Detailed information about the broker TeTa

“A new era of passive income” is the slogan used by the TeTa broker to meet its clients. He offers to receive profit from investments in cryptocurrency and the Forex market. The organization has created an innovative tool that allows absolutely everyone, even without trading skills, to receive a stable income. 

The percentage of daily profit that the firm promises is quite impressive. In fact, we have an honest office? Can the organization be trusted? The check showed no. We are lured into their fraudulent networks by a financial schemer. Its sole purpose is to swindle investors for money.

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General information about teta

Scammers are reluctant to talk about themselves. All that sharaga boasts about is its advantages. Among them, she highlights:

  • round-the-clock work of the service;
  • no commissions;
  • instant withdrawal and strong protection of funds;
  • 24/7 user support.

Detailed information about the broker TeTa

The fake office has, as it were, developed an advanced system that provides maximum security for investor deposits and ease of use of investment instruments.

All descriptions are made in the usual template phrases. There are no facts confirming the real existence of the company. The swindlers even offer work statistics, which shows that cheaters have been working not so long ago - at the time of the review, only 26 days.

Detailed information about the broker TeTa

Official site

Despite the presence of a simple structure, we are met by the most ordinary landing page, created to collect personal information from customers and advertising. All information is placed on one page. The only advantage of the web resource is easy navigation. Finding the information you need is easy enough.

The interface is adapted for Russian and English. The content of the TeTa website is a beautiful story without a drop of specifics. There is neither the history of the company nor the names of the project leaders on the resource. There is only a small laudatory paragraph "About us", in which nothing interesting was found. The design of the service is cheap and formulaic.

The exact date of the foundation of the scam project is not indicated. The crooks decided to keep this information anonymous. 26 days online means that there is not even a month of hype. Although the domain name registration period suggests otherwise. On the Internet, sharaga was lit up a few months ago - on August 14, 2021.

Detailed information about the broker TeTa

It is unlikely that you will be able to communicate with the administration of the false service. The organization indicates as contact details:

  • phone number that cannot be reached;
  • multiple email addresses;
  • live chat;
  • feedback form;
  • FAQ section.

As you can see, most communication channels are created only to collect personal information from users.

Licensing of scammers

The main office of the sharashka is, as it were, in England. She assigned herself someone else's address. The company hides the real location or the office exists only online. There is no legal documentation in the organization. There is not a single document here, not even the User Agreement. There can be no talk of a license or regulators. The company operates illegally.

The service does not have the right to provide its services to investors from Russia, and even more so to accept cash investments from them. To date, the pseudo-broker is already on the black list of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

Detailed information about the broker TeTa

Trading conditions

Fraudsters offer to invest in cryptocurrency trading and the Forex market. To lure more traders, the scam promises incredible percentages of daily profits. Depending on the chosen investment plan, clients will be able to have from 8% to 10% per day.

Detailed information about the broker TeTa

The minimum deposit is only $20. After replenishing the balance, you can get the first profit in 15 days. Input-output of money is carried out by the Perfect Money electronic payment system or cryptocurrency wallets.

affiliate program

Referral allows you to earn additional passive profit by attracting new investors. Anyone can become a member of the affiliate program. The cheaters have prepared automatic accrual of referral profits and instant withdrawal of funds.

Detailed information about the broker TeTa

The more you attract new customers, the more your additional income will be.

Reviews about TeTa

Sharashkin's office works very little. Therefore, she did not have time to deceive traders yet. There are no online reviews. As soon as the first negative appears, scammers change their name and address on the Web.

The divorce scheme is standard - investors replenish the balance, real trading is simulated on the platform. As it comes to withdrawing profits, problems will immediately begin. Can you get the money back from TeTa? Of course not.

Can the company be trusted or not? We strongly recommend avoiding sharaga. A review of shows that we have an ordinary financial pyramid without a license, and not an honest, reliable broker.

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