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As practice shows, the victims of scammers are most often those who believe that you can easily and quickly make money online. COC Play - a project whose participants are offered the opportunity to quickly receive income in the network with high interest rates. Reviews about KOK Play are full of positive feedback from well-known referrals, let's check if everything is so rosy in this project.

KOK Play – Digital Pyramid or Entertainment Content Platform?

KOK Play is a new generation application, the main principle of which is the use of artificial intelligence. According to the legend, the site is a combination of the capabilities of all common Internet services: here you can enjoy online games, listen to audio and watch videos, as well as invest and earn money on it.

KOK Play is a content service with the option of earning additional income by investing in a native token.

Clients are offered:

  • Earn passive income by investing in COC-coins. Profit directly depends on the user's rating and on the amount of the deposit.
  • Take part in the game HOTEL KOIN. For a month, participants can earn up to 40% from the amount of investments.
  • Affiliate program. The company promises big rewards for attracting new users. Despite the fact that the program is represented by several levels, beginners are promised up to 100% profits in the first month.

The minimum loss in the project is $100. However, in numerous negative reviews about KOK Play, larger amounts are reflected: investors claim that the office wanted to receive at least $ 300, explaining this by the fact that the level of referral reward depends on the amount of the deposit.

According to the reviews about KOK Play and the legend compiled for users, the project belongs to the South Korean company Keystone of Opportunity and Knowledge. There is no information confirming this fact on the official website: not a single document has been published.

A careful study of the information about KOC Play can find information confirming the incorporation of the company: the document was received in the Seychelles. Its reliability is not supported by anything; in addition, there is no open register of legal entities on the territory of the island state.

The design of the official site also raises doubts about the seriousness of KOK Play. The HYIP monitoring rating is another confirmation of the high-risk cooperation with KOC Play.

According to the results of the check, the website domain was created in 2019; within two years, the office has accumulated a huge number of reviews, due to active advertising campaigns. There is no version of the web resource in Russian.

Paying attention to the fact that the organizers of the project violate the current legislation, one can doubt the intention of the office to honestly fulfill its obligations. The funds invested in the project will have to be beaten out on their own: the regulator will not make any efforts to provide assistance to clients affected by fraudsters. This is confirmed by numerous warnings about the dangers of cooperation with illegal offices.

What do they write in reviews about KOK Play?

Due to the fact that the company offers a large profit for participating in the referral program, you can find a lot of positive reviews about KOK Play on the network. Each of them has a referral code - a way to attract new customers.

However, the impressions of successful investors written according to the template are not able to save the reputation of KOC Play: deceived users complain that they were not even able to withdraw the initial deposit, not to mention making a profit.

Cheating scheme in KOK Play

KOK Play is a standard pyramid scheme, the authors of which are puzzled by attracting newcomers to the field of investment. They are invited to register in the project by clicking on the referral link. It is assumed that they will not ask questions on a legal topic and look for confirmation of the legality of the office on the network.

The lack of financial literacy and the desire to get money quickly are the reasons why gullible KOC Play customers are left without money. Immediately after making a deposit, all the money goes to the account of scammers; as soon as the user starts to object and refuses to bring new money, his account will be blocked without explanation.

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Brief summary

Collaboration with the KOK Play project is not recommended. The existence of the office is built on other people's finances: the number of deceived users has exceeded 100,000 people. Before investing in the KOK Play project, be sure to read the reviews of already deceived investors.

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