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The abundance of brokerage companies in the market allows clients to choose any trading environment that they like, the only problem is that recently, as dozens of show, the number of scammers in the market has increased significantly, which means Finding a really worthy platform with high-quality and effective trading tools is becoming more difficult every day. In this article, we will consider the activities of an office called SS-Investment, which positions itself as a successful and professional brokerage project, without having any significant evidence of this, and we will also present a number of rather revealing provisions that confirm that the office SS-Investment scammer and scammer.      

Contacts of SS-Investment company

  • The address of the main office of the office: st. Lenin Kaya Sloboda 26
  • Also, the office left a feedback form, where clients need to indicate their main contacts. No other contacts of this project were found.   
Site review ss-investment.orgConsidering how this project presented itself, it is rather difficult to call it high-quality and professional, since a cheap template, banal phrases, fake graphs and site success statistics, as well as a number of stock photos, including those of the entire office staff, simply do not allow this to be done. .      

Broker conditions SS-Investment

On its website, the presented site posted the following list of trading opportunities and functions available to customers:

  • the company is focused on both individuals and legal entities;
  • systematic consultations with experienced employees of the company;
  • the ability to choose the ideal strategy;
  • the presence of a mobile version of the trading platform, which will provide access to the client's personal account in any environment and anywhere;
  • full automation of trading actions;
  • free access to the stock and cryptocurrency market;
  • a huge number of useful buns in the form of bonuses, as well as referral accruals;
  • the most simplified registration;
  • latest economic news portal;
  • availability of a program to protect a trader's account from a negative balance. SS-Investment


Exposing SS-Investment

Despite all the careful attempts of the office to present itself in the best light, in fact, it only exacerbates the situation, promising what it cannot provide to clients, which means that it drags itself even more into the abyss of lies and lies, which will soon turn into not the most pleasant consequences. . To confirm the fact of fraud on the part of the presented site, it is enough to consider the following provisions, namely:

Reviews about the company SS-Investment, in which customers mentioned quite a few rather significant provisions that are directly related to the quality and reliability of the company, namely the absence of these characteristics. The greatest number of traders' complaints related to the weak technical base of the office, ignoring clients by the company's employees, their negligence, incompetence, as well as the lack of a specific sequence for withdrawing clients' profits.

Also, it is worth paying attention to the certificate presented by the office, which, although it looks influential, and also evokes some associations with the reliability and legality of the site, in fact, according to its description and content, it is not something really useful for traders, since in the event of a crisis and the lack of sufficient funds on the company's balance sheet, payments to users can be ignored and in this case, customers simply will not receive anything, which means that this site can at any time present itself as a fake bankrupt and not care about the future fate of customers and their financial condition .          


How to withdraw money from SS-Investment

According to all available data regarding the hero of our today's article, it is quite obvious that the office SS-Investment does not withdraw money, which means that she basically does not represent any benefit for her clients, which cannot but become one of the main reasons not to cooperate with this swindler.                 


SS-Investment is one of the brightest examples of those offices that brazenly steal the funds of their naive and gullible users, covering everything with beautiful and promising tales of speedy profit payments and other things. Earlier, we have already mentioned a sufficient number of quite weighty provisions that can become the very arguments that will reveal the real nature of this project and understand that cooperation with it is a very unprofitable undertaking.   


Possibility withdraw money with SS Investment not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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