Full review of the broker MegaBrand

A company called MegaBrand, which recently appeared on the financial market, describes itself as an organization with a highly professional team.

The company is engaged in the provision of educational products, training materials, and is also engaged in online trading.

At first glance it seems that everything is fine, but after reading customer reviews of megabrandltd.com, it becomes clear that MegaBrand's reputation is far from being as perfect as the founders of this project claim.

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Legend of Mega Brand

After reviewing the site megabrandltd.com, it became clear that the broker is not going to share information about himself with the visitors of the resource.

There is practically no information on the site either about the time the company was founded, or even a hint about its leaders and team.

Only scammers keep information about themselves in such a secret.

Also, they did not bother to come up with at least some kind of legend about themselves and did not bother with creating a history of their activities.

The main goal of scammers is to hunt for naive investors and beginners who are not familiar with the financial market.

The deals were limited to unsubstantiated empty phrases and praising themselves and their company.

Full review of the broker MegaBrand

Of course, experienced traders will not fall for such meaningless promises, but frivolous and narrow-minded people easily fall for the bait.

At least something about this project was clarified by checking the launch date of the site - this is October last year, when the megabrandltd.com domain was registered.

Full review of the broker MegaBrand

Terms of cooperation with MegaBrand

Praising himself, the broker offers clients online trading, but at the same time, he does not indicate any information about spreads, and the terms of the contract cannot be found on the site either.

It also does not specify the amount of the minimum deposit.

Only scammers do this, they present all the information to the client only when he creates an account. 

Scammers do their best to find out and assess the financial situation of the client, and only after that they will make him an offer of so-called cooperation.

The pseudo-broker promises his victims:

  • for communication - professionals in the financial sector;
  • for training - trading courses;
  • seminars, webinars and video tutorials are offered to clients on the platform.

That is, first of all, the sharashka is aimed at novice traders who may be interested in the opportunity to learn this activity.

Registration and contacts

The false broker MegaBrand named the state of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines as the place of its registration.

There really is information about this broker there, but one must take into account the fact that this is an offshore zone and it is not at all difficult to make a “registration” there.  

In St. Vincent and the Grenadines, many companies are registered by local regulatory authorities, and such a service costs only $ 250.

In the "Contacts" section, you can find only e-mail, a feedback form and a promise that the client will be contacted after registering an account.

Full review of the broker MegaBrand

Plus, there are profiles on Facebook and Linkedin. Despite the company's belief that it is popular and in demand, only 7 people subscribe to its Facebook page. This figure speaks for itself.

Full review of the broker MegaBrand

But, meeting the needs of each client, MegaBrand offers him to make a choice: either trade with him, or choose another broker.

But here, too, lies the catch, as scammers redirect the client to the same scam, which they own.

Of course, swindlers will not miss their prey, they will only pretend that the client is allegedly free in his choice. But in fact, he is already firmly on their hook, and it will take a long time before the user understands where he is.

Cunning scammers create several "profitable" projects, and in case of failure with one, they calmly move on to another.

Thus, the cheaters hide from law enforcement agencies and avoid punishment for their illegal activities.


Online scammers from MegaBrand come across Russian-speaking victims. Apparently, admins rely only on working with citizens from the CIS countries.

Deceived customers from these countries write their reviews about MegaBrand. But for work, the broker must register as a legal entity and obtain a license from the financial regulator for investment activities.

Of course, the scammers did not register and no one issued licenses to them. Therefore, their actions are illegal, and their clients do not have protection from the regulator.  

Reviews about MegaBrand

With such a "trade" that this office offers, customers are left with nothing.

Scammers do their best to attract the attention of the victim. They colorfully describe all the positive aspects of working with them, talking about the various benefits and privileges of their platform.

Then there is an imitation of trading, and when the client decides to withdraw the profit, the deposit is quickly drained by swindlers.

Traders cannot complain to anyone, since the company does not legally exist, and appeals to law enforcement agencies in most cases lead to nothing.

Full review of the broker MegaBrand

Unfortunate victims can only write negative reviews about Mega Brand.


The creators of MegaBrand are only interested in their own enrichment and do not trade on the platform.

MegaBrand is a scam. Stay away from this office and use the services of specialists when choosing a broker!

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