Reviews from real customers about Parenta Financial Services Limited: FRAUD, withdrawal of money

Reviews from real customers about Parenta Financial Services Limited: FRAUD, withdrawal of money

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The hero of this review will be an obvious fraudulent project that is trying to impersonate a non-existing legally, allegedly professional and safe broker, which has an abundance of various functions and capabilities, and is also able to unlock the potential of clients in the shortest possible time and improve their trading knowledge and skills. Despite the attractiveness of these fairy tales, the playground Parenta Financial Services Limited scammer and an impudent swindler, who all he can do is blatantly lie to his users, using their means to further his advancement, which we will talk about in this review, but first we should point out a number of more basic provisions regarding the basics of this service.

Contacts of Parenta Financial Services Limited

  • Project Location: 39-45 Finsbury Sq, London, LND
  • Support contact number: +442081575151
  • Company email: Email address is being protected from spambots. Javascript must be enabled in your browser to view the address.
  • The company also introduced a special form on its website so that customers can directly contact the staff of this service.

Website review

Since the company is extremely far from calling its resource high-quality and complete, because it does not represent absolutely any valuable and useful data for users, and also looks extremely cheap, since it was created using the most primitive elements, it is not difficult to come to that conclusion that Parenta Financial Services Limited did not even try to create at least the slightest impression that the specified service could be really promising and professional, which only emphasizes the absence of any reasons to start any kind of interaction with it.

Broker conditions Parenta Financial Services Limited

  • a fairly high-quality trading service that does not require significant time costs for its installation;
  • available competent and rather experienced user support service, which allows customers to find answers to any of their questions regarding trading activities;
  • a fairly effective toolkit that contains many assets, such as stocks, indices, currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, raw materials and others;
  • availability of trading signals;
  • an accessible economic calendar, as well as a profitability calculator;
  • quite effective for the company and profitable for customers affiliate program;
  • the fastest possible registration procedure;
  • open access to several trading accounts that differ in their level, as well as pricing policy, the minimum deposit is 100 pounds;
  • an affordable program for insurance and protection of user funds;
  • a fairly extensive news feed with fresh and useful market events for customers. 

Reviews from real customers about Parenta Financial Services Limited: FRAUD, withdrawal of money


Exposing Parenta Financial Services Limited

It is extremely difficult to say that the platform is supposedly a professional and high-quality service, to compose its words with the shortcomings that systematically appear in the process of cooperation with this project. For example, they are quite clearly described in the mention of ex-users of the office. More specifically, paying attention to Parenta Financial Services Limited reviews, you can learn about a completely unprepared trading terminal that does not have a real access to all of these markets and only creates a beautiful illusion that it has a huge functionality and tools. Also regarding the provision of educational opportunities for clients, the company simply collected the most primitive and superficial information that will not allow them to improve their level of trading knowledge and only tell them about what they are already familiar with, which is exactly what Parenta Financial Services Limited calls “quality” and “unique” education. Also, speaking about whether the specified platform is worthy of any trust, it is worth pointing out that all its documents boil down to a small warning by the company about the legal conditions of cooperation, which does not take even half a page. In addition to it, this service decided to ignore all other provisions, apparently relying on the naivety and gullibility of customers. What raises the most doubts is the absence of such important documents as a privacy policy, as well as a user agreement, which must be present on the website of any such broker, especially if it claims to be a reputable and professional service.

How to withdraw money from Parenta Financial Services Limited

It is extremely difficult to compare everything that this service initially promises, as well as the results that its users come to. All the shortcomings he has only indicate that the project Parenta Financial Services Limited does not withdraw money, trying only to bankrupt their users and continue their own activities at their expense.


Based on all the facts and extremely negative provisions that were mentioned earlier, including analyzing the not very positive attitude of this project towards its clients and their funds, which is quite common, based on the reviews on the website and this the service was no exception, we strongly do not recommend even thinking about the possibility of starting full-fledged cooperation with this office, since the final results will obviously not please you.

Possibility withdraw money with "ParentaFinancialServicesLimited" not confirmed.


Get instructions on how to withdraw funds

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