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St24online - a review of a new scam that looks like a broker

Carefully! St24online is suspected of fraud!

Setting up trading in the financial markets is not as easy as it might seem to many, especially if the broker is fraudulent and works against its clients. Every day, many scams are created in the space of the worldwide network, corny stealing money, among which is the St24online website. This project has been working for only a couple of months, but it tells tales about its globality and reliability to the gullible population, and newcomers who believe in it lose their finances forever.

Understand that St24online deceivers, not worthy of attention and respect, allow real facts obtained during the check of the sharashka office. This semblance of a broker simply collects funds from people, but does not pay anything, so it is better to bypass such offices.

How the company works and what it offers to customers

Having met a broker that has an interface only in Russian and English, it can already be said that he is a deceiver working for a banal pumping of money. As for the offers of the office, they try to present them to users as beautifully as possible, because the St24online review allows you to get the following information:

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St24online - a review of a new scam that looks like a broker

  • the company is ready to make a smart investor out of every newcomer;
  • traders can use the leading tools for trading in the financial markets;
  • the most powerful tools are presented on the site, which allows users to receive a stable income;
  • the powerful terminal of the intermediary company works as quickly and efficiently as possible;
  • the company has prepared a complete list of attractive services for beginners and professional traders;
  • users are promised complete confidentiality and high-quality technical support;
  • beginners will be able to go through training on the site, get expert advice and learn effective planning;
  • the company presents only direct prices to the attention of users;
  • the broker's terminal works on computer devices and mobile gadgets;
  • commissions and additional costs from the client audience are minimal;
  • accounts of three categories are presented to the attention of traders, in addition, you can submit a request to open a VIP profile;
  • the starting amount of replenishment is $250, traders are given the opportunity to work with personal managers;

St24online - a review of a new scam that looks like a broker

  • traders can make a couple of transactions without risk, receive exclusive gifts, work with micro-lots;
  • VIP account holders can receive a welcome bonus and other benefits;
  • the company is registered in London, conducts its work completely officially.

Yes, the broker talks about official work and considerable customer service experience, only reviews about St24online began to appear recently and they are far from the best.

Facts proving that St24online is a scam

Full monitoring of the situation regarding the work of this office made it possible to understand that St24online are scammers who simply pump out finances from people. Signs that the office is working dishonestly, deceiving ordinary people, are the following facts:

St24online - a review of a new scam that looks like a broker

  • the statistics published on the website of the office are fake;
  • documents confirming the fact of registration of an intermediary company are not available on the official website of the office;
  • there is no information about the licensing of the broker, since the office did not receive the necessary permit document;
  • there is no guarantee that the company's terminal is safe, because the platform is unknown to anyone;
  • the agreement prescribes rules that do not allow customers to rely on transparent service and fairness;
  • the site is only a few months old, its level of reliability is extremely low;
  • there is no evidence that the legal address of the office is correct;

St24online - a review of a new scam that looks like a broker

  • no technical support work, almost no contact information.

Reviews about the newly created scam just recently began to appear on the net, the mood of these comments is completely negative, because now there are already people who have lost their finances here.

Having fully examined this office and its work, you can be sure that it is another scam created to lure money out of ordinary people. Judging by the comments of real users, representatives of the office act brazenly for the sake of implementing fraud schemes, so it is dangerous to contact them.

Brokerage scam site - important information about the domain

Having become acquainted with the work of a brokerage house and the basic facts about it, you can be completely convinced that the project is fraudulent. A complete review of the official website of St24online and the features of its registration allowed us to find out the following about the office:

St24online - a review of a new scam that looks like a broker

  • location address of the intermediary office in the network - https://st24.online/;
  • basic information about the time of domain registration - the resource began to function on the network space on October 29, 2021;
  • up-to-date information about the owner of the office - information about the owner of the brokerage office is not available;
  • feedback and site contacts - users will be able to get answers to their questions through the standard form of the site, by e-mail [email protected], [email protected]

On the website of this office, they even managed to write the address of the broker’s office, although it is fake, and the scammers hide their real location.

Feedback on cooperation with the broker St24online

Although the first reviews about the brokerage company and cooperation with it have only recently begun to appear on the network, they are already extremely negative.

St24online - a review of a new scam that looks like a broker

In reviews of St24online, they write that robbers work on this site, corny stealing money, so you should stay away from these comrades. Representatives of the new sharashka office willingly steal money and deceive ordinary people, so it’s worth running away from them as far as possible. Such guys will definitely not pay, which is verified by the experience of many people who have previously dealt with similar sharashka offices.

Used sources

In the process of writing today's review, information was used from the official website of the broker in question, additional data was taken from the sites scaud info, konkurent ru.

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