Se-investing is a murky project with signs of a scam and divorce. Is it worth it to cooperate?

Another scam Se investing advertises itself as an exchange company that provides its potential clients with the opportunity to trade on financial markets around the world. According to reviews, Se investing provides a full range of services for investing and trading in all kinds of assets, including cryptocurrency.

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What do we know about Se investing

Se-investing is a murky project with signs of a scam and divorce. Is it worth it to cooperate?

Se-investing is a murky project with signs of a scam and divorce. Is it worth it to cooperate?

In addition to the pseudo-broker, it provides traders with other services to work with minimal risks. To do this, they can take advantage of various options for successful cooperation, take part in various promotions and at the same time receive good dividends for activity in the form of bonuses.

There is a license on the official website of the fake broker, but it does not indicate the country in which it is registered and other legal data. It is worth noting that the document expired last year, the twenty-second, so such a document should not be taken into account and said that the broker conducts legal activities. There is no information about where the head office is located.

In order to contact them, the scammer posted only two options on the site - feedback and email. It also says that only after the client has passed the registration and verification procedure, he will be provided with a personal manager to help and free consultations.

Se-investing is a murky project with signs of a scam and divorce. Is it worth it to cooperate?

Trading conditions

Pseudobroker has provided various options for interacting with his clients, depending on the different degree of preparation. For beginners, various training webinars, courses and training procedures are provided. In addition, traders can take advantage of any type of investment, depending on financial capabilities and strategies.

For their users, scammers promise to provide round-the-clock support, assistance from personal managers, an overview of the market situation and trading signals every day. As well as competitions among traders where an impressive prize fund is put at stake. Here are the types of cooperation offered by this scammer:

  • Newbie. The minimum deposit amount is two hundred and fifty dollars. The trader will be given the opportunity to undergo basic training. At the very beginning of cooperation, he will be given a thirty percent bonus and standard working conditions.
  • Standard. The minimum deposit amount is five thousand dollars. The trader is given the opportunity to use the services of managers. He also has access to all assets. In addition, he can undergo in-depth training.
  • Premium. The minimum deposit amount is ten thousand dollars. The trader is provided with round-the-clock assistance and improved trading conditions.
  • VIP. The minimum deposit amount is fifty thousand dollars. This package includes unique trading strategies, privileged service, market overview, a customized business plan, 100% volume bonuses and analytics from Trading Central.

In addition, clients can create a PAMM account, use the help of trading robots, margin trading, bonds and Islamic accounts.

In addition, the scammer offers its users to take advantage of the affiliate program, which will provide privileges not only in trade, but also in service. They can also receive bonuses for VIP clients, incentive bonuses upon registration and all kinds of promotions.

Deposits and withdrawals

The minimum deposit amount is $250. In order to replenish the balance, the pseudo-broker offers to use the VISA system, MasterCard, electronic and cryptocurrency wallets, and so on. However, the scammers do not mention a word about fees and other charges. The term for consideration of the application varies from one day to five business days, according to the selected transaction option.

Conclusion and reviews about Se investing

Despite the fact that the false broker advertises himself as a successful broker, you cannot take his word for it, because he cannot confirm them with documents. Although he offers traders to take advantage of a wide range of various tools and services, you should not rush into the pool with your head. Double-check all the information thoroughly, study the reviews of real traders and only after that make the right decision, otherwise there is a risk of falling into the hands of another scammer.

Se-investing is a murky project with signs of a scam and divorce. Is it worth it to cooperate?

Se-investing is a murky project with signs of a scam and divorce. Is it worth it to cooperate?

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Questions and answers

How to check the project for signs of fraud?

You can see for yourself the quality of the site, contacts and documentation directly on the project site. We also recommend that you pay attention to the reviews of other users.

How to get maximum information about the company or project you are reviewing?

If the company is reliable, then all the necessary information can be found in the public domain on its website: experience, policy. Such companies prove their reliability with a strong reputation, so be sure to read the reviews of other customers.

How to distinguish the official site from the resource of scammers?

In order not to fall for fraudulent sites for stealing money and personal data, it is important to check the correctness of the domain address, the presence of the https protocol, and the user agreement. If you notice a dangerous site, report it to us!

How to withdraw money from the monitored project?

Reliable projects have a transparent policy of all payments. A document with all the rules must be published on the official website of the project. If the project withholds your funds and rejects withdrawal requests, get advice on a refund.

How to recognize scammers yourself?

Pay attention to information about the company - it should always be in the public domain, without causing concern. Be vigilant if someone asks you to pay for services in advance or you are required to access your personal data.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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