SXDI cai clone broker, customer reviews, loss of money

SXDI cai clone broker, customer reviews, loss of money

The SXDI cai project is a fairly obvious and vivid proof of how much fraud has increased in the market, as well as how often customers fall for the bait of another scammer who assures them that he has exceptionally unique and effective services, and also has professional tools capable of in a short time to bring users to the level of earnings corresponding to their expectations. SXDI cai also feeds its customers with similar tales, trying to attract as much attention as possible in this way, but sooner or later all of them are revealed and each such service demonstrates its fraudulent nature, we will talk about it in this review, but first you should familiarize yourself with all the main provisions describing the activities of the SXDI cai site.

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Company contacts SXDI cai

  • Company Support Email: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Contact phone number: +35 726 005781
  • Company headquarters address: Mantalia 4, Emba-Paphos 8250, Cyprus
  • The site also provides a fairly standard feedback form through which you can directly contact the project staff.

Site review

At first glance, it may seem that the presented platform is quite standard for a broker and is quite suitable for clients even with a low level of technical literacy, but in reality, the SXDI cai platform used a ready-made template, as well as the most banal primitive formulations that can be found on sites and other similar one-day offices, which have already been mentioned more than once on the site Based on these provisions, there is absolutely nothing unique, as well as professional in the resource presented to users.

Broker conditions SXDI cai

  • the ability to trade both metals, stocks and indices, as well as currency pairs;
  • round-the-clock customer support by experienced specialists of the economic environment;
  • fully automated and fairly easy to manage and install trading terminal;
  • minimum commissions;
  • the company individually for each user selects the ideal trading strategy that would fit into all the framework of the client's expectations;
  • the presence of several trading accounts, the minimum amount to open which is 150$;
  • an effective and fairly high-quality affiliate program, which not only allows customers to test their marketing skills in practice, but also get the appropriate profit;
  • an affordable profitability calculator, as well as an economic calendar;
  • an extensive news blog that is filled with provisions relating to all the most current events in the trading area;
  • affordable deposit insurance;
  • availability of various security protocols;
  • an abundance of bonus deposits that the most active traders receive;
  • systematic reporting for each conducted trading operation;
  • quite professional market analytics.

SXDI cai clone broker, customer reviews, loss of money


Exposing SXDI cai

To begin with, by analyzing all those negative provisions that have already been mentioned more than once on various feedback platforms, namely, studying company reviews SXDI cai, we should emphasize for ourselves a number of rather demonstrative shortcomings of this project, which confirm that the office SXDI cai swindler and swindler, whose activities bring only the most negative results for users. If we go into details, it is worth mentioning the complaints of traders about the extremely negligent and absolutely unprofessional user support, which consists of traders who are still completely green and not self-confident, consultations with which can hardly turn out to be something really useful and valuable for users. In addition to not the most attractive and positive reputation, quite a few questions also raise the real age of the project, which is able to demonstrate the deceitful and most impudent nature of the hero of today's article. If we talk about this situation in more detail, we should point out the abundance of references by this service to the fact that it has allegedly been operating on the market for quite a long period of time and during this period has managed to significantly improve its service, as well as the effectiveness of all its functions and tools, but in reality, no matter how much the firm wants to prove the opposite, the SXDI cai project started its work just a couple of months ago, as evidenced by its domain name, which inspires much more confidence than the cheap words of an equally cheap broker.

How to withdraw money from SXDI cai

Another significant disadvantage of this service, in addition to the lack of all the necessary tools for full-fledged earnings, is that the office SXDI cai does not withdraw money and definitely did not plan this, since the loss of user funds is not in the interests.


Summing up the final results and pointing out the rather extensive amount of evidence presented that the SXDI cai project is not the one you can rely on and trust, especially considering all its goals and intentions, which are clearly unprofitable.

Possibility withdraw money with "SXDIcai" not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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