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Brokerage company SGXreit offers to invest from one account in stocks, indices, futures, options, currencies, raw materials, promising instant withdrawal of funds through any EPS (electronic payment system) convenient for the client. The authors of negative reviews about SGXreit fundamentally disagree with the last statement of the hero of the review. They call the trading platform another virtual scam, a scam project, a fraudulent site and are keenly interested in how to withdraw money from SGXreit, voicing considerable financial losses in their impartial assessments of the subject of discussion. How objective are the accusations of already ex-customers of the brokerage company, the analysis of the web resource will show.

Information about the broker:

  • Official website -
  • Mail -
  • Phone – +44 28 2544 7780

SGXreit - a scam or a real broker?

Even a cursory review of the service confirms the consistency of the negative reviews about SGXreit - the headings on the main page of the defendant's official website are deactivated. That is, it is impossible to go to any section other than the registration form. You will have to be content with the information published on the presentation page. In particular, according to statistics: on the market for more than 10 years, 400 thousand registered accounts, over 180,000 transactions daily. Let's check the data:

  1. The actual age of the domain on which the service is registered is less than 10 years old - 4.5 years. The website itself is even less - 6 months (current as of 10/12/2021). The last domain update is dated
  2. What kind of almost half a million client base can we talk about if the service is viewed 260 times / day, and only visits the resource
  3. The number of visits, which can be safely divided by 2, since the result of checking website traffic takes into account the requests of search engine bots, eliminates the statement about 180 thousand transactions daily.
  4. Finally, the main thing is that it is impossible to obtain information directly about the brokerage company (beneficiary, registration, legal address, etc.), the regulator. As well as learning at least something about the trading conditions, the KYC / AML policy, since, we repeat, you simply cannot get into the relevant sections. Of the contacts, only a dubious email and phone number.

Obviously, in order not to offer this service, no matter what mountains of gold it promises, it is advisable to exit the website and forget about it. In addition, the Web has a lot of normal, absolutely. Including those that are regulated, which is a paramount aspect for a domestic trader.

Scheme of deception

Judging by the real reviews of SGXreit, this anonymous pseudo-broker uses a common customer scam scheme: after a user registers a personal account, a “specialist” is attached to it. The latter, against the backdrop of a series of successful transactions on a fake terminal, swindles the user into large sums. The motivation for additional replenishment of the account is standard - participation in large transactions with a large starting capital and, of course, a guaranteed exorbitant profit. When the victim tries to withdraw funds, his account is blocked.

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The consistency of negative reviews about SGXreit has been proven. This “nothing” even cannot be called Forex-kitchen. The scammers did not bother to come up with some beautiful, more or less true legend about themselves, indicate, albeit fake, but contacts, give other fake information in order to gain trust. The statistics that the scammers were honored with is a lie. Be vigilant: SGXreit is a 200% scam!  

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How to withdraw money from SGXreit?

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