Reviews about the QUOTEX platform (Kvoteks)

 QUOTEX is supposedly a next-level trading platform. The platform itself was launched back in 2019, but has already managed to make itself known. After all, each member of her team is a true professional in their field. Is this really true and what are the real reviews about In the network at the moment you can find a very large number of different platforms. But you must understand the fact that not all such platforms and projects are reliable. And often they are created by admins only to enrich their own pockets. Therefore, let's understand and consider the project in more detail.

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What you need to know about Quotex

Our team launched the project in 2019, but has already made a name for itself. Each of our developers is a specialist of the highest level with many years of experience. Some of them have given development more than 10 years of their lives, and the total experience of the team is 200 years. And this experience helped to find the best mechanisms for creating a modern platform. Over 400 trading instruments will be available to the platform client.

The very legend of the project is just a couple of contented meager paragraphs in which, in principle, there is no specifics. But admins often avoid specifics, because it's much easier for them to powder the user's head. Of course, the project has not been working since 2019. It's a lie! He is much younger. Because with the help of the date of registration of the domain, you can understand this very easily. Also on the site again we are talking about a team of professionals.

Well, let's say this is so, but why don't we see these people on the site? Who are these people? And why does the project allegedly have such a professional team, but at the same time hide it so carefully? The answer to this question is simple. Because there really is no team, It's just an idea of the admins. In order to look more impressive in the eyes of users, that's all.

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Is it worth contacting the company?

With contact information at QUOTEX, everything is rather deaf and sad. And the only thing that we see here is just a feedback form. Not a lot for a supposedly successful company that cares so much about its customers. How do you think the admins will respond? Of course no. They are not interested at all. The main thing for them is a divorce for money in the first place. And they are looking for their potential victims themselves. Using spam emails. And also with the help of social networks. Consider how things are with the availability of legal data.

All legal data is located in the footer of the site. Other than that, it's not surprising at all. There is a standard set of documents here. Such as policy, risk agreement, trading regulations, etc. The company itself is registered at: Maxbit LLC. Address: First Floor, First St Vincent Bank LTD Building, James Street, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, a question arises. Is the platform called QUOTEX? And here the name Maxbit LLC? Such confusion happens only if the admins simply steal other people's details and try to pass them off as their own.

In fact, we have an absolutely left-wing project that is not registered anywhere. Then what kind of cooperation can we talk about here at all? There is no doubt that all the money that you invest here will simply be brazenly stolen and that's it.

Company reviews

Reviews about the QUOTEX platform (Kvoteks)

Reviews about the QUOTEX platform (Kvoteks)

Reviews about can already be easily found on the net. All the reviews are very bad and the project does not inspire any confidence among users. Because at first it is misleading. Then he cheats for decent money. After all, trade here occurs only within the project. Because there is no real access to the financial market and stock exchange.

QUOTEX is not a unique trading platform created by a team of professionals. A typical deceitful project with stolen legal data. Definitely not worth contacting him. Otherwise, all that awaits you is a very large financial loss. Since we are talking about trading in the first place, you can lose really big money. Therefore, it is worth choosing a project for cooperation more carefully.

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