Cryptx24 scam project: review and customer reviews

Cryptx24 scam project: review and customer reviews

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The trading service that will become the hero of this review, namely the Cryptx24 platform, is doing its best to attract the attention of its users, significantly exaggerating its real capabilities, and also leaving a huge amount of lies that do not relate to reality. More specifically, the broker Cryptx24 says that its service is quite unique and universal for users, especially not yet experienced traders, since this site also has the opportunity to learn through various seminars, as well as online webinars. All these guarantees sound quite attractive and promising, but in reality, the office Cryptx24 scammer and a scam that doesn't have enough trading literacy to live up to all its promises and guarantees and provide traders with efficient and useful tools.

Cryptx24 company contacts

Of all the statements that this office could present, there is only one e-mail address: E-mail address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address. moreover, no valuable information is presented in the relevant section.

Website review

As you know, most fraudulent sites have rather cheap sites that demonstrate their illiteracy and obvious incompetence, the Cryptx24 site was no exception in this regard, as it presented users with an extremely cheap and primitive resource, both visually and informatively, that does not allow revealing everything the main provisions that are necessary for the full acquaintance of customers with all aspects of cooperation with the specified platform.

Cryptx24 broker conditions

  • a fairly extensive toolkit, which consists of up-to-date products and tools, which includes an economic calendar, as well as a profitability calculator;
  • the presence of a systematic work of the customer support service, which consists of experienced analysts and market traders;
  • the most effective and high-quality trading strategy, which is developed in some cases personally for each client;
  • the presence of trading accounts that differ in their level of complexity, as well as pricing policy and the volume of their occupancy;
  • fully automated trading terminal, which in a split second allows you to process even the most complex and voluminous transactions;
  • an accessible news feed that allows clients to track the most relevant changes in the trading environment;
  • the presence of a dictionary of trading terms for beginners;
  • absence of overpriced commissions, as well as hidden payments;
  • quite extensive bonus program;
  • an abundance of available payment services that allow you to quickly and efficiently make financial payments and a number of other transactions.

Exposing Cryptx24

Firstly, the reputation of this service is quite indicative, and more specifically, then Cryptx24 reviews which were left by the ex-users of the project, which are not of the most positive nature and reflect a number of fairly obvious shortcomings of this service. For example, you can see how customers quite often pointed to a vast number of obviously non-working and basically empty tools, as well as those products that were represented by this platform. In addition, it was also often possible to notice references to the illiteracy of the representatives of this service, which manifested itself quite well in the process of consulting users, which was carried out by still completely green traders who tried to pretend to be supposedly competent and experienced investors.

Secondly, the absolute absence of even a superficial reminder in the hero of today's article that this service owns all the necessary legal documents that would contribute to the formation of an appropriate level of customer confidence in the Cryptx24 project raises quite a few questions. In addition to the obligatory license or certificate, this project also ignored the need to develop a client agreement and a privacy policy that would allow revealing all the main legal subtleties of cooperation with this service. This fact is only. once again, it allows you to make sure that the Cryptx24 project is a deceiver and a brazen swindler, cooperation with which will not end in the most positive way for customers and their wallets.

How to withdraw money from Cryptx24

Based on all the facts and not the most promising provisions that were mentioned in this article, it is not so difficult to come to the conclusion that the site Cryptx24 does not withdraw money, trying only to create a beautiful illusion of guaranteed income for users, while brazenly picking their pockets.


Summing up and analyzing all those fairly indicative fraudulent characteristics that appeared earlier in this article, as well as based on additional evidence that this service does not even understand what it means to be a professional and competent broker, such as its systematic and open cooperation with a huge number of scammers like him, whose activities have repeatedly become the subject of review on the website, we advise you to limit yourself to an extremely superficial acquaintance with this project and not to cross this line, otherwise your wallet will not have the most pleasant and positive consequences.

Possibility withdraw money with Cryptox 24 not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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