A complete review of the broker Intelligent Invest

Investing is an attractive field of activity for many ambitious individuals.

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The activity of a trader is fraught with risk, but this does not scare away, but, on the contrary, attracts people who want to get rich quick. After all, where there is risk, there are great opportunities.

But only a few succeed in catching luck by the tail, without having certain knowledge and experience behind them. The rest are waiting for a series of disappointments and financial losses on the way to success.

However, some brokers claim that trading on the stock exchange is very easy and almost anyone can do it. Intelligent Invest is one of those companies that claims to have created a completely safe trading environment. But is it so, you will find out further.

General information about Intelligent Invest

When you open the Intelligent Invest website, its technical shortcomings immediately catch your eye. It seems that it was made in haste and immediately started to "work".

A complete review of the broker Intelligent Invest

The text "fits" on the text, different fonts that do not harmonize with each other, sentences that do not fit in the fields provided for them - all indicate that no one is particularly involved in the resource. It follows from this that a serious company cannot afford this.

However, the Intelligent Invest team calls themselves results oriented strategists and offers access to over 1000 trading markets.

At the same time, all the information in the “About the Company” section is solid “water”. There is absolutely no information about when and by whom the organization was founded, who manages it at the moment, whether it has regional offices.

This indicates that the broker we are reviewing has something to hide.

Checking the registration data of the intelligentinvest.io website showed that the domain was registered in January 2023, and has been active since February.

A complete review of the broker Intelligent Invest

Thus, a logical conclusion suggests itself, Intelligent Invest is a one-day project that will soon disappear as suddenly as it appeared before.

Broker Offers

The broker offers to trade on the stock exchange using the rather popular MetaTrader 4 platform.

It does not differ in anything special, although it has quite good reviews among traders.

But in the case of Intelligent Invest, we are not talking about real trading, because all that the client will see is an imitation of trading.

In this case, the account must be replenished with quite real money.

The minimum deposit is $250.

A complete review of the broker Intelligent Invest

At the same time, specific information about a particular type of account can be obtained only after registration, during which it will be necessary to leave your personal data.

Registration and contact information

Sharashka does not disclose registration data. This is quite natural, because the office did not carry out any registration, thus, it has no documents.

Naturally, posting legal information is a common experience among companies that provide services to clients. After all, this makes it possible to make sure that the broker is acting legally, which means that cooperation with him is safe.

Same story with contact information.

The broker provided absolutely nothing but inactive mail and a feedback form, which is the only way to contact a company representative.


As mentioned above, there are no documents on the site, except for the template "Privacy Policy".

Of course, an illegal office cannot obtain a license to provide brokerage services.

Therefore, to dream that the activity of this sharashka is regulated by some kind of financial oversight body is very stupid.

Nevertheless, as practice shows, very few novice traders are interested in such a “trifle” as company documents. It is for this category of clients that this project is designed. After all, experienced investors will never fall for such a primitive site and will not believe an organization that has not even provided a single document.

Reviews about Intelligent Invest

During its existence, which is approximately 6 months, the Intelligent Invest office has already become famous on the Internet as a primitive but effective scam.

This is evidenced by the reviews of intelligentinvest.io who already have the imprudence to believe in the promises of this scam customers.

A complete review of the broker Intelligent Invest

The divorce scheme is quite banal. The naive beginner is persuaded to deposit as much money as possible. After that, they try to breed him for replenishment several more times. If a trader has money and did not see through the scammers the first time, then he is given the opportunity to withdraw a small amount from intelligentinvest.io.

As soon as the client begins to insist on the withdrawal, begins to threaten the police and swear that he is not allowed to withdraw money, his account is blocked and communication with him stops.


Intelligent Invest is a very simple and primitive scam.

Do not get involved with projects like this and work exclusively with brokers that have licenses to provide financial services.

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