MetaShark Project (MetaShark,

MetaShark Project (MetaShark,

MetaShark is a multi-platform offering to earn profit from different directions, including tokenomics, unique products developed by the project, etc.

Project description

MetaShark, according to the description on the site, is a new virtual world filled with interesting and useful products that help improve the quality of life of any person, regardless of his age and social status. The project was created in order to provide people with a whole line of products that everyone needs in the modern world.

The first product in the MetaShark Metaverse is MetaShark Cinema. Next, it is planned to create a concert hall, a collection of NFT tokens, as well as the emergence of the MetaShark universe.

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The project also developed two tokens. The first is MTS, the internal currency of the project, the cost of which at the beginning of its existence is 0.25 cents per 1 MTS. With this token, you can buy MetaShark products and pay for the services offered. The second is the Infinity MetaShark token. It is a share token of the company with an issue of 100,000,000 IMS, 49% is given to users.


The project has been restarted. The project pays considerable attention to the referral program, thanks to which profitability in MTS can be significantly increased. Marketing is multilevel. The minimum amount of cash investments is $50 (in MTS equivalent). There is a bonus program. You can get acquainted with the terms of the referral program only after registration.

MetaShark Project (MetaShark,

The administration announced the opportunity to make a profit not only through the affiliate program, but also thanks to such areas as the binary reward system, direct bonus, token bonus. Once a quarter there are payments from subscriptions to the cinema.


The MetaShark project is hosted on a single page site. The address is in Hong Kong. Contact information - email. Links to social networks are not working.

The project started in 2022.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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