Full review of Capitals Rich broker

Success in stock trading depends on many factors, and a company that provides a platform for making transactions on the market plays an important role in this.

It is also impossible to achieve a high level of income from the conclusion of transactions without knowledge and experience in trading. And, of course, the personal qualities of a trader, such as the ability to concentrate and analyze information, stress resistance, perseverance, also contribute to achieving success in this business.

Those companies that claim that trading on the stock exchange is easy, and it requires absolutely no skills, are deceiving their customers.

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Capitals Rich calls itself a reliable brokerage organization that is one of the leaders in providing access to CFD trading in the European and Asian regions.

Whether it is possible to trust this broker and whether it is safe to open an account with him, we will understand further in the review.

Capitals Rich: general information about the company

The capitals-rich.com website reports that the company offers traders the best trading conditions, a variety of tools, and a trading platform with convenient functionality.

Trading is offered on the markets:

  • cryptocurrency;
  • stock;
  • currency;
  • raw materials.

In addition, every client, immediately after registering on the site, can receive the status of a CFD trader.

On the site you can find generalized information about the types of assets and other features of trading.

But, it should be noted that the capitals-rich.com site itself looks very simple and even unfinished in some places.

Full review of Capitals Rich broker

For example, there are unfinished sentences. It seems that this resource was in such a hurry to launch that they didn’t even read the information on it.

Nevertheless, the broker demonstrates high performance of its activities.

But they also differ from each other.

Here on one page it is reported that at the moment the company has 12 thousand traders.

Full review of Capitals Rich broker

And elsewhere on the site we are talking about 37 thousand active customers.

Full review of Capitals Rich broker

All these shortcomings and inaccuracies immediately indicate that the company definitely cannot be either a leader among brokers or be an international organization.

The capitals-rich com website itself was registered only in February 2023.

Full review of Capitals Rich broker

Of course, a project that has been in existence for just over a month cannot inspire confidence. And of course, there can be no talk of any leadership and reliability of the company.

Terms of trade

Becoming a CapitalsRich client is very easy. To do this, you just need to register on the site and replenish the deposit.

There are three account types, but only one is active.

Full review of Capitals Rich broker

It is surprising that the minimum deposit for all account types is $150.

Most likely, this is also another flaw of scammers, because usually with an increase in the available functionality and expansion of the trader's opportunities, the deposit amount also increases.

License and registration

From the contact information on the resource of scammers, an address in Cyprus, an international phone number and e-mail are indicated.

Full review of Capitals Rich broker

The most realistic way to contact company representatives is to request a call back.

It is expected that this pseudo-broker did not provide a license that gives the right to carry out investment activities. This means only one thing - it simply does not exist.

If a company does not have the right to provide brokerage services, then its activities are not regulated by any financial supervisory authority.

Full review of Capitals Rich broker

Nevertheless, this sharashka has already lit up enough and even managed to get into the black list of the Central Bank.

Reviews about Capitals Rich

The scammers themselves posted reviews about Capitals Rich on their website capitals-rich.com.

Full review of Capitals Rich broker

There are only three of them, and each of them speaks of the high professionalism of the team members and excellent customer service.

You don't have to be a professional to notice that reviews are similar, clearly written by the same person.

On the net, you can easily find comments about this office of a completely different nature.

Full review of Capitals Rich broker

Naturally, the number of dissatisfied deceived customers of this sharashka is increasing every day.


The capitals-rich.com project was created with the sole purpose of ripping off as many people as possible. After that, the site will be deleted, and the scammers will appear under a new name with the same legend.

The reviewed office does not provide brokerage services, and its platform is a regular trading simulator run by the scammers themselves.

While it is profitable for them, profit indicators are drawn in the so-called personal account of the client, as soon as a naive trader wishes to withdraw money, the account will be drained immediately. But in fact, the money from the very first moment is in the pockets of swindlers.

If there is no confidence in the decency of a broker or there is no experience in analyzing information, it is better to seek help from professionals who will advise a reliable company!

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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