation provided by the office, and more specifically, to its absence, although the site even has a special section for broker accreditation, but all that is presented there is a list of regulators that have nothing to do with the office and its legality and multiple liquidity providers. The broker did not leave any papers, no certificate, no license.          


How to withdraw money from TheProfitDesk

Given the "reliability" as well as the "transparency" of the presented project, it is not surprising that TheProfitDesk does not withdraw money, since his main goal, as it was, and will be - his own benefit, but not the well-being of his clients.                 


Lack of accreditation, extremely negative reputation, non-profitability, lack of effective trading tools, frequent technical malfunctions of the trading terminal - all this, only once again proves the fact that the office TheProfitDesk is a scammer and a scam, the credibility of which can have a detrimental effect on the financial condition of users. TheProfitDesk


Possibility withdraw money with The Profit Desk not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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