Real reviews about - a dubious betting company -

Real reviews about - a dubious betting company -

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds is a supposedly successful bookmaker that offers us wide lines for all types of players, as well as good conditions.

All this, of course, will not happen here. is a classic pseudo-betting scam, a fictitious company that does not exist in reality. In addition, it is also a template fraudulent site, because it has many analogues. These are not just similar sites, these are the same projects that have only a different name and color design of the site. Everything else is the same, even the site structure. Therefore, there can be no talk of any cooperation with

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As mentioned above, is a completely template project. It is posted on a site that is very often used for such scams. There is nothing interesting here. The site is of low quality, all the main information is on the main page, which is why it is very large and frankly inconvenient.

There is practically no really useful information. For example, they do not say anything about themselves. What kind of office is this, when and where did it appear, who manages it, and so on. There are also no legal documents, including license information. Therefore, it is easy to understand that the activity of is carried out on an illegal basis.

The lines are actually not that wide, there is actually no live, everything is in the future tense. And sometimes the events remain on the site, although they have already passed. This means that no one is particularly engaged in the site and does not follow it. And why do this, if it is actually needed only for divorcing naive beginners for money.

Real reviews about - a dubious betting company -

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Contact information is predictably very scarce. There is only a specified email box and an annoying online chat. They will only communicate with you as long as you deposit money here. As soon as they are stolen from you, any communication will immediately stop.

Customer reviews and complaints

There are practically no reviews on the activities of This is due to the youth of the project. He is not advertised too much, and therefore he does not have so many deceived victims. However, certain comments have already begun to appear, and they are, of course, sharply negative.

Real reviews about - a dubious betting company -

So, is a fake bookmaker. Therefore, there can be no talk of any gain here.

The essence of the divorce is that you will not be able to withdraw your money from here. If your bet doesn't win, you won't know it's a scam. If he plays, dances with tambourines will begin.

Fraudsters will begin to demand some incomprehensible payments, and without them it is impossible to order a withdrawal. Even if a person agrees to pay for everything, he still won’t get anything back, not a penny.

Verdict is a frank pseudo bookmaker. Cooperation with him will result in guaranteed financial losses for you. Scam.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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