Complete review of AI Option Broker

Choosing an intermediary for making money via the Internet, a person, first of all, has to solve a difficult task - to be able to distinguish a real company from a fake one created by scammers. 

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And since scammers have skillfully learned to disguise themselves as a real intermediary and throw dust in the eyes of ignorant users, they often fall into their clutches and, as a result, do not earn, but rather lose their money.   

Such a reliable company is, at first glance, a platform called AI Option.

In fact, after getting to know her closely, former clients wrote a lot of negative comments complaining that the admins did not fulfill their promises, and they lost their funds.  

In this review, we will scrupulously deal with this platform and reveal another divorce scheme.

About AI Option

The creators of the AI Option platform on their website indicated very scarce information about themselves.

They got off with simple general phrases that are not confirmed by anything. The admins did not say anything about the date the project was created, or about how it developed.

This circumstance should have alerted the client. But, unfortunately, striving for the promised quick earnings, users, without thinking about anything, try to invest in this intermediary as soon as possible.

Moreover, the site posted information about the supposedly 25 million happy customers of this platform.

Complete review of AI Option Broker

It would seem that such a huge number of investors should indicate the popularity of this trading platform, about which people would leave their reviews in large numbers, but for some reason they are incomparably few, and those that are are clearly negative.

As it turned out, the domain registration took place quite recently (in April of this year), which means that the AI Option company has only three months of experience and the story of 25 million users is an outright lie.

Complete review of AI Option Broker

In the “User Agreement”, the admins wrote that their scammer is allegedly a member of the FinCom association and therefore customer funds are protected. And this is another lie, because FinCom knows nothing about the existence of this sharashka.

Fraud offers

Scammers lure their customers with tempting offers:

  • entry threshold from 250 USD;
  • 1000+ current assets;
  • three types of tariff;
  • transactions without commissions;
  • personal information protection system;
  • transaction reports;
  • the possibility of automatic trading.

The pseudo-broker did not provide a demo account and therefore investors immediately risk real money.

And with a tempting leverage of 1:500, the chances of earning are immediately reduced to zero.

Registration and communication

By studying the "User Agreement" you can find information that the parent company of our hero is Raw Trading Ltd.

And the place of registration of AI Option itself is the Seychelles.

Complete review of AI Option Broker

The scammers indicated such a distant place of registration so that deceived customers could not get to their main office with a complaint.

But, as it turned out, neither AI Option nor its management company is registered in this offshore zone and do not appear in the register of legal entities. Thus, the information about the headquarters in the Seychelles is another lie.

The same is true with the tempting statement about round-the-clock technical support of the company's specialists. 

These are empty promises, because the admins set up only the “call back” order form. This means that it is simply convenient for fraudsters to ignore customer requests for communication and not respond to their indignation about the disappearance of funds or problems with their withdrawal.

License and regulation

AI Option verbally declares that it has a license from the FISEU regulator.

But, as it turned out, this is a fake organization, so are its permissions.

Moreover, FISEU has already issued a similar document to a company called SWK Invest, whose website looks the same as the AI Option website. And this means that scammers create clone sites to quickly switch from one to another in case of persecution by the authorities and its closure.

In fact, the AI Option office does not have a real license. Therefore, its activities are illegal. And since the reviews about AI Option are written by citizens of the CIS countries, it is obvious that nimble schemers have spread their networks throughout this territory.

But the false company also does not have a license from any regulator from the CIS countries, and this fact suggests that cooperation with it is dangerous. And the twin brother of SWK Invest has already been blacklisted by financial supervisors.

Opinions about AI Option

AI Option scammers posted positive reviews about on the main page from supposedly satisfied customers, which were either written by themselves or commissioned by scammers.

Complete review of AI Option Broker

Real reviews about AI Option are sharply negative and saturated with complaints about divorce from a scam and a discrepancy between promises and reality.

Complete review of AI Option Broker


The AI Option broker is a kitchen created by scammers to extort funds from naive clients and enrich themselves illegally.

Therefore, it is not recommended to contact a sharashka, because it will definitely not work to make money with it.

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