INVESTNAVIGATOR money drain specialists: reviews and review of a scammer

INVESTNAVIGATOR money drain specialists: reviews and review of a scammer

An online broker called INVESTNAVIGATOR, which will be discussed in this article, declares how useful and effective its services are for users and what results they can bring to users. For the most part, the company attracts the attention of naive users with beautiful stories about their experience, a fairly large number of successful trading transactions, an efficient terminal, as well as quite competent staff, but this project does not represent a single significant evidence of all its words, which causes a lot of doubts regarding whether you can really trust this service and its words. In this review, we will just answer the mentioned question, as well as present all the necessary provisions in order to prove the fact that the site INVESTNAVIGATOR scamwho is only trying to prove otherwise and will fill his pockets with his clients' hard earned money.

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Company contacts INVESTNAVIGATOR

  • Project parent company location: Ritter House, Wickhams Cay II, Road Town, Tortola, VG1110, British Virgin Islands.
  • Support contact number: +46431313316
  • Company email: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Also in this section there is a feedback form, thanks to which customers will be able to request a response from company representatives to all aspects of cooperation that are of interest to them.

Site review

The site of the hero of today's article does not look very impressive and even more so does not present any reason to really present it as the most successful and professional project that can help traders in their trading activities. More specifically, this project did not use any professional elements in the process of developing its site, as for the content, the situation is the same here, except for the already obvious, as well as primitive provisions, clients are not presented with a single full-fledged provision in which all aspects of cooperation with this platform were described.

INVESTNAVIGATOR broker conditions

  • a fairly convenient trading terminal, which is available for any device, and is also as simple as possible to manage it;
  • a fairly fast and competent customer support service, which is in touch around the clock;
  • an accessible trading academy that contains all the necessary webinars and electronic materials that allow clients to significantly improve their overall understanding of the trading environment;
  • no overpriced commissions;
  • accessible trading in international asset classes;
  • fairly high-quality and secure payment services, thanks to which customers get the opportunity to quickly and safely carry out various kinds of financial transactions;
  • an accessible news feed, which mentions all the most relevant changes and events in the economic environment;
  • the presence of several trading accounts, which differ in their complexity, as well as the abundance of their content;
  • available charts and statistics, thanks to which clients conduct the market analytics they need.

Exposure of the company INVESTNAVIGATOR

Initially, under any circumstances, it is worth checking the reputation of the company, or rather company reviews INVESTNAVIGATOR in which there is a fairly extensive amount of evidence that this project is clearly not who it is trying to pretend to be. For example, many clients emphasize the rather illiterate and completely unprepared customer support service, which consists of still green traders who are trying their best to prove their worth in the process of servicing traders. Also, it was mentioned more than once that the tools that were described by the company were not presented or were not presented to customers in full, which clearly affects the quality and efficiency of the trading process of users in the future. In addition, there are many questions about how deceitful the company is, since its deceit can be traced in every aspect of its activities. For example, if you pay attention to its location and check it on the map, you will not be able to find a single office or company that was at least indirectly connected with the financial sector. Also, if you point to the path that the company allegedly went through, and also remember that it called 2003 the starting point of its activities, then analyzing its domain name and its indicators, it is not so difficult to come to the fact that INVESTNAVIGATOR an impudent swindler and a deceiver, who only a few weeks ago actively began to advance in the market and there can be no question of any experience.

How to withdraw money from INVESTNAVIGATOR

Since this site is clearly not interested in improving the financial situation of its clients and, in principle, helping them to somehow improve their trading activities in the future, it is quite obvious and we expect the fact that the office INVESTNAVIGATOR does not withdraw money and initially did not even consider such a possibility.


It is extremely difficult to name everything that was presented and described earlier as a manifestation of the professionalism and credibility of the INVESTNAVIGATOR office, and the selfish nature of the activities of this project is quite obvious, especially given its goals and the fact that it has repeatedly collaborated with a huge number of swindlers like it , about which you can also find various reviews on the site Summarizing all these provisions, we strongly do not recommend even thinking about the possibility of cooperation with this platform and any interaction with it, since all this will not end in the most positive way.

Possibility withdraw money with "INVEST NAVIGATOR" not confirmed.


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