Overton Partners Ltd FRAUD reviews withdraw money

Overton Partners Ltd FRAUD reviews withdraw money

“You can feel confident in the field of investment only by agreeing to cooperate with the Overton Partners Ltd project.” All clients will be able to unlock the potential of their capital. In order to recommend it to you, we must be 100% sure that this is a worthwhile project and you have a chance to improve your financial situation, and not vice versa.                                   

Company contacts Overton Partners Ltd

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Contact phone +442081573000, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You must have JavaScript enabled to view. Email.  

Website review overtonpartnersltd.com

The project offers to trade on the Forex and CFD markets using leverage. Clients gain access to all kinds of asset classes through a state-of-the-art tooling workspace. Employees assure that they have an office in England, but the joke is that there is no license from the British regulator FCA. For more confidence that the project is worthwhile, they are ready to introduce you to the fact that they have at least 450,000 users registered on the site. Many promises and sweet speeches, which we have not yet found evidence of.                                       
 Broker conditions Overton Partners Ltd 

Account types: Beginner £5,000, 1:20 leverage, standard spreads and swaps, trading assistance; silver £25,000, leverage 1:50, assets on selected markets, average spreads and swaps, trade and investment assistance; gold £75,000, leverage 1:100, assets selected markets, average spreads and swaps, personal financial plan, bonus 50%; premium 150,000 pounds, custom leverage, assets all markets, low spreads and swaps, portfolio management, bonus 75%; VIP user leverage, assets all markets, portfolio management, low spreads and swaps, bonus 100%. You can trade freely with such a set of assets: currency pairs, commodities, crypto, stock market, metals. Trading platform Web Trader, built into your personal account, standard platform, the ability to apply limit and market orders, analyze the chart, using elements and indicators. News feed, economic indicators in the public domain for free. Technical support works by e-mail.          

Exposure of Overton Partners Ltd

This section will contain negative points that you need to pay attention to before starting work with the selected project. So this company reviews Overton Partners Ltd negative nature. There is no declared professionalism, experience, since the project has been working for a week without a year, did not manage to work out much, but gathered a lot of negativity, which cannot but upset us, which means that we have no right to recommend it to you for investment. There is no data about the employees, who developed the office is also unclear. Popularity is not marked. An illegal project, no one gave him permission to work in this area, and is also deservedly on the list of black brokers. These negative facts are more than enough to still doubt decency and understand that fruitful cooperation is not planned here, the company Overton Partners Ltd scam.     

How to withdraw money from Overton Partners Ltd

Since the project is false and fraudulent, there is no point in thinking for a long time, the scammers came for your funds with them and leave, at first they will fool you, hang noodles and all trade. Company Overton Partners Ltd does not withdraw money. None of the former users managed not only to withdraw the profit, but also had to part with the initial deposit amount. Such a scheme has long been practiced in dishonest scam organizations, the reviews of which are contained on the 1top.pro website.                           


Based on the available information of a negative nature, as well as the unwillingness to help clients implement plans in this industry, we cannot advise you, deception and scams are not far off, obviously whatever one may say.

Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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