PerfectBrs - a review of an investment company and an opinion on a dangerous project. Dangerous.

Investment company PerfectBrs offers its clients an innovative platform for financial transactions. Thanks to its own unique strategies and highly professional analysts, the broker is ready to guarantee its clients a high return on their investments.


Considering that the number of intermediary organizations in the field of exchange trading is constantly growing, trusting money to a broker only on the basis of promises is extremely unreasonable. Therefore, before investing in any company, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with it as thoroughly as possible. This review will show what PerfectBrs is and whether it is safe to cooperate with this broker.

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General information about PerfectBrs

The first thing that strikes you when you visit the PerfectBrs website is that the site is entirely in English. Of course, it is not difficult to translate it, but still, the fact that the resource is not designed for Russian citizens raises some concerns.

PerfectBrs - a review of an investment company and an opinion on a dangerous project. Dangerous.

For potential clients, the broker offers three trading accounts with deposits of $200, $5,000 and $20,000 respectively.

After the funds are deposited, the trader gets the opportunity to invest in more than 250 types of assets. Of course, all transactions will be strictly accompanied by specialists from PerfectBrs, who are always ready to provide all possible assistance to both an experienced investor and a novice financier.

In addition, PerfectBrs is ready to provide its clients with a leverage ratio of 1:100. This is where the first wake-up call comes in. Experienced brokers try to avoid such proportions. The fact is that with such a high leverage rate, not only the potential profit increases, but also the risks of losses. That is why most international regulators prohibit the use of such a combination.

The UTIP platform was indicated as the PerfectBrs trading platform. Many experienced users have already heard about this development. It was created by Russian programmers who were convicted of dishonest operations. If you do not go into details, then in general we can say that this program has not been significantly improved, it has a number of significant drawbacks that only play into the hands of scammers. Thanks to the holes in the platform, pseudo-brokers initiate fake transactions by passing them off to their clients as real ones. As a result, the user expects a complete falsification of activities and loss of funds.

Legal information and contact details

It was not possible to find the owners of PerfectBrs. The site indicates that the parent company is Prevail Ltd., registered in an offshore zone. In addition, three more companies were noted, two of which are listed in London and one in Dublin.

PerfectBrs - a review of an investment company and an opinion on a dangerous project. Dangerous.

Upon verification, it was possible to find out that two out of three companies are fiction, and all the data on them do not correspond to reality. The third company has been resold several times over the past year and its status is currently unknown.

As for Prevail Ltd. itself, there is also little information about it, and the specified registration number turned out to be an ordinary set of numbers. In this regard, we can say directly that the “investment company” PerfectBrs operates completely illegally, since it does not have a single permit document.

Well, one more important fact: among the contacts of the company there is only a feedback form. No mail, no address, no phone numbers. It turns out that the broker is not interested in publicity, and this is practically a confession of bad faith.

Reviews about PerfectBrs

Given that this company has been operating for a little over six months, feedback on PerfectBrs not so much. But if you try, you can find real opinions of former clients, which confirm that all activities on the platform are falsified, and withdrawing money from accounts is absolutely unrealistic.

PerfectBrs is another scam that only imitates financial activities and robs its customers.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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