Serene Condominium reviews, customer opinions. Divorce! —

Serene Condominium reviews, customer opinions. Divorce! -

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Serene Condominium is a company that is a developer in Thailand, more precisely, on the island of Phuket. Offers us a wide choice of accommodation in this heavenly place, but, as is often the case, not everything is so simple.

Cooperation with such realtors always requires a thorough check. You absolutely cannot believe the colorful videos in which they show you what cool offers are available to you. All this is nothing more than a marketing ploy. The reviews of real customers about Serene Condominium, of course, are completely different than what they say in such videos. We can say that Serene Condominium is a scam.

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Serene Condominium - project overview

Serene Condominium is located between two of Phuket's most popular beaches - Surin and Bang Tao. This is one of the most attractive places in Phuket. A couple of minutes drive from these beaches is a guarantee that the project will be popular among tourists. The project is located on a hill, which allows you to get both a beautiful view of the sea and an incredible view of the mountains.

The leader is someone named Frederick Young Carlson, although in English it is clear that his name is read as Fredrik. But that's not all, since he is Korean, only later moved with his parents to Sweden. And what, he moved and changed his name?

It is obvious that Serene Condominium is trying to present itself as almost an elite developer. The project offers only expensive real estate, in particular, all sorts of villas, smart homes, and so on, supposedly located in the most popular and developed places on the island. The cost is hundreds of thousands of conventional units, that is, not rubles. All this is highly doubtful.

Serene Condominium reviews, customer opinions. Divorce! -

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Serene Condominium is clearly focused on the Russian-speaking segment of the Internet. The site is multilingual, but social networks are purely Russian-speaking. At the same time, we see that the company does not have any representative offices in the CIS countries. Contact information - foreign, office in Thailand. You can’t even call without problems, you can only write to the mail. Very comfortable to say the least.

Customer reviews and complaints

Serene Condominium is a major project that pays attention to its reputation. Negative reviews on the network are carefully cleaned, but sometimes admins do not have time to do this. Many complain that instead of a luxurious and very expensive villa they get some kind of hut, and even among the ruins, without communications, with dirty water, and so on.

Serene Condominium reviews, customer opinions. Divorce! -

What is the essence of the Serene Condominium scam? The fact is that the company offers and promises you luxury real estate, showing beautiful videos that are guaranteed to please everyone who watches them.

But in reality, you won't get anything like that.

Serene Condominium - don't mess around

You will be sold some rubbish, with which you will suffer, trying to establish at least some kind of life, and you can’t wait for help from Serene Condominium. For the money that you spent on an apartment or villa from this unfortunate developer, you could easily build your house in a normal place, making it of high quality and comfortable, without any dancing with tambourines.

Plus, they don't even show legal documents here. Despite the work of the project on the Russian market, Serene Condominium does not have Russian documents, and never has. If something goes wrong, you will have to turn to Thai law, which, of course, will be very inconvenient.

Serene Condominium reviews, customer opinions. Divorce! -

Contacting Serene Condominium is strongly discouraged. The developer is deceiving people by selling garbage under the guise of luxury villas. In fact, it is anonymous. Divorce.

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