PRIVATE-TRADE FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

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It is no surprise to anyone that passive sources of income are quite a promising and successful solution for those traders who plan to improve their financial condition, but, for some reason, many brokerage companies and investment funds believe that this provision is a huge secret. , which only they are able to reveal to their users, especially for fraudulent projects. In this review, as in most others on the site, we will consider the activities of a company called PRIVATE TRADE, which does not consider itself either a brokerage house, considering them too mercantile, or an investment fund, assuring traders that they are not promising, therefore it is difficult to attribute this project to a certain caste of companies, but one thing can be said with full confidence that PRIVATE-TRADE scammer and scammer, which, with the help of beautiful promises and guarantees, lures naive customers to its site in order to replenish their pockets with their help and further, no matter what happened, carry out their fraudulent activities under the guise of an experienced and successful project that offers users promising passive income. There are a lot of similar projects.           Company contacts PRIVATE-TRADE

Of all the possible options for contacting PRIVATE-TRADE representatives, there is only a link to a closed telegram chat, where traders can contact their personal managers, as well as chat with other participants in the trading process online, after completing the registration procedure. Moreover, there is no other way to contact PRIVATE-TRADE directly. 

Site review

The presented site looks quite simple despite the fact that the office assures its clients of its professionalism and quality. The platform is divided into just a few cells, which contain not the most detailed, as well as specific trading conditions, information regarding the intricacies of cooperation with the office, as well as a number of other data that, again, do not play a huge role for traders and in no way affect to reveal the full trading picture, which could help users make a decision regarding cooperation with the company. Speaking about the design, one gets the impression that one is viewing a web resource of a second-rate betting project, but not a popular and successful brokerage service.

PRIVATE-TRADE FRAUD reviews and withdrawal of money

Broker conditions PRIVATE-TRADE

On the PRIVATE-TRADE site, as we mentioned earlier, there is not the most detailed description of all available trading opportunities for users, which creates quite a few problems in the future, since clients do not have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with an exhaustive list of all the functions and services that are further manifested not in the most positive way. From the conditions that are available, it is possible to compile only a small list of functioning trading services, namely:

  • availability of a convenient and automated trading platform;
  • round-the-clock user support from experienced and qualified specialists in investing;
  • a huge list of available markets, ranging from cryptocurrency to the market of large stocks and bonds;
  • the presence of an impressive number of available trading accounts that are suitable for any level of skills and abilities of traders;
  • availability of trust management by the best specialists of the presented platform;
  • fast withdrawals of funds and lightning-fast execution of trade transactions;
  • availability of an insurance fund up to 5 million US dollars;
  • the ability to make a profit up to 750% in just 45 hours of trading;
  • unique yield chart for each user;
  • complete absence of risks;
  • all restrictions on the withdrawal of funds have been removed by the office.

This list is only relative, but still provides an opportunity to create an overall picture of what is happening and help traders who really do not mind participating in this project make a decision.

 Exposure of the PRIVATE-TRADE company

In fact, despite all the promising promises and guarantees of the presented company, it is nothing more than just the cheapest scam project that is trying to attract attention using the same cheap and far from the most working methods. Proof of the fact that PRIVATE-TRADE scammers and scam, serve at least reviews about the company PRIVATE-TRADE, in which the ex-clients of the presented office claim the negligence of its representatives, as well as the negligent attitude to the execution of the tasks assigned to the PRIVATE-TRADE employees, which significantly affects the entire workflow of the company. Also, do not forget that PRIVATE-TRADE, according to its domain name, is only 9 days old, that is, it started its work only on 12/19/2021, so there can be no question of any experience in its case.

How to withdraw money from PRIVATE-TRADE

As you know, the PRIVATE-TRADE company has only one goal - to improve its financial condition through the investments of naive and gullible traders, so it is not difficult to draw a completely logical conclusion regarding the fact that PRIVATE-TRADE does not withdraw money, since for her it would simply not be a logical decision, given that this project does not have any other sources of income, in addition to investments by traders.           


Since the presented review just mentioned a huge number of negative points associated with the activities of PRIVATE-TRADE, such as the lack of a real opportunity to withdraw profit or the complete disregard of the requests of its clients by the site employees, it is worth mentioning once again that PRIVATE-TRADE is just the most common and a second-rate non-investment, non-brokerage project that is trying by all possible means to attract naive and gullible clients to its site in order to squeeze their financial maximum out of them in the future, therefore we strongly do not recommend cooperation with this site, due to the absence of any guarantee of its reliability and profitability.

Possibility withdraw money with "PRIVATE TRADE" not confirmed.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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