Getamiqa pseudo-broker: does not deserve the attention of traders, reviews

Getamiqa pseudo-broker: does not deserve the attention of traders, reviews

Among traders in the market, which is caused by a rather extensive number of fraudulent transactions, there is an important rule that prevents cooperation with scammers, since it consists in checking each broker before starting cooperation with him, because otherwise users risk stumbling upon impudent scammers who will gladly empty user pockets and leave them with nothing. It is a vivid example of such impudent scammers that we will talk about in this article, and more specifically, about an investment platform called Getamiqa, which launched its project not so long ago, but without conscience calls its project professional and authoritative, despite the fact , which completely and completely has a fairly large number of obvious signs of fraud, which simply do not even allow one to think that Getamiqa can, in principle, turn out to be at least just a good and stable intermediary in the market.

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Getamiqa contacts

  • User support: +357 26 937623
  • Project email: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • Location of the main contact office of the company: Ανδροκλέους 26, Paphos 8010, Cyprus
  • Also in the same section on the site there is a banal feedback form, which allegedly allows you to find out all the points of interest in cooperation directly through the representatives of the project, but in reality, not a single client has yet received a timely answer to his question, which only once again emphasizes the incompetence of the hero of this article.

Site review

If, in general, it seems that the resource presented to customers is quite good, then if you look at the details, you can notice a rather extensive number of shortcomings that demonstrate the obvious illiteracy and incompetence of this office. To be more specific, the presented site does not have an appropriate visual or informative content that would really allow us to attribute this resource to a number of professional and high-quality sites that correspond to the project, which declares itself as an authoritative and competent service.

Getamiqa Broker Conditions

  • clients are supported on a permanent basis by experienced and qualified specialists of the trading environment;
  • convenient and most efficient trading terminal, thanks to which you can process any volume of trading transactions in a fraction of a second;
  • no hidden fees or deliberately high commissions;
  • the company has a fairly extensive list of assets available for investment, ranging from stocks and currency pairs to raw materials, as well as indices;
  • fairly flexible trading schedules;
  • leverage 1:500;
  • an affordable opportunity to insure your investments;
  • the presence of an effective and fairly flexible trading strategy;
  • affordable user consultation with the best market analysts;
  • a fairly convenient economic calendar, as well as a profitability calculator;
  • the presence of a news portal that contains only a number of the most relevant events in the trading environment;
  • an affordable referral program with several levels and corresponding rewards.

Getamiqa pseudo-broker: does not deserve the attention of traders, reviews


Exposing Getamiqa

To answer the question asked, you will need to pay attention to a number of indicative provisions that can confirm the fact that the project Getamiqa scam and a swindler without much professional and effective characteristics. To begin with, in order to determine whether the company serves its users with high quality and efficiency, it is worth studying feedback about the Getamiqa project, in which clients reveal all the most revealing moments of cooperation. For example, many users pointed to an absolutely low-quality and extremely inefficient trading terminal, interaction with which brought absolutely no benefit, as well as value. Among other things, traders also focused on the absolutely incompetent and extremely inefficient support service for traders, or more precisely, on the illiteracy of the company's staff, which is not properly oriented in all aspects of trading activities and does not allow traders to receive the assistance they need, which indicates not the most authoritative status of the broker. In addition to a clearly negative reputation, there are quite a few questions raised by the fact that the company is registered in one of the most popular offshore zones, where, according to reviews on the website, a vast number of similar firms live. Getamiqa scammers, who thus try to avoid auditing, as well as taxation, which are at odds with the project's plans to appropriate the funds of their naive clients, as well as significantly improve their financial situation at their expense.

How to withdraw money from Getamiqa

Although this project is trying to convince its clients of the effectiveness and benefits of its services, as well as to force traders to entrust the company with their money and time, in reality, the platform Getamiqa does not withdraw money and is hardly interested in this in principle, since the only goal is not the satisfaction of non-own needs.


Summing up all the previously mentioned provisions and facts that make it possible to verify the fraudulent position of the Getamiqa project, as well as analyzing its obvious desire to bankrupt each client who trusted him, we strongly do not recommend any format of interaction with this site and any of its analogues.

Possibility withdraw money with "Getamiqa" not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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